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Florence Nightingale 2 Coin | December 2023

The 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin has earned a legendary status in the annals of British coinage. 

This coin, produced by the prestigious Royal Mint and bearing an image of Queen Elizabeth II painted by Ian Rank-Broadley, honours Florence Nightingale, a forerunner of contemporary nursing.

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Overview of Florence Nightingale Coin

In 2010, the 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin was released. Its publication commemorated 150 years since Nightingale’s groundbreaking efforts during the Crimean War. 

The coin honours Nightingale’s contribution to professional nursing and was produced by the Royal Mint, well-known for creating coins for Great Britain. This coin has been reported to appear in locations as far away as Northern Ireland, indicating its widespread circulation.

The Royal Mint also produced limited edition coins and the standard circulation coin. These consist of the gold- and silver-proof variations. 

In addition to being commemorative items, collectors value these coins, including actor Kevin Tighe, who is well known for his enthusiasm for collecting. 

The coin serves as a memento of Nightingale’s contributions as well as a reminder of the ongoing significance of nursing. 

This coin represents the profession which has been helpful during times of global crisis. The coin is a tribute to nurses everywhere, from East German hospitals to American medical facilities.

The distribution of the coin continued in the United Kingdom. It arrived in the United States after travelling across the Atlantic. 

One of these coins is reportedly owned by actor Dawnn Lewis, well-known for her parts in well-liked American television series. This broadens the coin’s appeal and increases its appeal outside Great Britain.

Historical Significance of the Coin

The 2-pound coin commemorating Florence Nightingale is extremely significant historically. It honours Florence Nightingale’s contributions to nursing during the Crimean War on its 150th anniversary. 

Nightingale, frequently called the father of contemporary nursing, transformed the field. Her work has had such a profound impact that it is commonly covered in nursing courses worldwide, including those at American and British universities.

A pivotal moment in the history of the UK was the Crimean War. It was during this conflict that Nightingale established her reputation. 

She was known as “The Lady with the Lamp” for her tireless efforts to heal wounded soldiers. Therefore, this coin pays homage to Nightingale and a crucial era in British history.

Along with honouring Nightingale’s contributions, the coin subtly recognises other historical occurrences and individuals. The wording “150 Years of Nursing” on the edge refers to the length of time since Nightingale’s involvement in the Crimean War. 

Gordon Summers, the Royal Mint’s Chief Engraver, is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and created this inscription.

The coin is significant in a larger historical context as well. For instance, the Royal Mint has a long history of creating commemorative coins using the pound coin

The Florence Nightingale coin, along with other commemorative coins struck for the Great Fire of London and the 100th anniversary of World War I is a part of this tradition.

You can find a link to this video on YouTube here.

Minting and Distribution Process

The Royal Mint, which has been in charge of minting coins for the United Kingdom for over a thousand years, produced the Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin. 

The coin was created by Gordon Summers and features a picture of Florence Nightingale on one side and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other. A well-known British sculptor named Ian Rank-Broadley created the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

There was a lengthy distribution procedure for these coins. They were distributed all over the United Kingdom and even reached far-off places. 

According to reports, the coin may have travelled as far as the United States. It’s rumoured that actor John Slattery, best known for his part in the hit show “Mad Men,” has one.

The Royal Mint made the coin in unique variations as well. The gold-proof and silver-proof editions fall under this category. 

These coins, frequently gathered by enthusiasts like the actor Seana Kofoed, are rarely used in regular transactions. Instead, they are stored away as investments or pieces for collectors.

These coins go through a meticulous and exacting minting process. Before a coin is authorised for use in commerce or collection, it must satisfy the strict requirements of the Royal Mint. The coins are guaranteed to be authentic and of high quality, making them prized possessions.

The Design and Symbolism

The Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin’s design is rich in symbolism. It has an Ian Rank-Broadley-created portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side. The Royal Mint uses the same method for all of its coins. On the reverse, it features a unique Nightingale-themed design.

Gordon Summers created the Nightingale side of the coin, which features an exemplary illustration of Nightingale holding a lamp. The phrase “The Lady with the Lamp” is referenced in this. 

The design also features a line from Florence Nightingale that she fervently defended: “The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm.”

The coin has the “150 Years of Nursing” inscription around the edge. This inscription, also created by Summers, commemorates Nightingale’s invaluable contribution to her field. 

Other coins, like the commemorative coin for the Great Fire of London, use a similar technique for edge inscription.

The coin’s design also makes subtle allusions to other noteworthy people and occasions. For instance, selecting the 2-pound denomination is a nod to the pound coin’s historic significance in the British monetary system. 

Nightingale’s quote is included as a nod to how important she was in establishing contemporary nursing ethics.

Florence Nightingale 2 Coin

Market Value and Collector’s Interest

The market value for the 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin is high. Although the standard circulation coin is worth 2 pounds in monetary terms, collectors frequently pay more. 

The gold- and silver-proof versions are priceless. Collectors are very interested in these special editions, which are only produced in small numbers.

This coin is popular among collectors outside of the United Kingdom. Gregory Fitoussi, an American actor best known for his part in the French drama “Spiral,” is said to have a collection that includes a Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin. 

The historical value of the coin and the restricted supply of unique edition versions make it a desirable item for collectors.

The coin has value beyond its face value. Possessing a Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin also entails ownership of a piece of history for collectors like actor Quinn Cummings, best known for her part in “Family.” 

The coin is a significant addition to any collection because it represents Florence Nightingale’s enduring influence on nursing.

It is anticipated that the coin’s market value will rise over time. Like all coins, the Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin’s condition significantly impacts its worth. For limited edition coins, mint condition coins will likely sell for more money.

"The 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin has earned a legendary status in the annals of British coinage."

How to Authenticate the Coin

Confirming the authenticity of a Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin is essential, particularly for collectors. Unfortunately, there are fakes out there due to its widespread use. There are, however, several ways to confirm the coin’s legitimacy. 

The quality of the coin’s design is one of the most important signs that it is genuine. Replicating Nightingale’s intricate design and its exact edge inscription takes time and effort.

The coin’s size and weight can also be used to determine its legitimacy. Like all 2-pound coins the Royal Mint produces, the Florence Nightingale coin has a specific weight and size. Any departure from these might be a sign of a fake.

A certificate of authenticity from the Royal Mint is included with the special editions of the coin, including the silver and gold proof versions. This is the most unambiguous indication yet that the coin is genuine. 

But it’s always a good idea to have a professional examine the coin, especially before making a sizable investment.

Safety Measures for Coin Storage

The Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin must be appropriately stored to preserve both its condition and, consequently, its value. 

Coins should be kept in an excellent, dry environment to protect them from heat and moisture damage. Additionally, substances that might discolour them should be avoided around them.

For storing coins, unique albums or holders are suggested. These shield the coins from harm physically by providing a safe and secure environment. 

A safe or a safety deposit box might be a good option for high-value coins, like the silver and goldproof Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin.

The coin must be handled correctly as part of safe storage. To protect the design, coins should be taken sparingly and always by their edges. Holding coins while wearing gloves can also help shield them from skin oils and grime.

Legal Aspects of Coin Trading

In the UK, trading coins like the 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin is legal. There are, however, specific rules that must be adhered to. Selling fake coins, for example, is against the law. Therefore, verifying the coin’s authenticity before trading is essential.

Documenting the transaction is crucial when trading high-value coins. The buyer and the seller are given legal protection because of this. 

Additional laws and regulations might be relevant for international trade, such as selling a coin to a collector in the United States. Always consult a lawyer before making a significant or international transaction.

Even though coin trading can be lucrative, it’s essential to remember the historical and cultural significance of coins like the 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin. Trading these coins helps to preserve and spread the history that they represent.

Historical Significance of the Coin

Ian Rank Broadley and the Coin’s Design

The Queen Elizabeth II portrait on the Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin was created by Ian Rank-Broadley, who significantly added to the coin’s appeal. His image appeared on coins of every denomination and served as a symbol of the British monetary system. 

The Los Angeles arts community has praised Rank-Broadley’s work, and his reputation as an accomplished craftsman has reached that city.

The Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin’s gold variant presents Rank-Broadley’s artwork in an opulent setting. Collectors, including those in the halls of fame for sports, are particularly interested in this version. 

For instance, Baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle was well-known for his enthusiasm for coin collecting.

Whether goldproof or not, the design is so admired that Salman Rushdie was also drawn to it. The renowned author, well-known for his appreciation of distinctive art, reportedly brought up the coin during a conversation at a literary event in New York.

Westminster Abbey and the Coin’s Release

Westminster Abbey, a representation of British heritage, significantly influenced the release of the Florence Nightingale 2-pound coin. 

Famous people, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, attended a ceremony held at the historic church to mark the coin’s release. The coin received international attention after the Associated Press covered the event.

The Westminster Abbey ceremony was more than just a coin-release ceremony. A celebration of Florence Nightingale’s contributions to nursing and healthcare was also held. 

Yellen emphasised the value of commemorating these historical figures and their contribution to society in her speech.

The Westminster Abbey incident had an impact outside of the UK. The Golf Hall in the United States may have received word of the incident, and Famer Betsy King there reportedly expressed her admiration for the coin and its historical significance.

Reflections on Historical Figures 

More than just Nightingale’s contribution to nursing is honoured by the 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin. It contemplates world-shaping historical figures and occasions. 

The coin prompts contemplation of these historical turning points, from Adolf Hitler’s rule, which altered the course of history, to William Gray’s invention of the coin-operated telephone.

The coin also recalls other notable individuals in various fields. It brings to mind the accomplishments of athletes like Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Clarke, for example, in the sports world. 

When considering the symbolism of the coin, individuals from the music industry, such as Tompall Glaser, whose country songs have inspired millions, come to mind.

In essence, the 2-pound Florence Nightingale coin is more than just money. It serves as a memento of the past, a mark of success, and a reminder of the people who have significantly impacted society.

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