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Folding Electric Wheelchair – What Are The Best In The UK

What is a folding electric wheelchair?

A foldable electric wheelchair or foldable electric chair offers convenience. Unlike the average wheelchair that requires constant manual operations, the folding electric wheelchair is easy to use and allows efficient manoeuvrability.

The wheelchair allows users to overcome the limitations of mobility caused by for various factors.

Improved electric folding wheelchairs are also available to increase effectiveness and one of their benefits is their light weight. The lightweight electric wheelchair has become a favourite of many users.

Who would use a folding electric wheelchair?

Any individual that faces mobility difficulties can use a folding electric wheel chair.

For example, people with chronic diseases that affect upper limb strength may consider this product. There are other situations that could also put individuals on wheelchairs such as psychical disabilities as a result of accidents.

Folding electric wheelchairs allow users to move independently while having enough energy to carry out the activities they wish to participate in, such as shopping and visiting friends.

Here is a short video abut buying an electric wheelchair.

The best folding electric wheelchair’s for sale


folding electric wheelchair uk

  • This chair allows simplicity in its use as it has minimal assembly-just the cushions and joy stick.
  • The chair is very comfortable and gentle to fit any user as it has simple controls that favour indoor mobility.
  • This model is light enough to be carried by an average person – even with batteries it is still easy to carry.
  • Its battery life is remarkable and it can achieve a full charge in approximately 6 hours.

Pride Mobility i-Go Folding Portable Powerchair

folding electric wheelchair

  • This folding portable wheelchair is designed to produce significant torque to allow it to cover reasonable range when powered by its two batteries.
  • The manufacturers were keen on safety as they included a seat belt.
  • The chair is controllable by using joystick controls provided either on the right or left-side to fit the conditions of the user.
  • This electric folding wheel chair features front suspension under seat storage and a durable seating system.
  • The chair is flexible enough to be pushed manually or be operated automatically by a joystick.

Motion Healthcare Foldalite Pro Power Wheelchair

folding electric wheelchair for sale

  • Foldalite wheelchair is controlled by the use of a joystick on its control panel – additional buttons allow you to set the speed and power and check the battery level.
  • This design allows the user to convert it into a compact package in less than a minute to enable transportation and easy storage.
  • This wheelchair is comfortable as it has a fully adjustable backrest, footrest, leg guard backrest, and a sophisticated suspension system for a bump-free ride.
  • Foldalite Pro Power chair can reach maximum speeds of up to 4 mph and the distance covered would be 10 miles when the battery is fully charged.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair UK

lightweight electric wheelchair

  • This lightweight electric wheelchair is an updated version of the LITCH-TECH Smart Chair 1- it is the most advanced folding chair in the LITH-TECH Smart Chair category.
  • This is lightweight electric wheelchair is one of the best performing lightweight folding electric wheelchair in the UK.
  • Manoeuvrability is essential for this design which influenced the chair’s small folding dimensions.
  • The battery is reasonable for average movement – high impact tyres allow it to absorb bump’s shock to provide comfortable experience.
  • Also, the battery is made of lithium which makes the chair one of the lightest folding electric wheelchairs – the lithium battery is cost effective as it is cheap to replace. 

Lightweight Electric Folding Wheelchair With Lithium Battery

lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery

  • An important aspect of this power chair is its design that allows for easy transportation where dismantling it can happen in seconds – does not require tools.
  • Adjusting the chair is easy and it can reach 90º on the left and right and its armrests are a fill up enabling their transfer on and off the chair easy.
  • It is also possible to turn the chair to a circle of 80cm allowing it to go through turns inside the house.
  • This lightweight electric folding wheelchair with lithium battery offers easy use and a turning circle
  • After examining the product it would be reasonable to conclude that it is strong and very manoeuvrable.

Breeze folding lightweight electric wheelchair powerchair 

Breeze folding lightweight electric wheelchair powerchair

  • When compared against other models, this power chair fairs as the lightest folding electric wheelchairs on the market.
  • Its battery capacity can allow you to reach a maximum range of 10 miles at a top speed of 4mph.
  • It is controllable using a joystick that allows you to adjust the speed whenever necessary – an additional hooter button will keep you from knocking people down.
  • The cushion is removable and the backrest is padded and included a pocket on the back.

Foldable Electric Power Wheelchair

Foldable Electric Power Wheelchair

  • This is the most Economy full aluminium alloy power Wheelchair
  • When the chair is fully charged it can operate about 10 miles – uses a durable Polymer Li-ion battery.
  • The headrest is adjustable and the backrest can be cleaned without much difficulty. You can also raise or detach the armrests to be able to reach tables or transport the chair.
  • Also, the footrest is detachable and their length is adjustable.

Longest Driving Range Power Wheelchair

folding electric wheelchairs for sale

  • This electric folding wheelchair take less time to be folded or to be carried it weighs about 53lb with additional batteries weighing 3.5 lb each.
  • The battery area can fit a maximum of 3 batteries which means you will have additional room for extra power.
  • The motors are silent and powerful enough to run its solid rubberised rear tires.
  • The tires have the best texture to improve comfort from the additional spring suspensions.

Cirrus folding powerchair 

Cirrus folding powerchair

  • This design allows the user to remove the batteries when transporting or pushing the chair to make it light for manoeuvrability.
  • The powerful batteries provide it with a maximum range of 15 miles at a speed of 4mpd when fully charged.
  • This light folding electric wheelchair comes with a standard seat belt, pouch cushion adjustable tension back, and adjustable footrests with calf straps.
  • Operating the chair is possible with an adjustable joystick and a programmable PG controller that can accommodates various users.

How much does a folding electric wheelchair cost?

The cost of folding electric wheelchairs ranges from £400 to £2,000 deepening on the quality. The average price could be estimated to be around £1,200 for a high performing electric-folding wheelchair.

What to look for when buying a folding electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair with electric motor and navigation controls is a comfortable and convenient choice. The basic needs to consider when buying a folding electric wheelchair are the size, seating, and navigation capacities and the battery life.

There are other additional needs that you might explore when deciding on the most preferred electric-folding wheelchair.

Consider its indoor and outdoor capability

The reason behind purchasing a folding electric wheelchair is to have an easy time when moving around. When inside the house, you may not always need the wheelchair.

However, when outdoors it is important you select a folding electric wheelchair that has extended range options, easily portable, and can handle diverse outdoor terrain.

Check the seat’s comfort

Think about the height of the seat – the height of the seat relative to the floor and the height of the bed and other furniture. Consider the width of the chair in relation to the door. Check the handrail and pedal for easy descent. Also, as a variation of these materials, check the material of the backrest to ensure they are of adequate quality. Each material has advantages and disadvantages in terms of stability, pressure distribution, air flow and insulation.

Consider a chair with alternative controls

Some Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair UK models can be controlled using other types of autonomous movements without involving the joystick. If this is preference, you will need to look for an advanced electric folding wheelchair. Some alternative controls include voice control, jaw control, foot control and head control.

Consider battery life

There is a considerable difference in charging time. Check the battery life for all the different chairs that meet your needs.

Get a modifiable model. Know that your choice of electric folding chair may change over time, regardless of the chair design you are currently using. Your choice should allow you to change or modified some features in the future. This allows you to keep the chair without having to buy another folding electric wheelchair in the future.

How to use Folding electric wheelchair?

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