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Home Care Agencies in Leeds

What is Home Care

In this article we will look at how you choose a home care agency or provider in Leeds.

Home Care is a service that allows an individual who has special needs to stay at home while getting assistance from a professional caregiver. It is also referred to as social care, domiciliary care or in-home care. Home care services are suitable for the old, chronically ill individuals, the disabled and persons recovering from surgery.

Home care makes a great alternative for people looking for independence, security and assistance in managing ongoing medication. Additionally, it prevents unnecessary hospitalisation when recovering from an injury, prolonged hospital stay and illness.

What Does a Home Care Provider Do?

The caregiver is tasked with several responsibilities:

  • Companionship
  • Personal care and hygiene, e.g., bathing, dressing and shaving
  • Provision of rehabilitative services and therapy
  • Short or long-term nursing care for illnesses like tracheostomy and ventilator care
  • Cooking and serving of meals
  • Other household chores like yard work, laundry and cleaning

How do you Choose Home Care Services Provider in Leeds?

Most people prefer hiring caregivers privately through referrals from friends and family. Care providers who are hired using this method only help in daily household chores as they are not skilled in nursing or other medical duties.

You will also be responsible for checking the employee’s background and paperwork involving insurance and taxes.

Alternatively, you may engage a home care agency in Leeds to help you find a care provider. The agency may be a referral agency or a licensed home care agency. Referral home care agencies in Leeds are also known as home care registries and match clients with independent care providers.

Normally, the agencies don’t employ the caregivers but only receive a referral fee after hiring out a care provider. It is crucial to check the care provider’s background as some agencies do not review their qualifications.

Licensed home care services in Leeds are also called home care organisations. They specialise in hiring, recruiting and supervising caregivers. As such, they screen the care providers, train and arrange for placement based on their qualifications.


Individuals looking for caregivers with specific competencies should use licensed home care agencies. Here are different types of caregivers you will find in such agencies:

  • Personal care aides: The care provider assists in the performance of daily activities of the household. These include washing, bathing, cleaning, laundry and transportation to and from the doctor’s appointment.
  • Registered nurses: they are professional care providers who have the qualifications to work in and out of a hospital. This kind of caregiver is ideal for seniors or people who just had a major surgery and are recovering. The nurse assists you in post-treatment care needs like medication, exercise and nutrition.
  • Home health aides: They are similar to personal care aides only that have acquired an advanced state-approved training and license that equips them to identify undesirable symptoms in their patients.
  • Physical therapist: They are ideal for individuals who experience difficulty in mobility. The therapist offers special services to seniors who have gone through joint replacement surgery.
  • Other care providers include speech-language care providers, occupational therapists and medical social workers. The agency should help you find a care provider who matches your needs.

Home Care Providers in Leeds

1) Right at Home

Address: Leeds LS12 (119)

It is the most trusted home care provider with more than 400 locally owned offices. It is dedicated to providing high-quality services to all its clients, e.g., those who have learning difficulties, disabilities and seniors.


2) Home Instead Senior Care

Address: Sandown House, Sandebeck Way, Wetherby and North Leeds

It is a non-medical agency that provides caregivers for seniors. The agency tailors its services to the individual interests and personality of the patient. The care here is companionship-based and is available round the clock.

3) Radfield Home Care

Address: Unit 39, Flexspace, Wetherby& Leeds

This home care facility was established in 2008 with the aim of enhancing independence while maintaining the quality of life of seniors. Caregiving focuses on providing companionship and developing healthy relationships.

4) Avanta Care Ltd

Tithe House, 35 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds

Caregivers offer personal support to seniors who have long-term conditions like learning disabilities, dementia and short-term needs like respite care and recovery from surgery.

5) My Homecare

Century Office, 2175 Century Way, Leeds

The agency offers high-quality home care services to help seniors live independently. Their care packages range from simple daily visits to performing light domestic tasks to full care packages.

What makes Good Home Care Agencies in Leeds?

When you have found a suitable home care agency, you need to ask specific questions before engaging them to find a reliable caregiver. Keep in mind you are leaving your loved one in the care of this individual, so it is in your interest to get all the information about the agency. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What type of agency is the company (referral agency or a home-based agency)
  • Is the agency licenced?
  • How long has the agency been providing the services
  • How soon does the agency provide the caregiver after signing up
  • Does the agency provide the services for 24 hours
  • What kind of caregivers does the agency provide
  • How does it screen the caregivers selected
  • What training and support does the agency provide to caregivers
  • Does the agency allow a client to request for a different caregiver if he is unhappy
  • Can the client interview the care provider before working at home
  • Ask for references of previous clients who have worked with the agency

What does Home Care Cost?

Normally, the standard caregivers provide hourly rates if they are offering general duties.  In Leeds the average hourly cost of home care ranges between £12-£18 per hour.  More experienced care providers and those with special qualifications, e.g., nurses and therapists may charge higher rates. I

Things to watch out for When Picking a Home Care Agency in Leeds

A home care provider plays a critical role in the speedy recovery of a loved one. Here are essential things you should look out for when choosing a home care provider:

  • Commitment: Seniors or other persons who need special care require providers who understand their roles and responsibilities and are available at any time of the day or night. They should be passionate about their jobs and ready to perform their duties professionally.
  • Experience: the care provider should have adequate experience in senior care and caring for those in recovery. The experience helps them perform their duties with empathy and according to the needs of the patient. The agency should also provides continuous training related to caregiving to ensure the care providers are thoroughly equipped for the task.
  • Flexible: The ageing population has changing needs. It is up to the provider to be responsive to their varying requirements and tailor their care strategy as required. The provider should also offer additional support.
  • Compassion and patience: the care provider should exhibit a mix of professionalism and care. He should also be patient especially when dealing with patients who have Alzheimer or another type of dementia.

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