foldable wheelchair

Foldable wheelchair

What is a Foldable wheelchair?

Unlike rigid chairs that are typically not foldable, this basically refers to a lightweight wheelchair that is foldable.

This type of a wheelchair usually has a very light frame which is complete with an amazing foldable feature. It allows one to fold the wheelchair seat and its components into a nice compact shape.

This makes it easy for the users to for instance keep it in the trunk of a vehicle or even a storage space.

Foldable electric wheelchairs have become the new norm amongst the wheelchair community all over the world. The collapsible and light frame are now very popular with wheelchair users who prefer to use this type of wheelchair.

This is due to the fact that they are more convenient since they can be folded and they reduce the time needed to do day to day routines.

Who Would Use a Foldable Wheelchair?

A wheelchair basically helps the user to be more independent and mobile. A foldable wheelchair makes this easier since it is more developed.

It would be used by anyone whose daily routine requires them to climb up stairs, raise up to reach high shelves or even move across gravel. Foldable electric wheelchairs are strong hence enabling them to do these activities without a lot of difficulties.

Anyone who is very busy during the day or night and their activities need him/her to move around often might also need to use a foldable wheelchair. This is to enable him/her to easily put it in the car easily by just folding it and continue with their days activities.

Lightweight foldable wheelchairs are mainly tailored for people who are searching for compact ability.

Here is a short video on buying a lightweight wheelchair.

The Best Cheap Foldable Electric Wheelchairs For Sale

Days Escape Lite Aluminium Wheelchair

Days Escape Lite Aluminium Wheelchair

  • It is the best for anyone who is on a tight budget as its prices typically start below £100. This makes it very affordable to anyone who is planning to buy a wheelchair
  • This wheelchair is available in different sizes which avails variety hence enabling the user to choose the one that fits him/her best.
  • It is not heavy and has an aluminium frame which makes transportation and storage easy due to its lightweight and the foldable feature.
  • It has adjustable footrests which allows the user to easily stretch hence making it extremely comfortable and also easy to move with the lightweight wheelchair that is foldable.

Deluxe Folding Travel Wheelchair with Handbrakes

Deluxe Folding Travel Wheelchair with Handbrakes

  • It has padded arms and several cross braces which enhance the strength of the wheelchair hence making the user confident and comfortable when using it.
  • This lightweight wheelchair has 12″ rear wheels and attendant handbrakes which facilitate swift movement and proper control of it.
  • This wheelchair folds up to approximately 1/3 the normal size of typically folded wheelchairs which makes it more flexible, more reliable and easier to handle.
  • It’s very Ideal for days out, holidays and shopping trips as it is not heavy so making it easy to move around with.

Fantastic lightweight Folding Travel Wheelchair


Fantastic lightweight Folding Travel Wheelchair

  • It has SOLID TYRES that are actually puncture proof hence making it very useful when moving though rough surfaces.
  • Compared to other wheelchairs in bags, this is the only specific model that has suitable swing away from footrests that can be moved out of the way. This makes it easy for the user to move in and out of the wheelchair.
  • It has desk arms that enable the wheelchair to be pushed further under a table, a feature that is not very common.
  • It is super light in that it can be easily fitted in a bag and carried along in a car or a plane.

Lightweight folding transit travel wheelchair 

Lightweight folding transit travel wheelchair

  • This wheelchair has puncture proof tyres, calf straps and heel straps which make it more comfortable and safer.
  • It has flip up footrests and a fold down backrest which makes the wheelchair suitable for travelling.
  • This wheelchair has lockable brakes on both the push handles and down the rear wheels. This helps the user to easily operate the wheelchair and control its speed when moving around with it.
  • It has a safety lap belt which helps to ensure that extreme safety since it is strong and reliable hence promising safety.

Drive Lightweight Aluminium Folding Transport Chair

Drive Lightweight Aluminium Folding Transport Chair

  • It has Multiple cross braces which help in making sure that the wheelchair is strong.
  • This wheelchair is Ideal for holidays, shopping trips and days out as it is reliable, strong and flexible.
  • It Folds to up to 1/3 the size of other lightweight wheelchairs.
  • Has padded desk arms which make it more comfortable.

Angel Lightweight Folding Transit Aluminium Travel Wheelchair

Angel Lightweight Folding Transit Aluminium Travel Wheelchair

  • This lightweight foldable wheelchair has footrests that are height adjustable which makes it easy for the user to easily stretch.
  • It is very convenient since folding it takes a matter of seconds and the user is good to store it.
  • Has flip up removable footrests which helps to get off the chair faster.
  • Equipped with Lockable hand brakes so eliminating the need to bend down when using the brakes.

Simplelife Mobility Lightweight Folding Transit Wheelchair, Blue

Simplelife Mobility Lightweight Folding Transit Wheelchair, Blue

  • It has swing out height adjustable footrests which make it extremely comfortable.
  • It is strong since it has an aluminium frame.
  • This electric folding wheelchair has puncture proof tyres which make it more reliable.
  • It is light which enhances easy handling and transportation.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Foldable Wheelchair


Anyone buying a foldable wheelchair should look for one that can handle his/her weight properly so as to avoid inconveniences or even embarrassments later. Every wheelchair is built in a different design in that it might be suitable to one person but totally uncomfortable to another.


Users should consider getting a wheelchair that suits a variety of storage and transportation needs. In this case, one should look for lightweight foldable wheelchair that needs less space so as to make it convenient even when travelling with it in your car or plane.

Repair equipment

This enhances reliability because if the wheelchair develops an issue, the users can fix it on their own.

It can also come in handy in case of an emergency where an issue develops and there is no one to help, the user can then use the tools to sort out the issue alone comfortably.

How Much Does a Foldable Wheelchair Cost?

Lightweight wheelchairs that are foldable can be expensive.

Wheelchairs differ in their prices as they range from £100 to over £1,000. The difference in prices is due to the difference in the features that each wheelchair has.

The more advanced the technology used in the wheelchair, the more expensive it get.  

How to use Foldable wheelchair


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