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To assist our readers in making informed choices, a range of top-notch hedge trimmers have been meticulously examined, and their reviews have been compiled for reference. 

The process involved hands-on use of each tool, enabling sharing of personal experiences and opinions on the individual products. The aim is to guide individuals in finding the best buy that suits their requirements.

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Hedge trimmers, a vital part of garden machinery, are used by garden enthusiasts, professional landscapers, and homeowners who take pride in maintaining their outdoor spaces. 

These power tools, which come in different types – cordless hedge trimmer, petrol hedge trimmer, long reach hedge trimmer, and electric hedge trimmer – aid in keeping hedges neatly pruned. 

They range from multi tools for the versatile gardener to more specialised tools like pole pruners for the hard to reach branches.

Garden tractors, lawnmowers, grass trimmers, and hedge trimmers form the backbone of garden maintenance. Battery or petrol chainsaws, pole saws, and log splitters are more heavy-duty tools, useful for thicker branches. 

Leaf blowers and lawn rollers assist in the clean-up afterwards. In addition to the tools, it’s equally important to consider the associated delivery information, special offers, and personal protective equipment. 

Furthermore, the choice between a battery, petrol-powered tool, or cordless chainsaw will depend on the user’s specific needs. The following product reviews provide a comprehensive buying guide for garden power tools.

The Best Rated Hedge Trimmer

Makita 18V Hedge Trimmer, Unpowered

Makita 18V Hedge Trimmer, Unpowered

  1. Long lasting, high anti-abrasion surface encompassed in glittering silver blade
  2. Features an anti-vibration structure with five cushions for vibration absorption
  3. User friendly design allowing blade removal without housing dis-assembly
  4. Equipped with battery capacity warning lamp for power management
  5. Ensures two-handed operation for safety, only starting with both handles engaged
  6. Offers instant start-up with one 18V li-ion LXT slide-type battery
  7. Includes electric brake for efficient hedge trimming and user safety

The Best Value Hedge Trimmer

Yellow DEWALT 18V Hedge Trimmer

Yellow DEWALT 18V Hedge Trimmer

  1. Blades are dual-action, laser-cut and 55cm in length
  2. Hardened steel ensures longevity and sharpness
  3. Trimming runtime extends up to 75 minutes per charge
  4. Comfortable grip in various orientations provided by wrap-around aux handle
  5. Excellent durability and impact resistance from Xenoy TM housing
  6. Compact and lightweight design reduces user fatigue
  7. Battery not included with the product

The Best Of The Rest Hedge Trimmers

Makita 18V Brushless Trimmer

  1. A brushless motor enhances the garden power tool’s performance
  2. Soft start and variable speed control enhance precision
  3. Electric brake adds to user safety
  4. The five position rotating handle ensures comfortable use
  5. The reverse button provides extra functionality
  6. Battery protection circuit prevents damage from overheating or overloading
  7. A maximum branch diameter of 23.5mm makes it a powerful pruning tool.

Ryobi Cordless 18V Hedge Trimmer

  1. Linea handles for superior ergonomics.
  2. A compact and balanced design ensures easy handling
  3. High torque motor ensures powerful performance
  4. Ideal for pruning with 55cm diamond ground blades
  5. Can cut large branches with a 24mm blade gap
  6. HedgeSweep attachment aids in the easy removal of clippings
  7. Perfect addition to garden tools for maintaining lawns and shrubs
Bosch AdvancedHedgeCut 65 Trimmer

Bosch AdvancedHedgeCut 65 Trimmer

  1. Advanced garden tools ensure optimal power for demanding tasks
  2. ProSilence technology allows for quiet operation, reducing noise by 80%
  3. Efficient energy usage with a powerful 500 W motor for large hedges
  4. Handguard with perforations provides clear visibility of cutting blades
  5. The product includes AdvancedHedgeCut 65 and a blade cover
  6. Excellent addition to garden furniture and lawn mower tools
  7. Ideal partner with pruning tools and electric chainsaws for garden maintenance
HKBTCH Ryobi Cordless Trimmer

HKBTCH Ryobi Cordless Trimmer

  1. Features 22 in. dual-action blades
  2. Offers extended reach capabilities
  3. Reduces vibration during use
  4. Cutting capacity of 3/4 in.
  5. Handle rotates for all-angle trimming.
  6. It can be used as a multi-tool
  7. Appropriate for hedge cutters’ needs
Cordless 20-in. Craftsman Trimmer

Cordless 20-in. Craftsman Trimmer

  1. Boosts comfort and manoeuvrability with a full wrap around handle
  2. Handles tough tasks with 20-inch dual action blades
  3. Cuts up to 3/4-inch with ease
  4. Compatible with VERSATRACK Wall Organisation System
  5. Battery and charger available separately
  6. Ideal multi tool for gardening tasks
  7. Enhanced cutting performance with robust construction

Ryobi 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

  1. Features a 45cm diamond-ground blade for clean cuts up to 18mm
  2. Cordless battery for convenience, safety and no mess from petrol
  3. Lightweight and compact design, ideal for trimming and sculpting hedges
  4. Over mould and wraparound handle for user comfort and manoeuvrability
  5. Part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system, powering over 100 tools
  6. It can be used alongside pressure washers and water pumps
  7. Compatible with ride on mowers and zero turn mowers
Karcher 18V Cordless Trimmer Features

Karcher 18V Cordless Trimmer Features

  1. Lightweight design ensures effortless work and reduced fatigue
  2. Ergonomically shaped two hand handle for comfortable use
  3. It comes with a diamond-ground blade for precise, long-lasting cuts
  4. A two hand safety circuit prevents accidental start up
  5. Blade guard included for secure storage
  6. Compatible with separately sold 18 V Kärcher battery
  7. Fast charger and battery are not included in the delivery
BEHT150 Hedge Trimmer

BEHT150 Hedge Trimmer

  1. Features 17-inch dual action hardened steel blade
  2. Reduces vibration during trimming
  3. Equipped with a 3.2 amp motor
  4. Trims branches up to 5/8 inch
  5. Lightweight and compact design reduces fatigue
  6. Cord retention avoids accidental unplugging
  7. It provides control with a built-in T-handle and full length trigger.
Craftsman Trimmer

V20* Craftsman 22-Inch Trimmer

  1. Part of the V20 cordless system
  2. Compatible with Versa track wall organisation
  3. Features 22-inch dual action blades
  4. Advanced power saw innovation
  5. Ability to cut 1.5-inch thick branches
  6. International product specifications may vary
80V Greenworks Pro Trimmer

80V Greenworks Pro Trimmer

  1. A brushless motor ensures longevity
  2. Quiet operation for comfort
  3. 24-inch dual action blades included
  4. Rotating handle for versatile angles
  5. Up to 60 minutes run-time
  6. No battery or charger is included
  7. A 4-year tool and 2-year battery warranty are provided
WORX 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

WORX 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

  1. Laser cut blade ensures precise, clean cuts
  2. Dual action blades minimise vibration, enhancing smoothness
  3. A Two-handed switch system prevents accidental starts
  4. Adjustable front handle caters to multiple cutting positions
  5. PowerShare battery can be swapped with other 20V WORX tools
  6. High level of burstiness for efficient cutting
M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer

M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer

  1. Refurbished to ensure optimum performance
  2. Undergoes thorough functionality testing
  3. Basic cleaning included in the refurbishing process
  4. Inspected meticulously before repackaging
  5. Ships with all necessary accessories
  6. It may be delivered in a generic box
  7. Ensures a like-new experience
EHT 500 Hedge Trimmer

EHT 500 Hedge Trimmer

  1. Features 51cm cutting blades for extensive reach
  2. Equipped with a potent 500-watt motor
  3. Offers an 18mm cutting capacity for efficiency
  4. It comes with a lengthy 10-metre cable
  5. It weighs only 3.60kg for easy manoeuvrability
  6. High level of burstiness for quick tasks
  7. Perfect for maintaining a neat garden

Deciding on the Right Hedge Trimmer

When deciding on the right hedge trimmer, it’s worth considering the size of the hedge and the nature of the task. A grass or battery hedge trimmer might be sufficient for smaller garden tasks. 

However, garden power tools such as a pole hedge trimmer or a hedge cutter for larger hedges or professional landscaping might be worth considering. 

Tips on Maintaining Your Hedge Trimmer

Maintenance of your hedge trimmer is vital for its longevity. Regular cleaning of the hedge trimmer blade is required to ensure optimal performance. 

Also, these tools require regular maintenance if you own an electric chainsaw or a disc cutter. This includes charging the tool with the appropriate charger and storing it safely when not in use.

The Various Types of Hedge Trimmers

The type of hedge trimmer you choose can depend on various factors. If you need a tool for general garden maintenance, a multi-tool that includes a grass trimmer and a pole saw might be the best choice. 

On the other hand, if you have a large garden with mature hedges, a garden tractor or a ride-on mower could be more suited to your needs. 

Features to Look for When Buying Hedge Trimmers

When buying hedge trimmers, there are several features to look for. The tool’s weight and balance, the blade’s length and sharpness, and the power source are all important considerations. 

If you’re trimming tall hedges, look for a long-reach hedge trimmer. A petrol hedge trimmer or a Husqvarna 122HD60 might be the best choice for heavier tasks.

FAQs related to Hedge Trimmers

1. What is the difference between a pole hedge trimmer and a regular hedge trimmer?

A pole hedge trimmer is designed with a long reach for trimming taller hedges without needing a ladder. On the other hand, a regular hedge trimmer is ideal for smaller hedges and can be easier to handle due to its lighter weight.

2. How often should I sharpen my hedge trimmer blade?

The frequency of sharpening your hedge trimmer blade can depend on the usage. If you notice that the trimmer is not cutting as well as before or pulling on the branches instead of cutting through them, it might be time to sharpen the blade.

3. Can I use my hedge trimmer on wet hedges?

Using a hedge trimmer on wet hedges is not recommended as it can potentially damage the tool and pose a safety risk. It’s best to wait until the hedges are dry before trimming.

4. What safety equipment should I use when operating a hedge trimmer?

When operating a hedge trimmer, it’s essential to use personal protective equipment. This can include safety goggles, gloves, and sturdy footwear. Additional protective equipment may be required if you’re using a petrol chainsaw or an angle grinder.

5. How do I maintain my hedge trimmer?

Regular maintenance of your hedge trimmer involves cleaning the blade after each use, ensuring it’s well-lubricated, and storing it in a dry, secure place. If you own a battery-powered trimmer, ensure the battery is fully charged before use and don’t forget to recharge it afterwards.

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