Blog by Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Closomat, looks at the more intimate issues of continence.

Do you or someone you care for have bladder and/or bowel problems?closomat-pv-spray-email-compressor

The NHS estimates that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence. Studies suggest that in the UK “major faecal incontinence” affects 1.4% of the general population over 40 years old and constipation affects between 3% and 15% of the population.

As a nation, bladder and bowel movement is not something we discuss, although it is becoming more in the public eye: we’ve all seen TV adverts for pads (largely aimed at women of a certain age!), and perhaps posters in motorway services toilets about the need to ensure toilets are available if needed urgently.

But we shy away from the key implication: that such problems have the side-effect that one may need more than a wipe clean as a result. An inefficient clean can have numerous consequences- odour, skin irritation or worse, cross contamination or soiling of other parts of either your- or your carer’s- body, particularly the hands, or one’s clothes.

Why do we wipe clean with a piece of paper- be it dry toilet tissue or a wet wipe? You wouldn’t clean the rest of your body in that way. You would use water- a bath or a shower- as many Middle Eastern and Oriental nations do.

The “technology” they use- a shower toilet- has been available in the UK for decades: indeed, Closomat– the brand leader- introduced the first almost 60 years ago!

The latest evolution is claimed to deliver “the ultimate in intimate hygiene”: it doesn’t just wash your bottom. You can choose the most appropriate spray according to your needs. So, if constipation is a problem, the pulsating spray will help stimulate movement. If there’s been a continence episode, the rotating option ensures a wider area is washed. You can choose all. You can choose to repeat if necessary.

After your bottom is washed, warm air ensures you are properly dried, even into the deepest skin folds and bodily crevices.

If you decide that a shower toilet is for you- or someone you care for, take the time to get it right- just as you would with any large purchase.

Your first consideration is design- wall-hanging, floor mounted- or even height adjustable! Modern lines, or something more traditional?

Then there are the practicalities.

Some wash and dry, some just wash. Douche performance varies. Douche angles vary. Some are ‘short term’ solutions, that just clip over your existing WC. Others replace a conventional WC, but usually can still be used in that way, as well as offering the washing function.

Consider too whether it can evolve with you, so as time goes on, and maybe you can’t use your hands as well, or stand up without support, can the toilet be adapted or accessorised to accommodate that?

Get it right, and you won’t worry about your intimate cleanliness again.

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