Food Processors | December 2023

In many homes across the UK, the food processor is a necessary kitchen appliance. People who take pride in making homemade meals and desserts from scratch and adhere to particular dietary needs will find it beneficial. 

By performing tasks like chopping, grating, slicing, pureeing, and kneading dough, the food processor streamlines the preparation process and saves people valuable time and effort.

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To give you unbiased and thorough information, we recently had the pleasure of reviewing some of the top food processors on the market. These items have undergone scrutiny for performance, usability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. 

Many of the reviewed food processors feature strong motors, large-capacity bowls, and a variety of attachments for flexible cooking. Food processors are handy if you frequently host guests or have a big family. 

Using these products makes preparing large quantities of food more accessible. They also serve people who have adopted a healthy diet and are required to prepare specific recipes that call for ingredients that have been finely processed. 

With their sleek and contemporary designs, the food processors we’ve reviewed not only promise to be functional but also to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.  

The Best Rated

Bosch Compact Food Processor

  1. The best food processor is strong and long-lasting, with an 800W motor and a sturdy stainless-steel blade.
  2. Offering unparalleled versatility, there are more than 50 functions, ranging from chopping fruit to kneading pizza dough.
  3. Includes a 1L blender for quick and simple creation of delectable sauces or smoothies. 
  4. Simple stowage of accessories in the mixing bowl is made possible by the compact design and clever storage. 
  5. Includes a variety of attachments, such as a slicing and grating disc for use in various culinary applications. 
  6. Dishwasher-safe components make cleanup after preparation simple and convenient for the user.   

The Best Value

Russell Hobbs 24732 Food Processor

  1. The Russell Hobbs 24732 food processor has various valuable attachments to meet your culinary needs.
  2. It has a pulse function and dual speed setting, allowing you to make both chunky soups and smooth dips.
  3. Cleaning the appliance is quick and straightforward thanks to its detachable parts and dishwasher-safe bowl.
  4. The food processor has security features like a double lock and non-slip feet for safe and stable operation.
  5. It has excellent food-chopping capabilities and doubles as a dough mixer and blender.
  6. The product has a two-year warranty that can be extended by an additional year by registering online.   

The Best Of The Rest

Silver Electric Mini Chopper

  1. Outstanding 500W Motor: Ensures quick and simple chopping of soup ingredients, meats, onions, and salad.
  2. The dual speed control provides versatility in food preparation tasks.
  3. Time-saving – Extremely sharp stainless steel blades quickly chop ingredients.
  4. Simple Maintenance – A dishwasher can easily clean all removable components.
  5. Compact Design: Lightweight and convenient for storing, ideal for reducing kitchen clutter.
  6. Quality Guarantee: Complete assistance and solutions for unsatisfactory products.   

TopStrong 6-in-1 Food Processor

  1. This food processor effectively completes tasks such as chopping, slicing, shredding, coarse shredding, mixing, and kneading thanks to its 6-in-1 functionality. 
  2. It comes with seven valuable attachments, including an emulsifying disc, a 3-in-1 cutting disc, a chopping blade, and a dough blade, all optimised for performance. 
  3. Dual safety features, including a double-lock system on the mixing bowl and cover and non-slip suction feet for stability, make the processor safe to use. 
  4. Its 800W motor, two speeds, and pulse feature enable handling all cooking ingredients quickly and effectively. 
  5. The 2L mixing bowl included with this small food processor is BPA-free and meets most families’ cooking needs. 
  6. The fact that every attachment is detachable makes cleaning easier and transforms this food processor into a handy and valuable addition to your kitchen.   

Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor

  1. The small Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor meets your entire culinary needs.
  2. Perfect for mixing dough, chopping, slicing, grating, pureeing, and kneading.
  3. The minimal design makes for simple kitchen storage.
  4. Offers 0.75L of working liquid capacity in the main bowl for your preparations.
  5. Includes four useful attachments for a variety of uses.
  6. This product’s distinctive ID attests to its reliability and authenticity.   

Kenwood Compact Food Processor

  1. Boasts a powerful pulse function and a two-speed control.
  2. Includes a 1.4L bowl and 1L blender, making it ideal for various ingredients.
  3. It comes with attachments for slicing, chopping, and grating for flexible use.
  4. Blades made of sturdy stainless steel for long-lasting performance
  5. Dishwasher-safe components make cleaning easier.
  6. Provides features comparable to those of citrus juicers, deep fryers and air fryers.   

VonShef Mini Chopper Features

  1. A versatile kitchen tool with a powerful 400W motor is ideal for various food preparations.
  2. Two-speed selection for best use with various ingredients, including meats, fruits, and vegetables.
  3. Bi-level blades of stainless steel cut effectively and reduce kitchen messes.
  4. The generously sized 500 ml plastic bowl is convenient and portable.
  5. Enhanced stability with a silicone base that won’t slide around, ensuring safe food preparation.
  6. Has a two-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees quality and customer support.

Vinoil Food Processor Review

  1. Adaptable kitchen tool for consistently chopping nuts, fruits, and vegetables.
  2. Four robust stainless steel blades and a strong motor ensure quiet operation.
  3. 1.2L capacity, ideal for use at home with everything from baby food to party dishes.
  4. With removable, hand-washable or dishwasher-safe parts, it is simple to clean.
  5. Ideal for making healthy food preparations like smoothie purees and salad dressings.
  6. Makes cleaning safe and warns against handling blades with bare hands.  

HOMCOM Comprehensive Food Processor

  1. A potent 500W food processor with three-speed settings facilitates food mixing.
  2. Has various blades for cutting, grinding, blending dough, and pureeing sauces, among other tasks.
  3. Includes a 1.5-litre blending jug and a 1-litre processor bowl.
  4. The security feature guarantees that the processor only works when the lid is firmly locked.
  5. For effective cleaning, all attachments are easily detachable and dishwasher-safe.
  6. Enables improved food preparation functionality, including the ability to knead dough and make smoothies.   

Kenwood Silver Food Processor

  1. For maximum effectiveness, optimal speed control with auto function.
  2. Versatile food preparation with a reversible slicing/grating disc.
  3. The safety lock and non-slip feet ensure secure use.
  4. Durable plastic body and top-notch stainless steel blade.
  5. Dishwasher-safe components for simple upkeep and cleaning. 
  6. A compact design makes it ideal for many kitchen tasks.   

Sensio Home Mini Chopper

  1. A multipurpose mini food processor that can puree ingredients and chop meat and vegetables.
  2. Boasts a 300W motor and four sturdy stainless-steel blades.
  3. Has a 600 ml bowl that is detachable and has a lid for storage and transfer.
  4. Its small size makes it user-friendly and straightforward to assemble, use, empty, and store.
  5. Every component is dishwasher-safe and straightforward to clean. 
  6. Has a 2-year 100% money-back guarantee, highlighting the product’s dependability.   

Daewoo Compact Food Processor, Black

  1. Strong Daewoo food processor for practical cooking tasks. 
  2. Has pulse functions and two-speed settings for flexible use.
  3. Contains slicing discs and stainless steel blades for shredding and grating. 
  4. Rubber feet ensure stable operation and keep work surfaces tidy.
  5. A large processing bowl and a blender jug for preparing meals. 
  6. Parts that are easily removable for cleaning, improving kitchen convenience.   

Magimix Le Mini Food Processor

  1. A dual-purpose food processor with a small and large bowl.
  2. Contains a 400 W induction motor that is incredibly quiet.
  3. Easy-to-use, single-touch operation.
  4. Includes a citrus press, among several other accessories.
  5. Uses a designated box to ensure blade-safe storage.
  6. Provides excellent performance on par with the best food processors.   

Daifort Mini Food Processor

  1. Convenient Mini Chopper: Blend, puree, grind, and chop ingredients quickly.
  2. A 350-watt motor quietly and effectively chops nuts and vegetables. 
  3. Sturdy Blades: Four stainless steel blades guarantee reliable outcomes. 
  4. Glass bowl with a 1.2-litre capacity and room for small to medium food. 
  5. User-friendly: One-touch button control and removable parts that are simple to clean. 
  6. High performance and quality, comparable to Russell Hobbs and Kenwood Multipro.   

White KitchenAid 3.1L Processor

  1. Features the ExactSlice system, which makes it simple to adjust the thickness of slices.
  2. Comes with a 3-in-1 ultra-wide mouth feed tube that can accommodate food of all sizes.
  3. Uses sharp, specially crafted blades to deliver precise slicing for various food textures.
  4. Combines a comfortable side handle with a slip-resistant base for stability and clear viewing.
  5. Uses a lid and blade with an incredibly tight silicone seal to prevent spills.
  6. Provides two optimised speeds, making it the top contender for the best food processor in the UK.   

Features to look for when buying Food Processors

Prospective buyers should first consider the motor’s power when buying a food processor. Products like the Robot Coupe and the Bosch Multitalent boast powerful engines that can handle various tasks, from chopping hard vegetables to kneading heavy dough for bread or pizza.

The size of the bowl is another essential factor to take into account. Trim- and large-capacity options, such as mini food processors or food choppers, have advantages. Smaller models may be ideal for those with limited kitchen space or who typically cook for one or two people, while larger models are better suited for larger families or frequent entertaining.

Companies that offer good customer service, like Ninja with their BN650UK food processor, are more likely to resolve any issues that may arise. In terms of delivery, purchasers should consider the delivery service’s dependability and the delivery cost.

The Almond Cream and the Empire Red are just two examples of contemporary food processors that are stylish and practical, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Best Food Processors on the Market

Many food processors are on the market, but a select few stand out because of their improved functionality and favourable customer reviews. For instance, the Ninja BN650UK food processor is praised for its numerous attachments that enable it to make smoothies and knead bread dough. 

The Russell Hobbs food processor is another well-liked option, praised for its powerful motor and simple controls. Another popular option is the Kenwood Multipro, which users laud for its adaptability and large bowl.

 It has several attachments, including a dough blade, citrus juicer, and blender, making it perfect for various food preparation tasks.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more portable option, the Mini Food Processor from James Martin is fantastic. Despite its diminutive size, it is powerful and effective, making it ideal for smaller kitchens or people who cook in smaller quantities.

The Bosch Multitalent, a popular choice among many customers thanks to its stylish design and various attachments, is an excellent option for those looking for a food processor that balances power, adaptability, and style.

How Food Processors Improve Food Preparation

Food preparation tasks like chopping, grating, and kneading dough can be completed quickly and efficiently with the aid of these appliances. For example, the Snap Food Processor is renowned for its effective performance in chopping and slicing, while the Almond Cream is praised for its ability to knead cake batter and bread dough quickly.

Additionally, food processors with air fryer functions, like the Ninja BN650UK, offer even more versatility, allowing users to prepare a broader range of dishes. These food processors make preparing healthy, homemade meals and snacks simple with the least effort.

Additionally, using food processors lessens the manual labour needed in the kitchen. Activities like kneading heavy dough or chopping many vegetables can be physically taxing and time-consuming. Still, these tasks become much more manageable with a food processor, freeing up time for other pursuits.

Keeping Up with the Latest News on Food Processors

Food processor blogs and websites frequently offer updates on new product releases, reviews, and advice on how to use food processors effectively, so there are many resources available for those interested in staying up to date on the most recent news and developments in the world of food processors.

You may also receive targeted and pertinent advertisements from these businesses to stay informed about special offers or promotions. Some companies also provide your inbox newsletters with the most recent news and updates.

Along with online sources, magazines and newspapers frequently publish articles and reviews about the newest food processors. These can give you essential information about the functionality and build quality of various models, assisting you in making an informed decision when buying a new food processor.

To ensure you receive the most pertinent and recent information when visiting these sites, keep in mind that reviewing and accepting all cookies is essential.

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