Equity Release in Bicester

Equity Release In Bicester | December 2023

Equity release in Bicester is a viable option for homeowners looking for financial security in their later years. With the help of equity release products, you can access the value of your house without having to relocate. 

These products are becoming popular among people looking to pay off an existing mortgage or supplement their retirement income. 

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Understanding Equity Release

Various financial products known as equity release enable you to release equity from your home while residing there. Home reversion and lifetime mortgages are the two main types of equity release. 

A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured by your house but in which you are the owner. On the other hand, a home reversion entails selling some or all of your property to a provider in exchange for a one-time payment or ongoing payments.

Equity release is intended to assist homeowners over 55 with plenty of assets but little money. They can access the home’s growing equity without selling or moving. 

It is a flexible solution for various needs because the funds can be released in smaller amounts over time or as a single, tax-free lump sum. Multiple providers offer different equity release products. The product you choose will depend on your unique situation and financial objectives. 

Before choosing, you should get qualified equity release advice from a professional. They can help you understand the process and its potential advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to remember that only some are good candidates for equity release. 

Your tax situation and eligibility for means-tested benefits may be impacted. Additionally, since the house will be sold to pay off the loan when you pass away or enter long-term care, it may leave your loved ones with a smaller inheritance. 

Considering all of these factors and discussing your plans with your family before moving forward is essential.

Types of Equity Release Schemes

Lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans are the two main categories of equity release plans. You can obtain a loan against your home using a lifetime mortgage. The loan balance and accrued interest are paid off when the property is sold; monthly payments are not required. 

Most lifetime mortgages also include a no negative equity guarantee, which states that you’ll never owe more on your loan than the house is worth. 

On the other hand, home reversion plans entail selling all or a portion of your property to an organisation in exchange for a one-time payment or recurring income. You may continue to reside in the home without paying any rent for the rest of your life. 

When the property is sold, however, you will no longer be the sole owner, and the plan provider will get the corresponding portion of the sale proceeds. Regardless of the equity release option, getting unbiased financial advice is crucial. 

An equity release advisor can assist you in comprehending the benefits and costs of various products and direct you towards the best choice for your requirements.

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Benefits of Equity Release

For homeowners, equity release can have a variety of advantages. It primarily offers a way to access the wealth in your property. You can spend tax-free money on improving your lifestyle, paying off debts, or providing for your family. 

For instance, if you have a lifetime mortgage, you can continue to live in your home while receiving a tax-free lump sum or regular income. The flexibility that equity release provides is a significant additional advantage. 

You can receive the money in a lump sum or through recurring payments. You may also be able to withdraw cash from some plans as needed, giving you more financial control. Equity release can also give retirees peace of mind. 

You can be sure that you’ll never owe more on loan than the value of your home, thanks to a no-negative equity guarantee. Additionally, the Financial Conduct Authority regulates equity release, further protecting consumers.

And finally, equity release can raise your retirement standard of living. The money can be used for travel, home improvements, or recreational activities. You’ll be able to enjoy your later years without worrying about money.

Equity Release in Bicester

Some of the best equity release interest rates as at December 2023

The table below shows you some of the best equity release rates, as at December 2023, for lifetime mortgages, from some of the leading equity release providers in the UK. 

These rates may have changed since this table was updated and should be taken as indicative only. There may also be other providers not listed on this table that could offer better deals.  In addition, the providers and products noted below may not be right for your particular circumstances. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you speak to an equity release adviser, who will be able to provide you with information on the latest rates, that are applicable to you.


Product NameInterest RateType of productOffers
Just For You – J2.56.22%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee
Just For You – J16.30%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee
Premier Flexible Pearl6.43%FixedFree Valuation
Premier Optional Payment Pearl6.43%FixedFree Valuation
Horizon 240 Drawdown6.43%FixedFree Valuation
Classic Drawdown Super Lite 26.47%FixedFree Valuation
Horizon 260 Drawdown6.47%FixedFree Valuation
Classic Elite Drawdown Super Lite 26.47%FixedFree Valuation
Premier Flexible Pearl6.48%FixedFree Valuation
Premier Optional Payment Pearl6.48%FixedFree Valuation
Horizon 240 Drawdown Fee Free6.49%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee
Classic Drawdown Super Lite 16.52%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee
Premier Flexible Pearl6.52%FixedFree Valuation
Premier Optional Payment Pearl6.52%FixedFree Valuation
Classic Elite Drawdown Super Lite 16.52%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee
Flexible Pearl6.53%FixedFree Valuation
Optional Payment Pearl6.53%FixedFree Valuation
Enhanced Lifestyle Flexible Option6.53%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee
Horizon 260 Drawdown Fee Free6.55%FixedFree ValuationNo application fee

The equity release rates have been sourced from Equity Release Supermarket. These indicative rates and incentives may have changed since this article was last updated. Therefore, they should only be taken as a guide and we cannot guarantee their current accuracy. Please also note that we do not provide advice on or endorse any particular product listed here. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances and subject to lender approval. We recommend that you speak to an equity release advisor to see what the best options are for you.

If you take out a product with Age Partnership, we will receive a fee for introducing you to them. By contacting Age Partnership through us, the cost of any equity release product would be the same as if you had contacted them directly.  The fee we received is used to help keep our site operational and to produce new content.  

Risks Involved in Equity Release

Even though equity release can have many advantages, it’s essential to be aware of potential drawbacks or risks. The effect on your inheritance is one of the main risks. Less may be left for your loved ones to inherit because the house will be sold to repay the loan. 

Consider other options if leaving a legacy is important to you. Means-tested benefits pose another risk. Your eligibility for some state benefits could be impacted if you release equity from your home. As a result, you must take this into account before releasing equity.

Equity release interest rates can be higher than those for regular mortgages, and because interest often compounds quickly over time, the total amount you owe can rise considerably. 

It depends on the product and provider, but some plans let you pay the claim in full or make monthly payments. Lastly, equity release is complicated, so getting expert counsel is crucial. 

Before signing an equity release agreement, ensure you comprehend all the terms and conditions, including any early repayment fees.

Eligibility Criteria for Equity Release

You must meet specific requirements to be eligible for equity release, which is only for some. The most popular form of equity release, a lifetime mortgage, requires applicants to be at least 55. The minimum age for home reversion plans is typically around 60 or 65.

The second requirement is owning a home in the UK, ideally as your primary residence. According to the provider’s needs, specific properties might not be eligible, and the property must be in good condition.

The amount you can release from your house will depend on many things, including your age, the value of your property, your health, and your way of life. In general, the more you can release, the older you are. 

A knowledgeable advisor can evaluate your circumstances and provide various potential deductions.

Equity Release Process in Bicester

There are several steps involved in the equity release procedure in Bicester. You must first consult with a certified equity release adviser. They will evaluate your requirements and situation before making the best product recommendation.

You must then apply for the equity release product. This entails filling out an application form and supplying the required paperwork, such as identification and property information. The service provider will also set up a property valuation.

After reviewing your application and property valuation, the provider will present you with an offer. If you accept the offer, the provider will prepare the equity release agreement for you to sign. Before signing the contract, you should also contact independent legal counsel.

Finally, you will receive the funds. Depending on the product and your requirements, you can get the money as a one-time payment or regularly. The funds can be used legally to pay off debts or make home improvements.

Legal Implications of Equity Release

Equity release has several legal ramifications, so getting independent legal counsel is essential before moving forward. First, you are committing to a long-term financial arrangement by signing an equity release agreement. 

You must be completely aware of the terms and conditions and your rights and obligations before you sign the contract. Second, equity release may affect your property’s legal rights. For instance, in a home reversion plan, you sell the provider some or all of your property. 

This can impact your rights and obligations because it means you are no longer the sole owner of your home.

Finally, equity release may affect your inheritance and estate. When you sell your house, your loved ones will receive less money because the loan and any accumulated interest will be paid off. Talking about this with your family and considering their opinions before choosing is crucial.

Seeking Professional Advice on Equity Release

Given the difficulties and dangers associated with equity release, consulting a professional is essential before making a choice. 

An equity release advisor can walk you through the various options and products, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and direct you to the best action. It’s advised to seek independent legal counsel in addition to financial counsel. 

You can protect your interests and better understand the legal ramifications of equity release with the assistance of a lawyer. Remember that equity release is a significant financial choice only appropriate for some. 

Take the time to weigh your options and make a decision carefully. Equity release can be a helpful tool to increase your financial freedom in retirement with the proper guidance and careful thought.

Equity Release and Your Financial Position

Your financial situation may be significantly impacted by equity release. For instance, your eligibility for means-tested benefits might be affected if you release equity from your home. Before deciding to release equity, it is essential to comprehend this. 

The potential tax repercussions should also be taken into account. Although the money you receive from an equity release is tax-free, investing it and earning interest could change your tax situation. The expenses related to equity release are another crucial factor to consider. 

These can include setup fees for mortgages, legal fees, and advice. Additionally, the interest rates on equity release products are typically higher than those on standard mortgages, which can cause your debt to increase. 

When determining if equity release is the best option for you, it’s critical to consider these costs.

Getting qualified equity release advice is essential if you’re thinking about it. 

You can estimate how much money you can release using an equity release calculator that a financial advisor can give you. 

They can also help you understand the associated costs and risks and various equity release products.

Repaying Your Equity Release Loan

You’re not required to make monthly payments with most equity release plans. The loan and any accumulated interest are paid off when you sell your house. However, you can make repayments under some plans if you so choose. This may lower the project’s overall cost.

If you choose to pay off your loan early, there might be penalties. Because of this, paying off your equity release mortgage early may be expensive. Before signing an equity release agreement, it’s vital to comprehend these fees.

After obtaining an equity release plan, you may want to relocate to a new home. Most lifetime mortgages permit you to move your project to a different property if it meets the provider’s requirements. 

If you downsize to a less expensive property, you might only sometimes be able to do this and have to repay some of the loans.

Protecting Your Rights with Equity Release

The no negative equity guarantee is one of the primary safeguards for people considering equity release. This guarantees that your total debt will never exceed the value of your home. 

All members of the Equity Release Council, a trade organisation, must include this guarantee in their goods. It’s also essential to seek independent legal counsel when considering equity release. 

A lawyer can ensure your rights are upheld and explain the terms and conditions of the equity release agreement. They can assist with the plan’s legal drafting as well. Finally, remember that equity release requires a significant outlay of funds. 

Taking your time and carefully weighing your options before choosing is critical. Consider getting unbiased financial advice and talking to your family about your plans to make the best choice.

About Bicester

The vibrant town of Bicester in the English county of Oxfordshire is well-known for its illustrious past. The OX25, OX26, and OX27 postcode areas are primarily served by the town’s 01869 telephone area code. 

Due to its advantageous location, first-rate transport options, and appealing amenities, Bicester is one of Oxfordshire’s towns with the fastest growing populations. Bicester’s fusion of the old and new is one of its most distinctive features. 

Due to Bicester’s historical significance, the town centre has several 16th-century historical structures. In addition, Bicester Village, a contemporary shopping centre, draws visitors from across the nation and abroad with its abundance of designer outlets.

With the Bicester Garrison and Bicester Airfield playing significant roles in the UK’s defence system, Bicester is also home to a sizable military presence. The town takes pride in its military heritage, which is essential to its identity.

Despite its rapid growth, Bicester has kept its allure as a market town. Oxfordshire’s picturesque countryside surrounds the city, providing opportunities for leisurely walks and outdoor pursuits. 

A strong sense of community is fostered in Bicester by organising numerous community events throughout the year. 

Finally, Bicester’s convenient location, with direct train connections to London and Birmingham and just off the M40 motorway, makes it desirable to live and work. The town’s continued growth and development offer its residents a promising future.

Local Areas Where Equity Release Can Be Provided

Here is a list of local areas and boroughs where equity release services can be provided:

1) Bicester East

2) Bicester North 

3) Bicester South

4) Bicester West 

5) Chesterton

6) Launton

7) Bucknell

8) Wendlebury

9) Middleton Stoney

10) Caversfield

11) Fritwell

12) Marsh Gibbon

13) Ardley

14) Merton

15) Ambrosden

16) Blackthorn

17) Woodperry

18) Caulcott

19) Souldern

20) Tusmore

21) Stoke Lyne

22) Fringford

23) Stratton Audley

24) Godington

25) Fewcott

26) Hethe

27) Mixbury

28) Newton Purcell

29) Shelswell

30) Hardwick

31) Piddington

32) Murcott

33) Charlton-on-Otmoor

34) Oddington

35) Islip

36) Noke

37) Beckley

38) Elsfield

39) Woodeaton

40) Horton-cum-Studley.

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