Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is a chair that has been designed to accommodate different body types.  Its main purpose is to offer support to the user’s spine and skeletal system and hence prevent the user from hunching over and straining their shoulders. 

It is also referred to as an orthopedic office chair as it offers proper lumbar support hence reducing the prevalence of illnesses caused by bad posture.

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

Who would use an ergonomic office chair?

Due to its adjustable nature, it can be used by anyone of any body type in an office. This ergo chair was designed to alleviate neck and back pains that occurred due to the long periods of time spent in an office.

The best ergonomic chairs for sale

Langria mid-back faux leather ergonomic office chair

ergonomic office chair

  • A well-padded seat and backrest provide a comfy experience thus minimising back pains and problems.
  • The backrest can be reclined at various angles and has a locking mechanism hence its supportive and secure.
  • A pneumatic gas lift allows seat height adjustment to your own height.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel enabling change of directions hence one can multi-task.
  • Heavy duty nylon legs and caster increases stability and security and the chair is durable.

ergonomic office chair

mfavour ergonomic office desk chair.

ergonomic office chairs

  • It has many adjustable features like backrest and seat that promote relaxation and body posture support.
  • Made of high quality material like aluminium alloy and premium fabric hence durable.
  • It’s breathable and comfortable as the seat is made of spongy material and has a backrest made of mesh.
  • The reclining and locking mechanism makes it easier to angle the chair for a comfy seating experience.
  • Has a five-star steel that ensures safety and stability and it has a 360-degree swivel.

ergonomic office chairs

Lv life ergonomic office desk chair.

ergonomic chairs

  • The mesh backrest is breathable as it promotes a free air circulation that keeps you cool while working.
  • It has a built-in back lumbar that maintains the natural contour of the spinal cord reducing back pains.
  • High back design with headrest and neck rest helps release fatigue and pains.
  • Adjustable backrest, headrest and armrest give a pain-free seating experience.
  • It can bear a large weight as it is made of heavy duty steel hence it cannot lose its shape.

ergonomic chairs

Sihoo ergonomic office desk chair.

ergonomic desk chair

  • It’s of high standards and can bear a large weight of up to 250Kg hence its durable.
  • A rotating headrest that protects the cervical vertebrae and its adjustable armchair provides sitting support.
  • The well-padded seat and perfectly designed front edge reduce tension on the thighs while sitting.
  • Its easy to assemble and comes with a manual that contains key steps of the process.
  • Its design is based on a human digital dynamic model that fits best your posture.

ergonomic desk chair

Songmics office chair

orthopedic office chair

  • Breathable and comfortable as it’s made of polyester mesh fabric and a resilient cotton.
  • Stability and safety is achieved from its five star feet design and movement is easier through smooth castors.
  • It has a long life span as its made of high quality material that is wear resistant.
  • Foldable armrest adds beauty to its stylish outlook and they provide support to arms when seated.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel ability hence convenient in offices and minimises neck pains.

orthopedic office chair

Jl Comfurni gaming chair

ergo chair

  • Thickly cushioned and comes with extra pillows for excellent comfort and relaxation.
  • It can be tilted as it has reclining ability and its height is adjustable hence its convenient.
  • The backrest is designed perfectly and its lumber support is adjustable thus the spinal cord is protected.
  • Its covered by thick faux leather that is breathable and comfortable.
  • Assembling the chair is easier and a manual is provided.

ergo chair

Hbada office recliner office chair

lumbar support office chair

  • The backrest can be reclined increasing the angle between your torso and thighs enhancing a comfortable sitting position.
  • It has breathable mesh at the back that maintains a free air circulation that keeps you cool.
  • A built-in lumber support and a rotatable headrest minimises back and neck pains.
  • Its steel frame is strong and wear resistant increasing its service time and shape.
  • The five-star base has a large surface area for stability and safety. The smooth casters makes movement easier.

lumbar support office chair

Slypnos ergonomic high back mesh office chair

lumbar support office chair (1)

  • It can swivel and the nylon smooth casters enables movement in office.
  • Incorporated tilt and locking mechanism gives your body posture support and safety.
  • Pneumatic class 3 gas lift enables you to adjust seat heat and the armrest is adjustable for maximum comfort.
  • Ergonomically designed backrest and lumbar support keeps your spinal cord aligned.
  • A mesh backrest keeps air flow sufficient and the user is kept sweat free as he or she performs a task

lumbar support office chair

Angel Queen office chair

ergonomic seating

  • A built-in lumber and a high mesh back keeps your waist supported and the spinal cord is at a safe position.
  • The mesh back can recline at various angles thus aids in relieving fatigue when tired.
  • Adjustable armrest makes it easier to find a perfect position for your arm to rest and relieve pain.
  • Provides neck and back rest as its back can be adjusted hence one can lean backwards to rest.
  • The heavy duty steel makes it able to bear large weights and its wear resistant hence durable.

ergonomic seating

Executive recline extra padded office chair

ergonomic seating

  • Seatback is adjusted independently and has a locking mechanism hence its secure.
  • It offers superior comfort thanks to the fact its greatly and thickly padded including the armrests.
  • Its flat packed hence simple and easy to assemble. A manual is provided for assembling.
  • Seat height can be adjusted to the user’s own height hence can be used by many people.
  • It can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees hence you can reach various positions from a seated location.

ergonomic seating

INTEY ergonomic high back computer chair

ergo office chair

  • Adjustable features that provide extra comfort thus increasing the hours of work.
  • The premium fabric mesh back provides a free air circulation that prevents heat and moisture build up.
  • Its sturdy and safe because of the stable base that is made of high quality steel metal and premium nylon.
  • Its easy and simple to assemble the chair thus time saving and convenient.
  • Its solid and compact hence its not noisy during its use and movement.

ergo office chair

IntimaTe WM heart ergonomic chair

ergo office chair

  • A good ventilation from the premium mesh back maintaining your back’s temperature.
  • Its back is curved in a lumber design and helps the user to adopt a good sitting habit.
  • Foldable armrest makes it able to get enough space and closer to your desk chair when working.
  • Provide rest for neck and back as its backrest is high and adjustable.
  • It has a swivel capacity of 360 degrees hence can be tilted at many angles for comfort.

ergo office chair

Ej life ergonomic desk chair

orthopedic computer chair

  • Headrest can be moved upwards, downwards and tilted to release neck fatigue.
  • Provides a good lumber support as the backrest can be tilted in three different positions.
  • It keeps your back cool while seated as its premium mesh back offers a free air circulation.
  • Relives pain and prevents future agony because its heavily and thickly padded with spongy material.
  • Mobility and stability is enhanced by the smooth casters and one can rotate changing directions.

orthopedic computer chair

executive ergonomic gaming chair

orthopedic computer chair

  • The backrest can be reclined for comfort and has a footrest that can be pulled and positioned to rest the foot.
  • The lumber cushion and headrest are removable hence you can customise their use.
  • Has a high back that is comfortable and flat reducing pressure on your legs.
  • Its base is strong and stable thus the chair is more secure.
  • The seat is thicker and well-padded increasing its depth and superior levels of comfort are achieved.

orthopedic computer chair

Yaheech swivel ergonomic desk chai

orthopedic computer chair (2)

  • It breathable mesh back allows air to flow and your back is kept sweat free.
  • Its flexible and can move freely in the room by using the smooth castors.
  • A manual is provided for assembling the chair and the process is simple.
  • The seat and headrest are padded well with spongy materials for comfort.
  • Its height is full adjustable hence can be used by many people of different heights.

orthopedic computer chair

What features to look for when buying an ergonomic chair?

Personal preference is key when deciding the type of orthopedic office chair to purchase. Some features are essential when deciding the type of ergo chair to buy.


Almost every component of an orthopaedic office chair should provide room for modification. These components include the lumbar support, seatback width and height, arm width and height, seat and back angle, tension control. 

The back tilt tension is adjusted to enable one to move back to work with great strength and pressure.

The back angle adjustment is very important as it relieves the spine from too much pressure that is usually caused when you don’t regularly change your sitting position. 

One should adjust the seat height in such a way that the legs are resting well on the floor and the knees are above the hips.

Another adjustment that is important is the backrest adjustment, which brings about proper relaxation to the spine. The adjustment controls should also be easy to use and consider a lumbar support office chair that is efficient.

Swivel base and wheelbase

This chair should be able to rotate easily and freely at pivot around the desk area. This is usually very important as it reduces arm straining while trying to reach out for things.

When choosing this chair, it is important to keep in mind whether there would be a carpet or not as some wheels are better suited for a carpeted floor. The rolling is of great assistance, especially when reaching out for things that aren’t at arm’s length.


The fabric should allow you to sit on the lumbar support chair without it becoming unnecessarily hot. 

The base of the cushion should be properly filled so as to prevent the person from feeling the base of the chair after sitting on it for a long time.

Lumbar support

One of the main functions of the chair is to support the lower back. There are also better models that allow the user to modify it according to their own preference.

This is very useful as it prevents back strain which later on leads to back pains. A lumbar support office chair provides these services conveniently.


Ergonomic office chairs should be both wide and deep to allow one to sit comfortably. If you are a bit tall you should go for the deeper ergonomic seating while the person who is short should opt for the narrower option.

It is advisable to ensure that the back is against the backrest and leave a few inches between the backside of the knee and the seat of the orthopedic computer chair.

Stability and rotation

The orthopedic computer chair should contain smooth high-quality casters which are compatible to your floor that will enable easy movement within the place of work. The casters are usually made to allow for easier movement around the office.

Rotation of the chair at all angles will reduce tension to your neck, hands and back when reaching to locations near you. The chair should also have a base that has a large surface area to increase stability thus providing safety to the worker.


One should be careful not to purchase an ergo office chair that is either too hard or too soft as a too hard surface tends to be both uncomfortable and too painful while the soft one is not stable and tends to get damaged after a short period of time. Hence it’s good to strike a balance between the two.


Unlike normal chairs the ergo office chair usually has extra padding on both the seat and backrest as poor padding causes a huge effect on the hips. The extra padding also brings about great comfort that is likely to increase the productivity of the office worker using it.


An eco-friendly chair will provide a conducive environment for working and providing you with comfortable seating and productivity. Choose a chair that has little packaging, delivery waste and is simple to use and assemble.

How much does a cheap ergonomic chair cost?

Prices of these chairs differ depending on their quality and functionality. Cheap ergonomic chairs lack some of the key features thus they are not a key solution to seating related health problems but they are pocket-friendly.

These chairs are priced between £30 to £100 that is affordable.

How much do the best ergonomic chairs cost?

Sturdy well-designed chairs are expensive because of the great material quality used and they have many features that provide a comfy experience. The best ergonomic office chairs like the Herman Miller Embody chair are convenient and efficient to use in offices to enhance ergonomic seating.

Their price is usually above £200 and can range even up to £800 or more. However, they are worth it.

Here is the best video that will help you choose ergonomic chair.

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