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A comprehensive review of several top-tier products in glass door fridges has been conducted, and the findings, thoughts, and experiences are shared in the subsequent sections. 

This endeavour was embarked upon to assist prospective buyers in making an informed decision, ensuring they choose a product that best suits their needs.

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Glass door fridges, or display fridges, are predominantly utilised by commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants, and caterers. 

However, they also serve a purpose in domestic settings, especially for those with a penchant for hosting or enjoying a clear visual of their chilled goods. 

These fridges, which come in various forms, including single door, double door, and triple-door display fridges, can be a significant addition to anyone’s catering equipment arsenal.

The role of such fridges is multifaceted. They keep beverages, like beer, at optimum temperatures and serve as an excellent marketing tool, enticing customers with a clear display of tantalising refreshments. 

Additionally, some models offer advanced compressor cooling technology, ensuring drinks remain at the perfect temperature. 

The information on delivery and customer service for these products is also crucial, enhancing the overall purchasing experience. The following reviews delve into these aspects, providing a comprehensive product overview.

The Best Rated Glass Door Fridges

Undercounter Beverage Cooler, Silver

Undercounter Beverage Cooler, Silver

  1. Ideal as a freestanding or under-counter display fridge
  2. Suitable for storing a variety of drinks
  3. LED lighting enhances visibility and presentation
  4. Stainless steel finish adds a stylish touch
  5. Adjustable shelving for efficient space utilisation
  6. Comes with lock for controlled access
  7. Fire-retardant backing for increased safety

The Best Value Glass Door Fridges

Baridi 50L Mini-Fridge, Black

Baridi 50L Mini-Fridge, Black

  1. Advanced cooling with adjustable thermostat
  2. Suitable for wine, beer, and soft drinks
  3. Low energy consumption and quiet operation
  4. Removable shelves and internal LED light
  5. Security lock for safety and convenience
  6. Full 12-month warranty for peace of mind
  7. Tested to high UK standards and compliant.

The Best Of The Rest Glass Door Fridges

Under-Counter Drinks Fridge Overview

Under-Counter Drinks Fridge Overview

  1. A two-year parts and labour warranty assures product durability.
  2. It has a low noise level of 39dB, ideal for various environments.
  3. A+ energy rating reduces costs and carbon footprint. 
  4. Features such as reversible doors and adjustable shelving add convenience.
  5. Fast chilling compressor cooling technology ensures optimum temperature.
  6. Lockable doors, LED lighting and spacious storage increase practicality.
  7. Suitable for a variety of drinks and snacks.

Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge Details

  1. Impressive 93L capacity, perfect for storing beer, wine and drinks
  2. Freestanding design, ideal for upgrading entertainment areas
  3. Versatile cooling with three removable shelves and temperature control
  4. User-friendly features include LED light, adjustable feet and reversible door
  5. Energy-efficient with E rating, minimising costs and carbon footprint
  6. One-year guarantee, extendable to two years upon registration
  7. Compact dimensions and lightweight for easy placement and mobility
Baridi 24 Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Baridi 24 Dual Zone Wine Fridge

  1. Sleek design with tempered mirror glass doors for UV protection.
  2. Dual zone design with individual temperature control, ranging from 5-18°C.
  3. Soft white LED light with 150 KWh/energy consumption.
  4. Beech wood shelves holding up to 24 bottles.
  5. Compressor cooling technology with automatic defrost feature.
  6. Energy Efficiency Class G, Noise Level 43dB, with compact dimensions.
  7. Requires minimum 10cm ventilation space for efficient performance.
Subcold Super65 LED Table-Top Fridge

Subcold Super65 LED Table-Top Fridge

  1. Premium countertop fridge with advanced cooling technology.
  2. Adjustable thermostat for wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks.
  3. High quality build with high density foam injection mould.
  4. It has low energy consumption and super low noise output.
  5. Includes removable shelves, internal LED light, and security lock and key.
  6. A reversible glass door is used for flexible placement and maximum display.
  7. Comes with complete certification and a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.
Black 20-Bottle Cookology Wine Cooler

Black 20-Bottle Cookology Wine Cooler

  1. Classy 30cm wine cooler, perfect for entertaining.
  2. Bright LED lighting with a contrasting red display for controls.
  3. Double-glazed, UV-resistant glass protects the wine.
  4. Beech wood shelves prevent condensation and slide out easily.
  5. Sleek design fits under kitchen worktops; doors open without obstruction.
  6. The Keylock feature secures controls activated by pressing the light and power buttons.
  7. Versatile as both a freestanding appliance and an under-counter fridge.
Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge

Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge

  1. Accommodates 20 bottles, ensuring ample storage for your preferred wines.
  2. Temperature ranges from 5-18°C, perfect for maintaining optimal wind conditions.
  3. Features a lock system, offering added security for your selection.
  4. Stylish design, comprising a black body, glass front, and chrome shelving.
  5. 1-Year Guarantee included providing peace of mind for customers.
  6. The freestanding installation offers flexibility in placement around your property.
  7. Sizeable dimensions of H64.0 x W43.0 x D48.0 cm, suitable for various spaces.
Barcool VINO12 Black Wine Fridge

Barcool VINO12 Black Wine Fridge

  1. Advanced compressor cooling technology, adjustable digital thermostat 5-18°C.
  2. High-grade dual-glazed frameless black safety glass, 12 bottle capacity.
  3. Economical energy consumption is only 92 kWh/annum.
  4. Super low noise output, just 35dB – suitable for home or office.
  5. It features removable chrome wire shelves, LED lights, and a digital temperature controller.
  6. Comes with full CE and ROHS certification plus WEEE compliance.
  7. A 1-year warranty is included for extra peace of mind.
Panana 90L Under-Counter Fridge

Panana 90L Under-Counter Fridge

  1. Economical energy consumption, lowest in class.
  2. Super low noise output, suitable for home or office.
  3. Direct compressor cooling technology for 3-10°C range.
  4. Built-in thermostat for personalised temperature control.
  5. Single glass door for easy viewing.
  6. Ideal as a bar fridge or under counter installation.
  7. LED lighting enhances display refrigeration.
Black Baridi 12-Bottle Cooler

Black Baridi 12-Bottle Cooler

  1. Sleek design with tempered mirror glass door
  2. Thermoelectric cooling, efficient and less vibration
  3. Ultra quiet at 35dB, perfect for home use
  4. Flexible storage with removable shelves for 12 bottles
  5. Slim fit with dimensions 265 x 515 x 645mm
  6. Energy consumption at 92 KWh/an annually
  7. Cannot exceed the room’s ambient temperature
HOMCOM 24-Bottle Wine Fridge

HOMCOM 24-Bottle Wine Fridge

  1. Holds 24 bottles on six shelves
  2. Adjustable temperature between 5-20°C
  3. Quick and stable cooling provided by compressors
  4. Simple touch controls with LED temperature display
  5. Double layer glass door with internal LED light
  6. Freestanding design for versatile placement
  7. Safe and efficient, ideal for commercial use
Siemens KF96RSBEA Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Siemens KF96RSBEA Freestanding Fridge Freezer

  1. Smart Home Connect allows remote fridge control
  2. Elegant glassDoor series enhances kitchen aesthetics
  3. The no-frost feature ensures no defrosting is needed
  4. iceTwister provides on-demand ice cubes 
  5. LED light for quick fridge content check
  6. Single door with hinged glass design
  7. Ideal as commercial catering equipment
Royal Catering 590L Freestanding Fridge

Royal Catering 590L Freestanding Fridge

  1. Offers a spacious 590-litre capacity
  2. Equipped with four 30 kg shelves
  3. Energy efficient with a class B rating
  4. Adjustable temperature range between 0 and 8 degrees
  5. Features 30 mm height-adjustable feet for stability
  6. Easy to clean and maintain with durable materials
  7. Hinged glass door for easy access and display.
BODEGA43-24 Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

BODEGA43-24 Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

  1. Accommodates 24 bottles in 80 litres.
  2. Stylish design with full-glass door.
  3. Two temperature zones from 5-20°C.
  4. Suitable for both red and white wine.
  5. Compact and efficient with low vibration.
  6. Professional compressor technology for optimal climate.
  7. UV filter protects aroma.

Deciding on the Right Type of Glass Door Fridge

There’s a wide range of glass door fridges. The choice between a mini fridge, a single door fridge, or a double door display fridge depends largely on the specific needs and space availability. 

A mini or single door fridge is sufficient for a small establishment or home use. A double or triple door display fridge might be more suitable for a larger establishment.

Comparing Different Brands of Glass Door Fridges

Different brands offer different features in their glass door fridges. The quality of commercial refrigeration can vary significantly between brands. 

Therefore, reading reviews, comparing features, and checking the website information can be beneficial. It’s also essential to consider the customer service and delivery information the brand provides.

Features to look for when buying Glass Door Fridges

When buying a glass door fridge, there are several features to consider. The first is the type of cooling technology used. Some fridges come with advanced compressor cooling technology, ensuring that drinks and food are kept at an optimum temperature. 

The type of glass used in the door is also essential. Hinged glass doors, for example, are often easier to use and maintain.

Assessing the Need for Additional Catering Equipment

In addition to a glass door fridge, other catering equipment might be required. For example, a bar cooler might be needed for a pub or a pizza oven for a pizzeria. 

Other items like a chest freezer, upright freezers, or even a blast chiller might be necessary for a commercial setting. It’s essential to assess these needs before making a purchase.

FAQs related to Glass Door Fridges

1. What is the difference between a display fridge and a glass door fridge?

A display fridge and a glass door fridge are essentially the same. The term ‘display fridge’ is often used commercially where drinks or food items are displayed to customers.

2. Can a glass door fridge be used as a beer fridge or a bottle cooler?

Yes, a glass door fridge can be used as a beer fridge or a bottle cooler. They are designed to keep beverages at the perfect temperature, and their glass doors make it easy to display the selection of drinks available.

3. Are there different types of glass doors?

Yes, there are different types of glass doors. Some fridges have single glass doors, while others have double doors. There are also fridges with hinged glass doors for easy access.

4. What other catering equipment might be needed along with a glass door fridge?

Other catering equipment that might be needed includes a chest freezer for storing frozen items, an upright freezer for tall items, a pizza oven for a pizzeria, or a doner kebab machine for a kebab shop.

5. What are commercial glasswashers?

Commercial glasswashers are machines used in bars and restaurants for washing glassware. They are not directly related to glass door fridges but are another piece of equipment that might be needed in a commercial setting.

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