garden swing chair

 Garden swing chair

What is a garden swing chair?

A garden swing chair is a swinging sitting platform held by chains or other types of ropes to allow you to sit with your legs off the ground. They look like the traditional swings that allow you to relax and enjoy the garden breeze.

Swings come in various forms and designs. You may go for the traditional hammock, a conventional swing hanging rattan swings or even a protected compartment hanging by posts.

The swings come in various sizes, depending on the age of users and the number of people that can sit at the same time. While you can make your own garden swing, the manufactured ones are usually much better.

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

Who would use a swing seat?

Swing seats can be used by just anybody that would like to have some good time in the garden. There are seats for children and adults in the market

There are also options for the elderly who may have problems getting up and out. You can also go for luxury or romantic swing seats.

The best garden swing chairs for sale

Yaheetech Rattan Swing Chair



  • It comes with a sturdy iron stand for stability for weights up to 150 kg
  • Its stylish big egg swing, headrest and cushion cover offers utmost comfort to the user
  • It comes with a free rain cover to allow for use in wet weather
  • This swing can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The swing is safe enough for use by children of over seven years without the risk of injury


SUNMER 3-seater Swing

swing seat

  • The metal frames are powder coated to prevent corrosion and maintainthe shiny look
  • Its canopy allows it to be used during very hot weather comfortably
  • The fabric cover on the seats and the canopy is made of waterproof fabric to keep the chair dry even in wet weather.
  • The seat can be moved with ease from one part of the garden o the other for convenience

swing seat

Hanging Rattan Swing Patio Garden Chair

garden swing bench

  • The frame is made of a sturdy steel framework for stability and longevity
  • The brown hue looks stylish, allowing you to use the rattan both indoors and outdoors
  • The classic egg shape provides a comfortable relaxing spaces where you can sit for long
  • The thick cushion makes the seat comfy as it fits comfortably on the rattan
  • The hanging chain is strong enough to handle in excess of 150kg

garden swing bench

Outsunny Garden Swing Chair

swing seats

  • The angle of the canopy is adjustable to provide shade, depending on the location of the sun
  • The fabric cover is made of polyester that is both UV rays and water resistant
  • The frame is made of lightweight steel pipe that is sturdy and stable
  • This frame is powder coated to prevent corrosion and chipping over time
  • The seat can be sat on by three people at once, which makes it ideal for a large family

swing seats

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Outdoor Hammock Bench

swinging chair

  • The garden swing bench comes with a water-resistant canopy and a mosquito net to make your stay comfortable and safe
  • The powdered steel frame is strong and protected from corrosion
  • Its swing chains are quite strong, allowing it to handle up to 300kg, which is two to three occupants
  • You can adjust the backrest to turn the bench into a comfortable bed
  • The bench is designed into an arc, which makes it a stylish addition to your patio, garden or by the pool

swinging chair

Sun Lounger Hanging Chaise Chair

swinging chair (1)

  • The solid steel frame construction ensures that you can use your seat for long periods
  • It is ergonomically designed to enhance your comfort as you relax in the garden
  • Its lounger has a gentle rocking motion that makes it great for taking those long naps
  • The feet are fitted with anti-skid rubber feet to keep the seat in place and avoid scratching the floor
  • The bench has a canopy and PVC coated cover to keep the harmful UV rays at bay

swinging chair

Willkey 3 Seater Swinging chair

hanging garden chair

  • The three-seater bench is made of quality polyester with PVC to ensure longevity in foul weather conditions
  • It has a zipper closure that protects the seats from dirt and other elements in the garden
  • The seat is easy to wash and hose it before drying it in the sun
  • You can fold the seat with ease for storage and safe-keeping when not using it
  • The garden swing bench has a greyish colour and a great design that makes it ideal for any yard or patio

hanging garden chair

TINA Wicker Rattan Hanging Egg Chair Pads

swinging garden chair


  • The frame of the hanging egg is a tufted construction that looks stylish
  • Its ergonomic design allows you to seat for long hours without straining your back
  • You have a choice of various colours as per your preference
  • The filling is made of doll cotton which is soft and comfortable under pressure
  • The cushions are made of microfibre polyester which is UV resistant and light

swinging garden chair

FoxHunterWestWood Garden Swing

garden hanging chair

  • The bench comes with a gazebo to provide a luxurious rocking protected from the sun
  • You can remove the bench and use the gazebo for other purposes
  • The frame is made of powder-coated steel that can handle over 300 kg or three or more people
  • The cushions, roof and pillow covers are made of water-proof polyester fabric that is light and high quality
  • The two tier ventilation allows for air circulation especially in the very cold months

garden hanging chair

Progen 2 Seater Beige Hanging Garden Chair

garden swing chairs

  • The two seat swing is made of powdered steel pipes that are sturdy and durable
  • Each of the seat covers is made of UV protected materials that are easy to clean and dirt resistant
  • The base of the frame is fitted with rubber caps for stability and to avoid scratching the floors of a patio
  • Its top cover is made of polyester, which is UV resistant and effective in offering a shade
  • The seat is heavily padded for enhanced comfort after long hours of sitting

garden swing chairs

Home Gift Garden 3-Seater swing

hammock (1)

  • The garden hanging chair is made of strong Scandinavian redwood that has a rustic appeal
  • The wood is preserved with oil preservatives and bolted together with galvanised zinc bolts
  • The roof is waterproof and protects the bench from dousing in rain water
  • You can remove the roof and the seat cover for cleaning. It is easy to clean and dry
  • The seat can host up to four people at the same time comfortably


Songmics Garden Swing Chairs

swing seat (1)

  • The swing is made of a thick sponge held to a hanger with strong threads for a comfortable nap
  • The sponge is made of various colours to brighten up your yard or garden
  • The swing bed is easy to set up and remove when you need to store it
  • The outer materials is made of a blend of polyester and cotton that is UV rays resistant and durable
  • Its ropes can handle up 200kg of weight allowing anyone to use it

swing seat

.MSM Mermaid Cushion chair

garden swing bench (1)

  • The swing bed is made in a stylish curved design to offer comfort while seated and napping
  • The frame is filled with a soft cotton cushion that does not get deformed with regular use
  • The cushion is made of a relaxing aqua blue colour that also looks luxurious. There are other colour choices.
  • The frame is made from strong steel pipe that can handle up to 300 kg without damage
  • You can detach the cushion and clean it with ease

garden swing bench

Blue Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair

swing seats (1)


  • The cocoon is a weatherproof textilene, allowing it to be used all year round
  • The frame has a star-shaped base for stability on various surfaces
  • The cocoon is fitted with a blue soft pillows for added comfort when relaxing on the swing
  • The cocoon can handle up to 200 kg, thereby good for any person looking for a good swing


swing seats

Havana Bronze Garden Outdoor Swing Chair

swinging chair (2)

  • It has a clearance of 18 inches from the floor, which allows you to swing with ease while relaxing
  • The seats are made of woven plastic which is UV resistant, comfortable and durable
  • The canopy can be adjusted to offer shade, depending on the location of the sun
  • The frame is made of bronze metal that is stylish, strong and light
  • The outer cover is tough but soft to touch and dirt resistant

swinging chair

Outsunny 3 Seat Garden Swing Chair

swinging chair (3)


  • The swinging garden chair comes with a texteline bed that is breathable, allowing you to sleep comfortably in hot weather
  • Its canopy is anti-UV and water resistant, allowing you to use it in any weather condition
  • The frame is made of sturdy steel pipes and chains made of reinforced chains, each of which is rust resistant
  • The bench has mesh screens that keep the mosquitos and bugs out of the space so that you can relax comfortably
  • The entire patio has a good design that makes it ideal for use in any yard, deck or by the pool.


swinging chair

Charles Bentley Twin Glider Rocking Bench

hanging garden chair (1)

  • The seat is made of mesh seat that has a smooth rocking action that allows you to enjoy your outdoors
  • The bench is weather resistant and easy to clean across all seasons
  • The frame is made of powder coated steel that is rust-free and sturdy
  • It has a simple, grey colour that allows it to fir in any environment

hanging garden chair

What features do you look for when buying a garden swing bench?


The size of the garden seat depends on the number of people who you would like to sit on it at once. If you are just a lone, a small one would do just fine.

If you have kids, you may want to have a bench that they can sit and disembark with ease. For a family, you may need a large chair or several chairs to accommodate everyone.

Choice of material

The choice of materials matters a lot when purchasing a chair. Since it would be a piece of outdoor furniture, it needs to withstand foul weather conditions for a long time.

If you anticipate heavyweight from the number of people sitting on the bench, ensure that you pick a chair that is strong such as metal or wood so that it serves you for a long period. For fabric swings, pick a material such as parachute silk, cotton or polyester blends that can withstand foul weather and are comfortable.

Requirement for a Canopy

If you plan to sit outside in wet or hot weather, you may consider creating a canopy or purchasing a swinging chair that has one. Ensure that the canopy does not add too much weight onto the swing.

On the other hand, you may have a gazebo with water-resistant curtains for a luxurious relaxing stay at the yard. There are a variety of materials that you can use in gazebos.


In addition to its functionality, your hammock should look attractive in your yard. Look for designs and colours that match your outdoors or give you the relaxing feel you need.

Swings come in various designs and additions. You can choose from wooden porch swings, swing beds and Adirondack swings, among many other designs


Determine the accessories that are worth purchasing for your garden hanging chair. You can have cushions, lighting, footrests for the swing, winter covers and a canopy to shelter you from foul weather.

Additional accessories come at a price. Therefore, it is important to determine if you really need them at the additional price that you will be purchasing them.


After selecting the characteristics that you need for your swinging garden chair, compare brands according to your budget. This approach ensures that you get the swing seat that meets the minimum requirement.

How much does a cheap hanging garden chair cost?

A cheap swing seat costs between £15 and £70. They range from simple woven swings to swings with canopies and waterproof covering.

How much do the best garden swing chairs cost?

The best garden swing seats cost anything between £200 and £300. They have features such as gazebos, wicker rattans, large canopies and solid construction. They offer luxury in addition to the basic functions.

Here is the video that will help you choose the best garden swing chair.

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