how do i get itvx on my smart tv

How Do I Get ITVX On My Smart TV In November 2023

You’re not the only one wondering, “How do I get ITVX on my smart TV?” Many savvy TV viewers want to take advantage of the broad selection of content that ITVX provides, regardless of whether they have an LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, or Android TV. 

Through ITVX Premium, ITVX offers access to various programming, including live TV and premium shows. This manual will walk you through each step of installing ITVX on your smart TV.

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Understanding ITVX and Smart TVs

Popular streaming service ITVX is accessible on various devices, including smart TVs. The platform provides a range of choices, from your favourite TV shows to ITVX-only content. 

ITVX has dedicated apps for LG and Samsung Smart TVs and is accessible through gadgets like Apple TV and Google TV. Additionally, it is available on streaming devices like Fire TV and Roku TV.

The next step up from conventional televisions is the smart TV. Users can stream media, browse the internet, and use apps thanks to their connection to the internet. Compatible with ITVX are some well-known innovative TV brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony Bravia.

ITVX is also accessible through Freeview Play. If you have a Freeview Play device, you can easily access ITVX and other well-known services like BBC iPlayer and Prime Video. ITVX offers even more ways to watch your favourite shows through Sky Q and Sky Glass.

Checking Smart TV Compatibility

Check to see if your smart TV is compatible before installing ITVX. ITVX is accessible on several platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, LG Smart TV, and Samsung Smart TV. ITVX can be found in the Smart Hub if you have a Samsung TV. 

LG TV owners can download the ITVX app from the LG Content Store.ITVX is available for download from the App Store for Apple TVs and the Google Play Store for owners of Sony Smart TVs. 

Customers of Virgin Media can use their devices to access ITVX as well. You can easily watch ITVX on a device that supports iOS or Google Assistant.

You can also watch this video on Youtube here.

Setting Up Internet Connection on TV

You need a dependable internet connection to stream content on ITVX. Navigate the settings menu on your smart TV to join your Wi-Fi network. ‘Network Settings’ can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu if you’re using a Samsung Smart TV. 

It’s located under “All Settings” on an LG TV. Under “Network & Internet,” you can configure an internet connection for Android TV users. Users of Apple TV should select “Settings” and then “Network.” 

A reliable internet connection is required for ITVX content to stream without interruption.

Steps to Download ITVX App

The next step is downloading the ITVX app once your internet connection is ready. The ITVX app is available on LG and Samsung Smart TVs’ respective LG Content Store and Smart Hub. The ITVX app is available for Android and Google TV users in the Google Play Store.

You can get the ITVX app from the App Store if you have an Apple TV. If you use one of those devices, you can find the ITVX app in your Roku TV or Fire TV app store. Remember to log into your device’s account to download apps.

Installing and Opening ITVX

Installing and Opening ITVX

ITVX installation comes next after downloading. The majority of intelligent TVs perform this procedure automatically. ITVX will eventually appear among your other apps. ITVX will show up in the ‘Apps’ section on Samsung TVs. It’s located in “My Apps” on LG TVs.

You should sign in when you launch ITVX for the first time on your device. You can sign in with your current ITVX account or make a new one. You can start watching ITVX content after logging in.

"For those who want to watch ITVX on their smart TVs, screen mirroring is a helpful feature, especially if they can’t directly access the ITVX application on their device."

Creating an ITVX Account

You need an ITVX account to access content on the platform. The process of opening an ITVX account is simple. You can register on the ITVX website or directly through the ITVX app on your smart TV. 

ITVX provides many free content, but ITVX Premium also provides exclusive content.

Creating an ITVX Account

Navigating Through ITVX Interface

You can now begin exploring ITVX after signing in. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, finding your favourite shows or learning about new ones is simple. To find specific shows, use the search bar or the category navigation. 

Additionally, personalised ads let you customise your ITVX experience.

Troubleshooting Common ITVX Problems

ITVX has its share of problems, just like any other streaming service. Try restarting your smart TV if ITVX isn’t functioning there. If the issue still exists, try reinstalling the application. You can also reset the Smart Hub for owners of Samsung Smart TVs. 

If none of these fixes works, you might ask ITVX support for help.

Screen Mirroring and ITVX

For those who want to watch ITVX on their smart TVs, screen mirroring is a helpful feature, especially if they can’t directly access the ITVX application on their device. You can view the screen of a mobile device on your TV using screen mirroring. 

To mirror the ITVX app to your TV, open it on your phone or tablet. Google Chromecast offers an easy way for Android users to screen mirror ITVX from their device to their Sony Smart TV. 

Open the ITVX app on your phone, tap the cast icon, and then connect your Chromecast to your TV. IOS users can also use Airplay to mirror their screens if they own an Apple TV.

Although screen mirroring is a practical workaround, using the ITVX app directly on your smart TV may provide a more fluid streaming experience. Download the app on your smart TV to avoid delays or poor video quality.

Screen Mirroring and ITVX

ITV Hub and ITVX

ITV Hub is another platform where UK viewers can access ITVX content. ITVX is one of the channels and services on the ITV Hub app. ITV Hub offers a wide variety of content, including live TV shows and drama series starring Damian Lewis.

On the majority of smart TVs, including Sony Smart TVs, you can download the ITV Hub app. Ensure your device is online before going to your app store, searching for ITV Hub, and installing it. This procedure is similar to that for the ITVX app.

Open the ITV Hub app after installation, sign in, or if you don’t already have an account, create one. You can use ITVX and other ITV services after logging in. Remember that ITVX offers free and paid content, so you might require ITVX Premium to access some programmes.

Exploring Channels on ITVX

ITVX provides viewers with access to a variety of channels. ITVX has a channel for everyone, whether you enjoy drama, reality TV, or news. Using the remote, you can change the channels.

The “Sky Go” feature is also available on some smart TVs. 

You can stream ITVX channels live or on-demand using Sky Go. This means that you can watch your favourite programmes whenever you want.ITVX offers a flexible viewing experience whether you’re using a streaming device, app, or screen mirroring. 

Your favourite shows are always available with ITVX, whether you stream through Google Chromecast or watch on your Sony Smart TV.

ITV Hub and ITVX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch ITVX on my Sony Smart TV? 

Yes, you can use your Sony Smart TV to access ITVX. Sony Smart TVs can access the Google Play Store, where the ITVX app is available.

Can I use Google Chromecast to watch ITVX? 

You can screen mirror the ITVX app from your Android device to your TV using Google Chromecast. However, using the ITVX app directly on your smart TV is advised for the best streaming experience.

What is ITV Hub and can I access ITVX through it? 

ITVX is one of the channels and services housed on the ITV Hub platform. The ITV Hub app can be downloaded on most smart TVs to access ITVX.

What if the ITVX app isn’t working on my smart TV? 

You can restart your smart TV or reinstall the ITVX app if it’s not functioning. Resetting the Smart Hub could be beneficial for Samsung Smart TV users. Consider contacting ITVX support for assistance if none of these fixes work.


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