At UK Care Guide we are keen to provide support to individuals impacted by a range of care issues. In this section you will specifically find help and support on care issues related to:

  • Assisted Living – Why this may be an alternative option to residential or home care
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – Why you should create one before going in to care
  • Live in Care – Why this is an alternative option to residential care
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare – Find out whether the NHS should be paying for your care
  • Why you should have a Will – Why you should create a will ahead of going in to care

More information

If you would like any information on any of these topics, please click on the relevant section below.

Assisted Living

Our section on why you should consider assisted living as a care option.  This is increasingly a viable alternative to home care or residential care.

Live in Care

Our section on why live in care is an alternative option to residential care.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

The cost associated with paying for care can be expensive.  Find out whether the NHS is responsible for funding your care costs.