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Hanging chairs are popular with a large audience. For those who value comfort and relaxation in their living space or outdoors, this product is an excellent fit. 

From homeowners looking for a unique piece of furniture to spruce up their interiors, to outdoor enthusiasts seeking a portable solution for their relaxation needs, the hanging chair offers something for everyone. 

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In addition, it is perfect for people who enjoy unique furniture, or for those who just want to add a little novelty and elegance to their spaces.

However, it is important to note that the appeal of this piece of furniture extends beyond its appearance. Superb comfort is offered by a hanging chair, which is made to provide a cosy and comfortable place to unwind. Activities can range from reading a good book, meditating, or just taking in a peaceful moment. 

Furthermore, this product supports the body in a way that traditional chairs frequently cannot. As a result, it helps to improve posture and lowers the risk of back issues. Therefore, it is a wise choice for those who are concerned about their health.

Our comprehensive review closely examined some of the top hanging chairs on the market, considering factors such as affordability, comfort, design, and durability. We noted that the best options are made of durable materials that guarantee longevity, whilst also providing maximum comfort. 

Not only are these products aesthetically pleasing, they were also made with the user’s comfort in mind. Therefore, customers can be sure that their chosen hanging chair offers equal comfort, functionality, and style. 

The Best Rated

bedroom ceiling hanging chair

  1. High-strength cotton rope is soft on the skin and provides durability and comfort.
  2. A 250-pound capacity built-in iron ring ensures stability and safety.
  3. Warmth and romance are added by the distinctive round woven design with black and macrame tassels.
  4. You can move a portable hammock chair anywhere, inside and outside.
  5. This bedroom ceiling hanging chair is ideal for rooms for children, sunrooms, living rooms, and gardens.
  6. Ideal as a room display, hanging swing chair, or distinctive work of art.   

The Best Value

chairs that hang from the ceiling

  1. Its 150kg bearing capacity is exceptionally safe and robust and guarantees stability and tear resistance.
  2. A larger design gives users plenty of room, encouraging complete relaxation.
  3. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, providing comfort all year long.
  4. Process for quick and easy installation of wooden and concrete ceilings.
  5. These chairs that hang from the ceiling include a handy pocket for holding items like books or phones.
  6. Quality-focused handmade products backed by exceptional customer service.   

The Best Of The Rest

hanging chair uK

  1. With this stylish hanging chair UK, ideal for reading a book or enjoying a drink, you can unwind completely.
  2. With a single suspension point, it is conveniently designed for quick and straightforward installation in various locations. 
  3. This design is secure and reliable and has a solid wood bar and 26 hanging cords on each side to distribute weight and keep balance.
  4. The cotton-blend fabric improves the chair’s ability to support weights of up to 150 kg (330 lbs) and increases its resistance to wear.
  5. The ideal hanging height is between 30 and 40 centimetres off the ground, guaranteeing a relaxed and extensible seating position.
  6. Each chair is painstakingly handcrafted, and a one-year warranty is included for any damage or manufacturing flaws.

indoor ceiling hanging chair uK

  1. Experience unparalleled relaxation with the chic, comfortable hanging seat from TecTake.
  2. Enjoy the feather-soft cushion and the fine cotton fabric perfectly shaped to fit your body.
  3. Powder-coated steel, polyester, and cotton are combined to create this lightweight yet durable egg chair, promising durability. 
  4. This indoor ceiling hanging chair UK is conveniently foldable, transportable, and storage-friendly.
  5. When assembled, the product measures about 80 x 72 x 125 cm; when folded, it measures 80 x 5 cm.
  6. This piece of indoor furniture has a 150 kg load capacity and is perfect for your dressing table area.   

suspended chair

  1. This suspended chair is built with strong PE and iron for exceptional durability.
  2. Long-lasting performance that is both sun and rain-resistant.
  3. Includes a plush cushion for outstanding comfort and to ease fatigue.
  4. Design in the shape of an unusual egg adds a lovely touch of vitality.
  5. A stylish and contemporary design improves Your garden’s aesthetic appeal.
  6. Sized generously at 95x95x198.5cm.  

VonHaus Blue Outdoor Swing

  1. With the VonHaus hanging chair, ideal for patios and gardens, you can enjoy all-day comfort.
  2. The chair is supple, light, and breathable because it is made entirely of cotton.
  3. The seat and back of the chair are padded for added comfort and maximum relaxation.
  4. This hammock’s adaptability allows it to be used inside and outside.
  5. The swing chair’s quick and easy assembly has a 120kg weight capacity and L130 x W95cm measurements.
  6. VonHaus offers a minimum 2-year product warranty for your peace of mind.   

Outerman White Hammock Chair

  1. Features a footrest, two cushions, and a cervical pillow for maximum comfort.
  2. Strong and stable construction can hold up to 440 pounds.
  3. Contains roomy side pockets for easy access to necessities.
  4. Ideal for use indoors or out and adds character to your space.
  5. With the included S hook, steel bars, and rope, assembly is simple.
  6. A perfect fusion of a hammock and a swing seat in a stylish design.   

Outsunny Cream Garden Hammock Chair

  1. A chic garden accent with a sophisticated Boho macrame design.
  2. A seat made of dense cotton provides exquisite comfort, making it ideal for prolonged use.
  3. A sturdy metal frame guarantees the best support while seated.
  4. Four hanging ropes provide stability and balance.
  5. The chair’s dimensions are 80W x 60D x 36H cm, with a 60 cm seat diameter.
  6. Can support a weight of up to 100 kg. Assembly is necessary.   

Premium Foldable SEDOL Chair

  1. This chair collapses into a single package for convenience, making it small and straightforward to store.
  2. It is made of sturdy wicker and metal and features a lovely rattan pattern.
  3. Wth its cosy cushions, this chair makes a beautiful place to unwind.
  4. Its adaptable design allows it to be used inside and outside and includes removable cushions. 
  5. It works as an indoor chair and is a stylish addition to any patio or garden. 
  6. Despite being imposingly large and having a 150kg weight capacity, it is simple to assemble and disassemble.   

VOUNOT Beige Hammock Swing

  1. The best garden accessory for converting your outdoor area into a peaceful retreat.
  2. Installation is simple and safe, With an overhead bar for even weight distribution.
  3. Portable design offers comfort while camping or relaxing in the garden.
  4. Combine the hammock’s comfort with the swing seats’ active posture.
  5. The chair is more comfortable and attractive thanks to additional padding and lovely macrame trim.
  6. Large enough to accommodate various body sizes for maximum relaxation.   

Superior Durable Hanging Chair

  1. High-Quality Hammock Chair – A stylish, cosy, and long-lasting Display4top hammock made of plush polyester/cotton.
  2. This versatile indoor and outdoor swing is easy to hang anywhere, perfect for any porch, deck, loft, or beach.
  3. Comfortable and Convenient Chair – Cushions and a soft, thick cotton rope that can support up to 120 kg provide all-day comfort.
  4. Compact Design – This takes up little room and has only one point of suspension for simple transportation.
  5. The hammock’s ideal dimensions are L130 x W95 cm and a 100 cm sturdy wooden bar.
  6. Risk-free purchase with the assurance of a complete refund in the event of dissatisfaction.   


Costway Hammock Swing Chair, Grey

  1. Designed for less fatigue, the swing chair has an arc-shaped backrest.
  2. Design that is practical, portable, and simple to store.
  3. Made to last with soft cotton ropes and long-lasting polyester fibre.
  4. Maximum load supported by a premium iron frame is 160 kg.
  5. Ideal for various locations, including gardens, patios, hallways, and balconies.
  6. Boasts a bohemian design incorporating a tassel pattern and an interlacing design.   

Chihee Comprehensive Hammock Set

  1. Promotes Optimal Health – The chair’s relaxing sway, increased circulation, decreased muscle tension, and improved sleep quality contribute to better health.
  2. High fabric density, non-stretch polyester webbings, strong iron carabiners, and two suspension points for security. Superior strength and stability.
  3. Compact and transportable – This chair is ideal for small spaces and features a unique built-in side pocket for storage.
  4. Strong Hanging Suspension – Supports up to 500LBS and provides easy-to-follow hanging instructions. 
  5. Versatile and fashionable—suitable for indoor and outdoor use, adding a charming touch to any environment. 
  6. This unusual hammock chair is The ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, or housewarming.   

Outsunny Adjustable Hammock Chair

  1. Consists of a retractable polyester canopy for flexible shading. 
  2. Folding seating basket for convenient storage
  3. A thick, padded cushion is included for added comfort.
  4. Dependable metal chains supporting a sturdy steel frame
  5. Foot pads that are fully adjustable and provide floor protection
  6. Able to sustain a 120 kg maximum load   

Outsunny Folding Egg Hammock

  1. Generous size offers hours of comfort; ideal for patio, garden, or lounge.
  2. The folding basket has a sizable, easily removable cushion.
  3. A sturdy steel frame supports the sitting basket to maintain balance and stability.
  4. Has a pocket so you can keep your necessities close at hand while unwinding.
  5. Assembly is necessary, and the maximum load is 120 kg.
  6. Jörgen Ditzel’s egg chairs influenced the newly popular design.   

Features to Look for When Buying a Hanging Chair

When buying a hanging chair, there are multiple features to consider. Firstly, a spreader bar is preferred by some, as it can enhance functionality by providing excellent stability and balance. The chair’s material is another crucial element to consider, with rattan and wicker being popular due to their robust nature and attractive appearance. For additional comfort, look for a spiral seat. 

For instance, the John Lewis Hanging Egg Chair is renowned for its superior quality and design, combining a sturdy rattan frame with a comfortable cushion. Consequently, the chair offers the ideal blend of functionality and comfort. Alternatively, consider the Double Egg Chair if you’re looking for a unique take on garden furniture. This is a larger version of the Hanging Egg Chair.

It’s important to note that John Lewis, among other retailers, offers exclusive offers on their hanging chairs. This allows customers to secure high-quality products at competitive prices. 

When purchasing online, delivery information and customer service are additional factors to consider. Thankfully, many retailers, including John Lewis, offer comprehensive delivery options and excellent customer service to assist with questions or concerns.

The hanging chair is a versatile addition to your furniture collection, working to add a touch of elegance to any space. Whether it’s for your living room or garden, many variations of the hanging chair are suitable for indoor use. For example, the hammock and swing chair.

Choosing the Right Hanging Chair for Your Outdoor Space

If you have a garden, a garden egg chair or a hanging garden chair can turn your outdoor space into a tranquil little retreat. These chairs, frequently made from rattan or wicker, are designed to withstand the elements. Furthermore, they also offer a comfortable seating option. 

For a more contemporary garden, a hanging egg chair or a Swing Chair might be the perfect fit. Alternatively, a hammock chair or a swing seat might be more appropriate for a more traditional garden. 

Remember to consider delivery information when purchasing a hanging chair for your outdoor space. This is because some retailers offer delivery services, including the chair’s assembly, which ensures it is appropriately set up in your garden. 

Finally, you should consider how to take care of your hanging chair. It is key to note that most chairs can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and keeping cushions dry cushions will increase their lifespan.

Hanging Chairs and Interior Design

Whilst a hanging chair, such as a swing chair, can add fun and novelty to a room, a hammock chair can provide a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere. It is also crucial to recognise that hanging chairs can both be used as a stand-alone feature, as well as integrated with other furniture. For instance, lounge chairs or dining chairs.

For instance, a macrame hammock chair would be an excellent addition to a room with a bohemian or rustic feel. In contrast, a hanging egg chair with a sleek, modern design would work well with a contemporary interior. 

When choosing a hanging chair, remember that its necessary to consider its dimensions and how it will fit into the room. If you have limited space, a smaller chair like a swing chair might be more appropriate. On the other hand, those with plenty of room may opt for a a giant chair like a double egg chair to make a striking statement.

Furthermore, retailers such as John Lewis offer expert advice and guidance, helping you to select a chair that aligns with your design vision. You should also note that excellent customer service is essential when choosing a Hanging Chair for your interior design project.

Personalising Your Hanging Chair Experience

There are plenty of ways to add personality to your hanging chair. For instance, cushions can be customised to match your interior or exterior décor. Some retailers even offer personalised ads featuring exclusive offers on cushions and other hanging chair accessories, providing a more straightforward for customers to find products that suit their tastes. 

Furthermore, personalising your hanging chair can improve its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Websites such as John Lewis also use necessary cookies to ensure essential functions of the website. Whilst functional cookies work to provide enhanced functionality, performance cookies intend to improve website performance and provide a better user experience.

 If you’re looking to buy a hanging chair online, remember to review the additional information provided by the retailer. Given the variety of payment options accepted by most retailers, including American Express, customers can select a payment option that best suits their personal needs.

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