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High Chair

What is a high chair?

A high chair is an elongated seat for babies. It has a tray, which comes in handy during feeding times. The tray comes with a cup holder moulded onto it, to help keep any bottles or cups secure when you are feeding the child. The baby high chair also has a side lock, which ensures that the baby stays put once you place him in the chair.

Aside from the sidelock, the seat also has a backrest, harness, a seat belt, and a bumper. Each of these items is used to ensure that the baby is comfortable when they use the high chair. The seatbelt can be adjusted to suit the needs of each child.

Several highchair types dominate the market, to meet the needs of various kids and their parents. Whether you’re a traveller or stay at home parent, there is a baby chair for each occasion.

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

Who Would Use a High Chair?

High chairs are primarily made for babies and toddlers. They use this item during meal times. Its features ensure that the encounter is convenient for the parent and safe for the baby. The tray, for example, is useful for holding the plate in place while you feed your child, as well as reducing food spillage on the floor.

Children with special needs, especially those suffering from cerebral palsy and other diseases that hinder the healthy development of a child, would also benefit from this item.  Considering that such kids do not have a steady backbone, they need a seat that supports the body, specifically the back, and secures them in place long after they pass the toddler stage.

The best high chairs for sale below:

Chicco pocket snack booster seat

baby high chair

  • You can adjust the folding high chair’s height to suit your needs
  • The seat can be attached to a dining table, thanks to the safety straps
  • Its frame is made of metal, which makes it a durable option
  • It is lightweight, and foldable making it ideal for journeys
  • The tray is removable, making it easy to clean


baby high chair

G4RCE foldable 3 in 1 H/C

high chair

  • The chair can recline up to 180° for the ultimate support
  • The baby highchair is available in four colours
  • It has a safety strap that can be adjusted according to the seat’s position
  • A lever is set at the back to help you recline the chair accordingly


high chair

Graco store and pack compact chair

high chairs

  • It has a footrest that can be adjusted to two positions
  • The chair has 5-point safety harness for that extra security
  • No need to get additional support since the chair is a stand-alone
  • Easy to maintain and wipe down the chair
  • An adjustable tray allows you to choose your child’s comfortable position

high chairs

Fnova foldable 3 in 1 chair


  • The seat can be converted into a regular chair
  • You can assemble the chair quickly without a manual
  • Adjust the height to match your dining table’s height
  • Baby-friendly design that ensures your baby is safe
  • It is offered in three choice shades


Womdee highchair for babies

baby feeding chair

  • The frame is made of sturdy material that supports heavy babies
  • It has five safety belts that securely tuck the toddler in place
  • An anti-slip crotch ensures the baby does not slip out of the seat
  • All plastic items on the chair are BPA-free
  • It comes with a detachable seat pocket

baby feeding chair

Costway convertible dining chair

folding high chair


  • It is made of sturdy wood, that supports babies that are heavy as 20kgs
  • You can convert it into three seats to meet your child’s needs
  • PU cushion keeps your child comfortable
  • You can attach or detach the footrest depending on what the baby enjoys
  • The legs have anti-slip pads that keep the chair form skidding

folding high chair

Timba wooden H/C

baby high chairs

  • The entire seat is made of wood, making it easy to wipe down
  • It is strong enough to be used by children as old as ten years
  • A removable tray that allows the baby to fit under the dining table
  • It has a bumper and harness that can be removed effortlessly
  • An adjustable footrest will enable you to keep up with your baby’s growth

baby high chairs

Safetots multi-heigh folding wooden H/C

baby highchair

  • You get to choose from five colours
  • The seat can be adjusted to four heights
  • It has a base leg, which can be removed to accommodate heavier kids
  • It has a five-point safety harness that holds the child in place
  • The manufacturer complies with international ISO standards

baby highchair

Babydan wooden H/C

baby chair seat

  • From six months, children can use this baby highchair
  • It conforms to the recommended ISO standards
  • It has comfy padding made using acrylic-coated cotton
  • The chair is made using rubberwood, which means that it is durable
  • This baby chair seat has extra-long feet that keep the child from tipping backwards

baby chair seat

LEPAK wooden baby chair

baby high chair

  • The chair comes with a detachable plate made of ABS
  • It can easily be folded to fit in your trunk
  • Considering that it is made of beech wood, the seat can support kids as old as ten years
  • It is already assembled, so no need to fret about setting it up
  • The safety harness is attached under the seat for extra security

baby high chair

My babiie compact

high chair

  • A round and padded backrest provides the utmost luxury to your child
  • The chair can be folded to a flat position for effortless storage
  • It comes with rubber pads on the feet for security
  • The backrest leans far behind to allow the child to rest their back
  • It is suitable for kids above two years

high chair

 Mamas and Papas contemporary

high chairs (1)

  • The sturdy harness ensures your child does not slip out of the seat
  • The legs are removable to make a smaller chair that you can use on smaller tables
  • A five-point safety belt keeps the toddler secure
  • It is among the easiest to clean highchairs
  • You can disassemble your chair for easy storage

high chairs

 3 in 1 H/C

highchairs (1)

  • It comes with two sets of legs, that can be adjusted to make a highchair, a regular seat, or walker
  • The non-slip sleeves keep the baby from tipping over or sliding
  • It’s made using a combination of metal and ABS environmentally friendly plastic
  • You can set up or set down quickly
  • Cleaning and maintaining the seat is easy work


 Fox hunter 3 in 1

baby feeding chair (1)

  • You can fold away the extra layers to accommodate the needs of your kid
  • It has a ready-made detachable table, located at the base
  • This is one of the highchairs that can be used by infants as young as three months
  • It is colourful and has a stylish design
  • The five-point harness ensures that your young one is safe always

baby feeding chair

Ingenuity 3 in 1

folding high chair (1)

  • The top can be detached to reveal a booster chair for the baby
  • The seat pad is easy to wipe down and can be cleaned in the dishwasher too
  • Once you separate the top from the bottom, you get two chairs
  • As your baby grows, you can adjust the tray to fit their needs
  • The extra soft cushion keeps the baby comfortable

folding high chair

What features should I look for when buying high chairs?

Now that you might spend a considerably high amount of money on a baby’s seat, you might want to have a closer look at the most critical features that make the seat efficient.

The Height

Pick a seat that matches your dining table’s height. This enables the child to see everyone during meal times, and it removes the stress of having to strain your hand up or downwards, trying to reach their mount. More so, the baby gets to slip their feet under the table for even more comfort.


The padding ensures that your child does not tire when using the baby high chair. It offers ample support to the back and lumbar. Pick baby highchairs that have a firm but soft cushion for the best luxury.


You may want to go out with your friends, or even travel across borders to visit family. A folding baby chair seat makes the trip more comfortable since you can fold it or dismantle it then pack it into a box. This ensures that your child enjoys their mealtimes constantly.

Considering that the seat is familiar to them, it becomes difficult for the child to throw a fit when they are in an unfamiliar environment.

Leg support

If you have a toddler with long legs, then leg support should be a key feature to check out when getting a baby feeding chair.

The child gets to rest their feet on the foot support while eating. Get yourself one that you can adjust. This way, the seat does not become obsolete once the kid grows an inch taller.


A folding high chair that’s crafted out of durable material will serve you for long, as opposed to one that’s made of low-quality objects. Pick items whose frames are made of metal or hardwood. These materials do not become weak, which means that they continually support your child’s weight as he grows heavier.

Security features

Getting a high seat for your baby means that they will always be elongated whenever you place them on the chair.

As such, you need to buy one that has security features that ensure your kid does not take a hard fall. For instance, a safety belt locks them in place, making sure they do not move out of the position you set them. Also, find a chair that has smooth edges as opposed to sharp ones.

Most importantly, select an option that has rubber stoppers on the legs and an anti-tipping mechanism that keeps the chair secured in one position.


You know that children are messy, which means that they will spill food and drinks all over the feeding high chair. So, pick a baby feeding chair option that is easy to clean, especially for the cushioned seats.

Better yet, if you can find one with padding that can be detached, you can wash and dry it quickly for the next use. If your kid is older than two years, it is better to get uncushioned seats, which you can clean by wiping it down after feeding him.

How much do the best baby high chairs cost?

High seats range in price depending on the specs and the brand. However, the best cost much more than the rest. Of course, this is because they offer quality and luxury as a package. 

You can find some that cost as much as £139. Such seats have extra luxurious features, and classy touch to them. However, you can find others that cost at least £120 with the same availabilities. 

However, remember that brands also play a part in this, so if you are an A-list person, you might want to shop for designer ones. However, keep in mind that these cost thousands of pounds.

How to use a high chair?

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