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Finding Inspiration to Write a College Essay

Studying requires a lot of energy and inspiration that are sometimes hard to get. If you don’t know how to make your studying process more efficient, especially when it comes to essay writing, keep reading the article. Below are some tips that will help you become a top student, no matter what field you are studying. 

Some tips to complete your essay assignment

Apply the Pomodoro technique

If you realize that you have a large amount of work taking you hours, it may be quite discouraging. To motivate yourself, you should divide your big task into smaller chunks that can be completed within 20-30 minutes. This way, you will be less stressed and more inspired to deal with your assignment. One of the most popular techniques among students is Pomodoro. Using this approach, you should take a 5-minute break after each 20-30 minutes of studying. It guarantees you a quick win as you are supposed to do things step-by-step. You can divide your essay assignment into the following steps: doing research, making outline, writing the first draft, editing and proofreading. By the way, there are special timers and apps helping you to organize your time. 

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Tidy up your space

Is it possible to stay inspired if you are surrounded by clutter? Of course, no. Psychologists say that a messy environment makes us stressed out and destroys creativity, which is so important for writing. A decent essay can be written only if you are doing it in a well-ordered space. To stay inspired, you should at least clean up your desk area. Get rid of any trash around yourself and remove anything unrelated to your task from your workspace. After that, you can lay out your books, worksheets, highlighters and other necessary materials. If nothing distracts you, you are more likely to keep your focus on a task and maintain your interest in it. 

Consult with someone 

They say two heads are better than one. And it’s absolutely true when it comes to creativity! Have you noticed that you get multiple insights while discussing things with someone? Do you remember your last conversation with a friend? If yes, just recall how many new things you realized, no matter in what area. Communication is a great tool that helps us be more open-minded and boosts our productivity. If you are stuck with your essay, talk to an online essay writer about your paper. There are a lot of services helping students complete their homework, so why not turn to one of them for some inspiration? Professional essay writers can help you look at your essay topic from a new perspective. After consultation with them, you may see things in a different light and get inspiration that is so much needed for your homework. 

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Plan a reward for yourself 

Not all students are inspired by high grades. If you feel that positive feedback from your instructors doesn’t motivate you, you should think of another reward.

How to make studying fun and treat yourself after another written essay? For example, you can take a quick walk, grab a chocolate bar, play a video game for a while or listen to your favorite music.

Some students enjoy watching YouTube or some favorite TV shows after completing their homework. By the way, if you have a hobby, you can also reward yourself by buying some stuff for it. It’s completely up to you what to choose. Most importantly, it must be something that really inspires you and helps going on with your homework. 

Check popular podcasts

Thanks to modern technological advancements, we all can access our favorite podcasts in a few seconds using a smartphone. Podcasts can be both entertaining and educational. No matter what subject you are studying and what essay topic you have, you can definitely find a number of podcast episodes that will inspire you to dig deeper. If you have an essay, let’s say in medieval literature, you can load up your phone with appropriate podcasts and listen to them on your way to college. You will not only understand the topic better but also get some inspiration from podcast hosts.

Final thoughts

Inspiration is what most of us seek in our daily lives. Oftentimes, routine becomes extremely boring and we need some fresh ideas. Especially when it comes to student life. Successful studying requires a lot of creativity and motivation, so the question is how to get those for your college essay? By applying special techniques, communicating with like-minded people, rewarding yourself and listening to podcasts, you can get a dose of inspiration. Hopefully, all this will work for you!

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