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The egg chair is a product that appeals to a wide range of customers, offering a symbol of modern design. This extends to people who value comfort, functionality, and modernist furniture.

Whether you are looking to modernise your home office or refresh the design of your living room the egg chair is a worthwile investment.

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The egg chair provides a variety of advantages. Due to its supportive design, people can work or relax for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.

In addition, the egg chair can significantly improve any space’s aesthetic appeal. This is because its distinctive form can serve as a focal point for any space.

Finally, the egg chair’s premium building materials guarantee its longevity and resilience. Therefore, it offers a long-lasting addition to your home or office.

This article examines some of the best egg chairs on the market, highlighting their distinctive qualities and evaluating their relative merits. These goods stand out in their own right, consequently providing customers with a variety of suitable options. 

The Best Rated

best egg chair

  1. Strong and stable construction from hardy PE rattan and thickly painted iron tubes.
  2. A soft, padded cushion and pillow are included to provide comfortable seating.
  3. A swing chair is ideal for unwinding inside and outside.
  4. The best egg chair features a foldable basket which makes for simple transportation and storage.
  5. Protects the chair in wet climates with a water-resistant PVC-coated terylene rain cover.
  6. Smooth installation is ensured by the simple 5-step assembly process and accompanying illustrated instructions. 

The Best Value

egg chair offers

  1. PE and iron provide a robust, flexible, long-lasting construction.
  2. The cocoon seat’s plush cushions offer the highest comfort level and help people feel less tired.
  3. This rattan egg chair offers a flexible design that works indoors and outdoors.
  4. Enhances the aesthetics of any living space with its traditional water drop shape.
  5. PE rattan of the highest quality that is weatherproof and washable cushions for simple maintenance.
  6. 150 kg of generous weight capacity, accommodating a variety of users.   

The Best Of The Rest

egg chair uK

  1. Made of robust and long-lasting iron for maximum strength and long-lasting support.
  2. It Has a stylish rattan design that improves both indoor and outdoor areas.
  3. The package has a soft seat cushion for maximum comfort and relaxation.
  4. All height preferences can be accommodated by adjusting the height of the basket seat.
  5. The chair has the following measurements: 115 cm long, 65 cm wide, and 125 cm high, with a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg.
  6. An ideal piece of outdoor furniture that also works well indoors.   

uline hammock chair

  1. A beautiful fusion of unmatched comfort and modern design that enhances any space.
  2. The sturdy steel frame and premium rattan construction ensure long-lasting durability.
  3. This uline hammock chair is ideal for patios or living rooms and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  4. Easy relocation and best space utilisation are made possible by compact and lightweight design.
  5. Simple, quick assembly allows for immediate use and enjoyment.
  6. Strong dimensions with a 150kg maximum load capacity that provide excellent versatility.   

Dark Grey Egg Chair Cushion

  1. Durability is ensured by flexible PP cotton padding and made of high-quality, skin-friendly polyester material.
  2. Concave-convex structure with an ergonomic design for the best back relaxation.
  3. A 15 cm upgrade in thickness creates a cosy space between you and the chair.
  4. Ideal for garden chairs and indoor furniture, encouraging unwinding after work.
  5. Ideal addition to a gift card or special offer for home improvement.
  6. Compressed delivery that is simple to expand or contract to its original size and shape.   

Deluxe Single Wicker Egg Chair

  1. Premium Comfort Design: Made of weather-resistant PE rattan wicker and a sturdy steel frame.
  2. Maintenance Free Designed to resist fading, deterioration and cracking, ensuring long-lasting use.
  3. The Safety Assured model includes a Broad base with floor grips and a nylon safety strap.
  4. Versatile Application – Appropriate for gardens, balconies, patios, living rooms, and terraces.
  5. A fire-resistant fabric cushion is incorporated, improving its suitability for indoor and outdoor use.
  6. Simple “5-step” setup instructions, with a 15-minute assembly time estimate.   

Dawsons' Grey Vienna Hammock

  1. Provides the utmost comfort with a cushioned head and seat.
  2. Attractive design appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Ideal access height that improves user experience.
  4. A hanging stand provides secure assistance and soft rocking.
  5. The dimensions comprise 95 cm in width/depth and 195 cm in height.
  6. Stylish weave pattern evoking Fritz Hansen and Arne Jacobsen.   

Outsunny Brown Patio Egg Chair

  1. The spacious Outsunny single-seat hanging chair offers unparalleled comfort.
  2. With the substantial padded cushion and sturdy structure, unwind for hours.
  3. For frequent use, the semi-steel frame ensures stability and durability.
  4. The foldable design makes for simple transportation and storage.
  5. It has dimensions of 139H x 118W x 75D and can hold a maximum weight of 120kg.
  6. It is a versatile addition to gardens, porches, or food halls and requires assembly.   

Outsunny Rattan Outdoor Chair

  1. The elegant teardrop design is ideal for relaxing in gardens and balconies.
  2. Metal frame covered in rattan ensures stability and durability.
  3. Includes a sizable cushion for cosy sinking
  4. Cushion covers are easily washable and water-resistant.
  5. Size is 156H x 101W x 89D cm, with a seat-to-floor height of 38 cm.
  6. 160KG maximum load weight supported; assembly necessary.   

Milan Rattan Swing Chair

  1. Enjoy the utmost comfort with a headrest that can be adjusted and a seat cushion.
  2. The ideal chair height guarantees comfort and ease of use.
  3. Elegant architecture improves both indoor and outdoor areas.
  4. Durability is assured by the powder-coated steel and UV-resistant faux rattan.
  5. It can be used inside homes and gardens due to its large size.
  6. The sturdy design can support up to 120kg of weight.   


Oversized Rattan Egg Chair

  1. Your relaxation area is enhanced by the elegant egg-shaped design. 
  2. Built with attractive PE rattan for a stylish appearance. 
  3. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  4. Ideal for patios, backyards, and living rooms. 
  5. Gives any space an eye-catching addition.
  6. Enduring design for prolonged use.   

Double Cream Garden Swing

  1. Steel frame and premium PE rattan guarantee quality and strength.
  2. Long-lasting durability due to resistance to corrosion, sunlight, and rain.
  3. Features easy-to-clean washable covers and comfortable cushioning.
  4. Up to 250 kg can be supported comfortably in a double cocoon.
  5. One cocoon can support up to 125 kg, which is plenty of weight.
  6. All models have a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.   

Grey Luxury Double Egg Chair

  1. Modern two-person swing seat that can be used inside and outside.
  2. Comfort is guaranteed by the roomy design, which is ideal for sunny garden settings.
  3. Includes a waterproof cover to offer your garden furniture protection.
  4. Made from high-quality materials like rope, steel, and synthetic rattan.
  5. Collapsible construction and simple assembly offer flexibility and convenience.
  6. The chair’s sturdy construction supports up to 250 kg.   

Costway Rattan Oversized Chair

  1. Larger seating and a generously sized design provide enough room for taller people to sit comfortably. 
  2. Rattan and metal construction, made to withstand outdoor conditions, offers 180 kg of capacity and robust stability. 
  3. It comes with a seat cushion 12 cm thick and other cushions with high-density fillings; all covers are removable for simple cleaning.
  4. Bohemian flair is added by the distinctive open-weave rattan design, which works for both indoor and outdoor home decor. 
  5. Features an egg-shaped design for added aesthetics and a close, cosy fit. 
  6. Clear instructions and a simple structure make assembly simple. Before tightening screws, make sure all holes are lined up.   

Spot On Dealz? Outdoor Egg Chair

  1. Outstanding Hanging Chair – A classy addition that enhances any environment, whether a bedroom or garden. 
  2. Comfort and Robustness – Comes with a sumptuously plush cushion for supreme comfort and weather resistance.
  3. Encourages Relaxation – Perfect for a nap, a book, or relaxing.
  4. Simple Assembly – Flat packed with all necessary hardware, ensuring easy and hassle-free assembly.
  5. Quality Materials: For durability, a strong metal frame, PE rattan, and polyester were used in the construction.
  6. Dimensions are appropriate for various spaces, from dressing tables to food halls.   

Understanding Your Egg Chair Options

Many different styles of egg chairs are available, each providing their own unique appeal.

For instance, a hanging egg chair is an excellent option for creating a cosy nook in your house or garden. Installing an egg chair in a living room corner is a simple way to transform a space into a relaxing area.

Alternatively, a garden egg chair would be ideal for any outdoor area, such as a garden. These seats are built to withstand the elements, consequently providing a cosy spot to take in the peace of nature. 

In contrast, a double egg chair or a corner sofa might be the most suitable option for people who are seeking a larger seating option.

Features To Look For When Buying An Egg Chair

When purchasing an egg chair, there are several features to take into account. Firstly, you should think about the material. As many egg chairs are made of rattan or wicker, these are strong materials that can provide your room with a sense of rustic charm.

Secondly, pay attention to the chair’s cushion. For instance, a plush grey cushion offers both comfort and a touch of elegance. You should also ensure that the pillow is high-quality and, preferably, removable for easy cleaning.

In addition, think about the size of the chair. For instance, a hanging garden chair or swing seat might be suitable if you seek a chair for your garden. Alternatively, a lounge chair might fit better for indoor use.

Egg Chair Delivery And Customer Service

When buying an egg chair, it’s essential to consider the delivery information. Some retailers, such as John Lewis, offer delivery services to various locations, including Northern Ireland. Before making a purchase, you should check that your site is serviceable. 

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to determine if the store offers assembly services, especially for more significant pieces like a corner sofa. In addition, you should ensure that the retailer provides a helpful customer service team to help with any questions or problems.

Additional Egg Chair Accessories And Offers

Make sure to consider the extra features and benefits of the Egg Chair. For instance, some merchants provide gift cards or special deals when purchasing an egg chair. To ensure a seamless online shopping experience, look for website performance which includes cookies.

When shopping online, you can also find complementary decor items such as coffee tables, fake flowers, or wall art to pair with your chair. Alternatively, think about buying bird care items from a local garden centre if you plan to use the egg chair outside. This will create a lively yet calming atmosphere.

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