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A comprehensive review has been conducted on various related products, focusing on the electric patient lifter. Our thoughts and experiences have been shared in subsequent reviews, providing a personal touch and an in-depth look at each product. 

The aim is to assist individuals in choosing the best product to meet their needs. Whether it’s an electric patient lift, a mobile hoist or even a manual wheelchair, we provide information to guide decision-making.

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Caregivers and patients alike can benefit from our reviews, which cover a range of mobility aids, including patient lifts, electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters

These products serve a vital role in patient handling and patient transfer. They are designed to aid in lifting patients, enhancing the safety and ease of transfer for both the patient and caregiver. 

The electric patient lifter, for instance, is handy to those with limited mobility. It can significantly reduce the physical strain on caregivers while providing a secure and comfortable transfer for the patient. 

These products offer a comprehensive solution for patient lifting with features like varying weight capacity, different overall heights, base height options, and accessories such as a lift sling or spreader bar. They are ideal for home use but also cater to medical facilities.

The Best Rated Electric Patient Lifter

Skuehod Adjustable Patient Bed

  1. Bed rails are detachable, making bed access secure and convenient.
  2. The smart remote control provides easy operations.
  3. A lift rod on a pillow lifter makes lifting 220 pounds simple.
  4. The comfort angle can be adjusted between 2 and 65 degrees.
  5. International products have different instructions, age ratings, and fits.
  6. It has a lot of burstiness to it.

The Best Value Electric Patient Lifter

Adjustable Medical Pillow Lifter

  1. It is ideal for double beds, so as not to disturb other people.
  2. Change the cervical spine pillow—the best option for recovering and elderly patients.
  3. Makes eating, reading, resting, and sitting up simpler.
  4. A straightforward remote control can adjust the backrest from 2° to 65°.
  5. Supports up to 29 inches in width and 560 pounds.
  6. Daily cleaning is more accessible with a removable, washable pillowcase.
  7. It benefits people recovering from surgery, neuromuscular disorders, Parkinson’s disease, or arthritis.

The Best Of The Rest Electric Patient Lifters

Adjustable Electric Pillow Lifter

  1. Comfortably adjustable, stopping at any angle between 0 and 70 degrees.
  2. The medical pillow is made of flexible sponge material and has a thicker design.
  3. Useful Velcro for simple attachment and operation.
  4. For undisturbed use on a double bed, use a remote control bed backrest.
  5. 48W silent motor that is simple to assemble and clean for uninterrupted sleep.
  6. Excellent for people recovering from surgery or with limited mobility.
  7. Provides the best lifting support for the patient by lifting only when necessary.

Electric Adjustable Medical Pillow Lifter

  1. An essential home remedy for the young, the old, and those recovering.
  2. Allows for user elevation in a double bed without disturbing other users.
  3. With a handle, the lifting range is adjustable from 2 to 65 degrees.
  4. Adequate for utilising half of a single or double bed.
  5. It can accommodate users up to 560 pounds and has a 29-inch width.
  6. Includes easily maintained pillow jackets that are detachable and washable.
  7. Improves comfort and mobility, making it perfect for everyday activities like reading and sleeping.

CHONGHAN Split-Seat Patient Lifter

  1. Brake-equipped wheels improve safety during transfers by preventing bending.
  2. An extremely adaptable wheelchair that can change patient positions fast.
  3. Made of sturdy square steel for long-term sturdiness.
  4. A suitable shower chair with a safe and comfortable design is needed.
  5. Enhances patient mobility and lessens the workload for nursing staff.
  6. Includes a foot pedal and hand control for simple operation.
  7. Patient lift is optimised by features like a spreader bar and lift sling.

Electric Adjustable Elderly Aid, Yellow

  1. A pillow lifter elevates the user to the desired height.
  2. A simple remote control allows for 2° to 65° backrest adjustment.
  3. Suitable for a single bed or half of a double bed
  4. Ergonomically designed to provide the best possible sleep for all body types
  5. Helpful for people who have trouble standing or are recuperating from surgery
  6. Lifts only when necessary; does not advance
  7. It uses the concept of the electric patient lift to provide a helpful mobility aid.

Electric Adjustable Medical Pillow

  1. Adaptable angle for individual comfort
  2. Easy to use, one-button lifting for senior citizens
  3. Up to 150 kg of weight support
  4. The cushion offers flexibility and breathable comfort.
  5. Quiet motor, not disruptive to sleep
  6. Easily cleaned removable seat covering
  7. Perfect assistance for people with limited mobility

Adjustable HUUG Healthcare Pillow Lifter

  1. Made of cold-rolled steel that has been polished, guaranteeing strength and resistance to wear.
  2. Patients benefit from its multipurpose mute motor bed backrest.
  3. Includes a portable remote control for the comfort of the patient.
  4. Includes an original mattress that is breathable and comfortable.
  5. Appropriate for various situations, such as providing postpartum care to confined individuals.
  6. Facilitates movement and is helpful for the elderly and disabled.
  7. A kind gift that provides comfort and support in daily life.

Electric Home Patient Lift

  1. The remote control feature facilitates easy height adjustment.
  2. Needs assistance; appropriate for patients who are unconscious or uncooperative.
  3. Perfect for those who are recovering, old, incontinent, pregnant, or disabled.
  4. Multipurpose and ideal for homes, nursing homes, and hospitals.
  5. A 180° split seat design makes patient mobility easier.
  6. Improves user mobility and transfer convenience.
  7. It can be combined with electric wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Portable Home Wheelchair and Lifter

  1. The 82–96 cm lifting range is available for patient comfort.
  2. Easy to transfer between thanks to the seat’s 180° opening and closing design.
  3. The 45–59 cm seat height can be adjusted to meet individual needs.
  4. The swing arm provides total flexibility with free rotation and height adjustment.
  5. The lower frame width can be adjusted to accommodate different wheelchairs and beds.
  6. Able to be used both forward and backward.
  7. Universal wheel design that is silent, perfect for use in homes and hospitals.

Adjustable Elderly Electric Bed

  1. The perfect home care bed for people who are bedridden or recovering from surgery.
  2. A portable remote control offers maximum assistance.
  3. Constructed from cold-rolled steel, a premium, long-lasting material.
  4. Long service life; it retains its hardness and strength even after five years.
  5. Includes the original mattress, which was breathable, comfortable, and humidity-controlled.
  6. It is ideal for various situations, such as sitting, prolonged bed rest, and postpartum.
  7. Provides elderly, disabled, and injured people with important support.

Electric Pillow Lifter Assistance

  1. Comfortably angled, with a range of 2 to 85 degrees
  2. Remote control for simple one-touch functionality
  3. Superior materials, including cold-rolled steel
  4. Various sponge densities for more comfort
  5. The silent motor ensures stable and quiet operation.
  6. Quick customer support with a 24-hour turnaround time
  7. Ideal for use in conjunction with electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Electric Adjustable Orthopaedic Aid

  1. An easy-to-use lift pillow enables the ideal positioning
  2. Lift and a basic remote operation provides lower options.
  3. Backrest that can be adjusted from 2° to 65°
  4. Fits a single or semi-double bed.
  5. Follows ergonomic guidelines for the best possible rest
  6. Perfect for the elderly, crippled, and recovering from surgery
  7. Helps one stand up from a seated position

Blue Electric Adjustable Backrest

  1. The pillow lifter moves into the appropriate position.
  2. Using the handheld controller, adjust the angle between 2 and 65 degrees.
  3. Fits both single and double beds; great for the elderly and wounded
  4. Supports raising the head and torso for more relaxed activities
  5. Supports up to 560 pounds of maximum user weight. and 770 mm in width
  6. All body types can achieve optimal rest with an ergonomic design.
  7. Connected to pool lifts, electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters.

Electric Adjustable Medical Pillow

  1. Supports the cervical spine, making it perfect for the elderly, disabled, or recovering people.
  2. Makes eating, sleeping, reading, and sitting upright easier.
  3. The remote control is easy to use and has an adjustment range of 2° to 65°.
  4. A maximum user weight of 560 pounds is supported, with a width of 29 inches.
  5. Pillowcase that is easily cleaned and removable for everyday convenience.
  6. It can be used on double beds without making others uncomfortable.
  7. Beneficial for recovering from surgery, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and arthritis.

Choosing the Right Electric Patient Lifter for Your Needs

When deciding on an electric patient lifter, it’s crucial to consider the individual’s needs. Consider the weight capacity of the lift, the patient’s mobility level, and the lifting range required. 

Lift chairs, patient hoists, and the Invacare Stand Assist can support patient handling and transfer. Delivery information, purchase orders, and shipping policies should be noticed.

Customer Service and Return Policies

Customer service plays a vital role in the purchasing process. If there are any issues or queries related to the product, efficient customer service can significantly help. Additionally, the return policy should be checked before making a purchase. 

A good returns policy can alleviate financial concerns if the product does not meet expectations. Look for products that offer VAT relief or exemption, potentially saving on the purchase price.

Features to Look for When Buying an Electric Patient Lifter

When purchasing an electric patient lifter, several features should be considered. These include the lift’s overall height and base height and any additional wheelchair accessories that may be needed. 

The Hoyer Lift and Oxford Midi are known for their quality and valuable features. It’s also beneficial to look for products that come with a free sling, as this can enhance the comfort and safety of the patient during transfer.

Additional Products to Consider

In addition to the electric patient lifter, other related products can assist patient mobility and transfer. An electric wheelchair or mobility scooter can be a valuable aid for those with limited mobility. 

Pool lifts can provide a safe and efficient entry and exit method for swimming pool users. Hand controls and foot pedals offer alternative methods of operating mobility aids, expanding the options for patients and caregivers.

FAQs Related to Electric Patient Lifter

1. What is the weight capacity for most electric patient lifters?

The weight capacity varies between different models of electric patient lifters. It’s important to check this feature before purchase to ensure it meets the individual’s needs.

2. Is VAT relief available on all electric patient lifters?

Not all products qualify for VAT relief. This will depend on the supplier’s policy and the individual’s eligibility for VAT exemption.

3. Do electric patient lifters come with a free sling?

Some electric patient lifters include a free sling as part of the purchase. However, this is not standard with all models, so checking this detail before buying is advisable.

4. Is delivery included in the purchase price of electric patient lifters?

Delivery policies vary between suppliers. Some may include delivery in the purchase price, while others may charge an additional fee. It’s recommended to check the delivery information before finalising the purchase.

5. What is the refund policy for electric patient lifters?

Refund policies will vary between suppliers. Some may offer a full refund within a specific time frame, while others provide only partial or store credit. It’s advised to check the refund policy before making a purchase.

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