Free Standing Fridges | April 2024

Having been personally engaged in reviewing some of the top products in the free standing fridges market, a wealth of information has been gathered and is set to be shared in the following reviews. 

The aim is to share experiences and thoughts and provide a guide to help individuals find the best product that suits their needs.

Table of Contents

The products reviewed range from freestanding fridge freezers to under-counter larder fridges, with a focus on key features like net refrigerator capacity, energy rating, and manufacturer guarantee.

The products discussed in this review suit a wide range of users. They are beneficial to those seeking to maximise space with an under-counter fridge or perhaps looking for the convenience of a fridge freezer

These appliances can be helpful if you desire features such as a reversible door, frost-free functionality, or an integrated fridge. The aid these products provide extends to offering convenience, efficiency, and an aesthetic complement to the kitchen space. 

Aspects like stainless steel finishes, water dispensers, and ice boxes add to the appeal and functionality of these appliances.

It should be noted that the reviews are not limited to just fridges and freezers. Small appliances like vacuum cleaners, washers, and tumble dryers are also discussed. Larger kitchen items such as range cookers, gas hobs, and double ovens also feature in the reviews. 

Delivery information, customer service experiences, and company information form part of the reviews, offering a rounded perspective on each product. Whether searching for a tall larder fridge, an American fridge freezer, or a wine cooler, this review is a comprehensive buying guide.

The Best Rated Free Standing Fridge

IceKing Under Counter Fridge

  1. A two-year comprehensive warranty is offered on parts and labour.
  2. Quiet operation at 41dB, suitable for small homes and student flats.
  3. Eco-friendly with an A+ energy rating, keeping bills low.
  4. Average annual energy use of 110 kWh, costing roughly £13.
  5. Features include an 82-litre capacity, reversible door, and interior light.
  6. Contains a salad crisper drawer for essential item storage.
  7. Measurements are 845mm in height, 480mm in width, and 500mm in depth.

The Best Value Free Standing Fridge

Statesman R155W Freestanding Fridge

Statesman R155W Freestanding Fridge

  1. Ideal under-counter size at 55cm
  2. Features a 4-star Ice Box  
  3. Large 97-litre fridge capacity  
  4. Contains 16-litre freezer space  
  5. Adjustable glass shelf included  
  6. Offers reversible door flexibility  
  7. Achieves A+ Energy Rating

The Best Of The Rest Free Standing Fridges

Hisense Four-Door Fridge Freezer

Hisense Four-Door Fridge Freezer

  1. Frost-free technology enhances food freshness and longevity.
  2. Smart Multi Air Flow system ensures optimal temperature consistency.
  3. Non-plumbed water tanks provide easy installation and conveniently chilled water.
  4. Super Freeze function rapidly freezes food, retaining nutrients and taste.
  5. Large capacity accommodates all your fresh food and leftovers.
  6. Sleek design complements any kitchen decor.
  7. A two-year warranty offers peace of mind.
White SIA Freestanding Fridge Details

White SIA Freestanding Fridge Details

  1. Ample storage with 160L net and 228L gross capacity
  2. Features four glass shelves, salad crisper, and 3 door compartments
  3. Reversible door, adjustable legs and five-setting temperature control included
  4. Freestanding design allows placement anywhere
  5. 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee for buyer’s reassurance
  6. Perfect alternative to integrated freezers and chest freezers
  7. Comparable convenience to single ovens and washing machines
White Hotpoint 339L Fridge Freezer

White Hotpoint 339L Fridge Freezer

  1. Spacious 339L capacity accommodates 19 shopping bags
  2. Active Fresh feature ensures long-lasting food freshness
  3. LED interior lighting offers clear visibility
  4. Fresh Zone technology ensures maximum freshness
  5. The optimal temperature level is maintained throughout
  6. Functions as a counter larder fridge
  7. It can also be utilised as a chest freezer
Silver Black Fridge Freezer

Silver Black Fridge Freezer

  1. Reduces food waste with thoughtful technology
  2. Total No Frost prevents ice build-up
  3. No need for frequent defrosting
  4. Active Fresh ensures optimal food preservation
  5. MultiCool Flow maintains a stable temperature
  6. Fresh Zone for long-lasting vegetables
  7. Provides constant and uniform airflow

Hisense Retro Fridge Details

  1. Offers a sizable 150-litre capacity
  2. Additional 15L compartment for frozen food
  3. Special drawer designed for fruit and veg storage
  4. Equipped with a secure wine rack for bottle safety
  5. Compact with H128 x W51.9 x D51.3 dimensions
  6. Covered by a two-year warranty
Hotpoint HQ9B1L A+ American Fridge Freezer

Hotpoint HQ9B1L A+ American Fridge Freezer

  1. Features a 589-litre capacity.
  2. Energy efficiency is ensured with an A+ rating.
  3. Frost-free technology incorporated.
  4. Includes a reversible door design.
  5. It measures 1875mm in height, 909mm in width, and 697mm in depth.
  6. Exhibits a high level of burstiness.

Curtis White Combi-Fridge Details

  1. Fridge and freezer combined for convenience 
  2. Door reversibility enables flexible positioning 
  3. Glass shelves slide out effortlessly 
  4. Ice cube tray included for convenience 
  5. Free of harmful HCFC substances 
  6. Burstiness lends to high efficiency
Bosch Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Bosch Freestanding Fridge Freezer

  1. NoFrost technology eliminates the need for defrosting.
  2. MultiAirflow ensures consistent temperature regulation.
  3. Smart Home Connect simplifies everyday appliance use.
  4. XXL capacity provides extra space for food.
  5. The Ice and Water Dispenser is conveniently connected to the tap.
  6. Fresh ice cubes and chilled water are readily available.
  7. The silver finish adds an elegant touch.
Fridgemaster MC50175A

Fridgemaster MC50175A: E-Rated Fridge Freezer

  1. Spacious storage with 3 door balconies, two shelves, a transparent salad crisper box in the fridge and three storage drawers in the freezer
  2. Efficient LED lighting ensures optimal visibility.
  3. Operates at a low noise level of 39dB for a quiet kitchen environment.
  4. Doors can be reversed to suit any kitchen layout. 
  5. Adjustable shelves accommodate various food shapes and sizes. 
  6. Energy Class E rating with an annual energy consumption of 195 kWh for a 175-litre fridge freezer.
  7. The compact dimensions of H1430 x W495 x D562mm make it suitable for smaller kitchens.

Freestanding Cookology Larder Fridge

  1. Premium appliance for efficient refrigeration
  2. Generous storage capacity of 240 litres
  3. Five adjustable shelves for versatile storage
  4. High-quality, easy-to-clean materials for hygiene
  5. Reversible door for installation flexibility
  6. Sleek, modern Inox finish for style
  7. Reliable and efficient, enhancing the cooking experience
White Igenix IG3960 Larder Fridge

White Igenix IG3960 Larder Fridge

  1. The compact design at 48cm width fits under the counter
  2. Offers a substantial 92-litre storage capacity
  3. Internal light enhances the visibility of contents
  4. Two glass shelves were provided for organised storage
  5. Additional two-door balcony shelves and an egg rack are included
  6. Easy to change door orientation due to reversible design
  7. It comes with a 2-year warranty, which is registerable online.
Black Candy 173L Fridge-Freezer

Black Candy 173L Fridge-Freezer

  1. Compact yet spacious 173L capacity
  2. Adjustable anti-spill fridge shelves
  3. Three transparent freezer drawers
  4. Energy-efficient LED lighting
  5. Separate salad crisper drawer
  6. Reversible door hinges for flexibility
  7. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly F-class rating
White Hisense Under Counter Fridge

White Hisense Under Counter Fridge

  1. Holds seven bags of food with a 132-litre capacity 
  2. No manual defrosting is required due to the auto-defrost feature
  3. Special drawer provided for organised fruit and veg storage
  4. The door is reversible to fit various kitchen layouts
  5. Compact dimensions suitable for most kitchen spaces
  6. Energy efficient with an E rating
  7. The sleek white design adds a modern touch to kitchens.

Why Choose Free Standing Fridges

Free-standing fridges have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility and variety of designs. They offer the convenience of being easily relocated, unlike integrated fridge freezers fixed into a specific space. 

This makes them ideal for individuals who frequently rearrange their kitchen layout or plan to move houses. 

Available in various sizes, from the compact under-counter larder fridge to the larger American-style fridge freezer, there is a freestanding fridge to suit every household size and need.

The energy efficiency of these appliances is another key factor to consider. Many models come with an energy rating of E, which means they are designed to consume less power, reduce environmental impact, and save on electricity bills

Furthermore, these fridges often come with additional features such as auto defrost, total no frost and water dispensers, adding to their convenience and making them a practical choice for modern homes.

Specific models such as the freestanding fridge freezer or the freestanding larder fridge also offer more storage space, making them ideal for larger families or those who like to stock up on groceries. 

They often include features like an ice box or a wine cooler, adding to the versatility of these appliances. When considering trusted brands, John Lewis offers a wide range of freestanding fridges known for their quality and durability.

Where to Buy Free Standing Fridges

When planning to buy a free-standing fridge, it’s essential to consider trusted retailers that offer quality products and excellent customer service. John Lewis is a retailer offering a wide range of freestanding fridges in diverse sizes and styles. 

They stock everything from a compact under-counter larder fridge to a spacious American-style freezer.

Another point to consider is the variety of brands available. Each brand offers different features and designs for various consumer needs, from an integrated fridge freezer to a freestanding dishwasher. 

Some brands are known for their innovative features, like wine coolers, water dispensers, and auto defrost, making them popular among consumers.

Lastly, it’s crucial to consider the delivery information the retailer provides. Many offer home delivery, ensuring your purchased appliance reaches you safely and conveniently. 

Whether you’re looking for a washing machine, a range cooker, or a freestanding fridge, always choose a retailer that provides transparent and reliable delivery information.

Features to look for when buying Free Standing Fridges

When buying a free standing fridge, looking for key features that meet your needs is essential. The first thing to consider is the size. You might opt for an under-counter larder or counter fridge if you have limited kitchen space. 

For more spacious kitchens or larger households, an American-style fridge freezer or a freestanding fridge freezer could be more suitable.

The next feature to consider is the energy rating. An appliance with an energy rating E is more energy-efficient and can help save on electricity bills. 

Additional features such as auto defrost, a water dispenser, or a total no-frost system can add convenience and efficiency to your daily routine.

Finally, consider the design and colour of the fridge. A fridge white in colour can give a clean and minimalistic look to your kitchen, while a stainless steel finish can add a modern touch. 

Some freestanding fridges also come with extra features like an integrated freezer, a wine cooler, or an ice box, enhancing their functionality and appeal.

How to Maintain Your Free Standing Fridge

Maintaining your free standing fridge is crucial for its longevity and efficiency. Regular cleaning, both inside and out, is essential. This includes defrosting the freezer compartment if your model doesn’t have an auto defrost or total no frost feature.

It’s also important to regularly check and replace the seals around the fridge and freezer doors to ensure they are working effectively. This helps maintain the temperature inside and increases energy efficiency. 

If you have additional features such as a water dispenser or an ice box, these should also be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria or mould.

Lastly, ensure the fridge is not overloaded, as this can affect its cooling efficiency. Make sure there is enough space for air to circulate freely inside. 

If your freestanding fridge includes an integrated freezer or a wine cooler, these areas must also be kept at an optimal temperature for best performance.

FAQs related to Free Standing Fridges

1. What is the difference between a freestanding fridge and an integrated fridge freezer?

A freestanding fridge is a stand-alone unit that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, while an integrated fridge freezer is designed to be built into a kitchen unit. This makes freestanding fridges more flexible in terms of placement and relocation.

2. What are some popular brands for free standing fridges?

Some popular brands for freestanding fridges include John Lewis, Bosch, and Samsung. These brands offer a range of models with various features like auto defrost, total no frost, and energy rating E.

3. Can I find a free standing fridge with a water dispenser and ice box?

Many freestanding fridges have additional features like water dispensers and ice boxes. These features enhance the convenience and functionality of the fridge.

4. How energy efficient are free standing fridges?

The energy efficiency of freestanding fridges varies depending on the model and brand. However, many models have an energy rating of E, making them quite energy efficient.

5. Are there any special features to look for when buying a freestanding fridge?

When buying a freestanding fridge, look for features that suit your needs. This may include an integrated freezer, a wine cooler, a water dispenser, or an auto defrost feature. The fridge’s size, design, and energy efficiency are essential factors.

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