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Egg chair and small egg chairs in the UK

What Is An Egg Chair?

The egg chair is a sleek, round, and pedestaled seat. 

Arne Jacobsen developed the egg-shaped chair design as part of his contract with SAS Royal Copenhagen Hotel. Today the original design is produced in Denmark by the producer of the chair design. 

Considering the name of the product, the egg shaped chair as you would expect has the shape of an egg.

From Arne’s original design many chair producers have taken inspiration from the design and produced many different versions of the egg chair.  They are available in a wide range of fabric upholstery, including leather with an aluminium starbase. 

Some of the designs have other additional products like leg supports. The chair comes as either as outdoor or indoor swinging egg chair.

Here is a short video that provides some guidance on buying a chair.

Who Would Use An Egg-Shaped Chair?

It doesn’t matter if you are old, young or middle-aged, you will find comfort with the egg-shaped seat design.

The chair is perfect for different ages and people who like to relax in a wide range of positions.  The chair is excellent within the sitting room of your house. 

The egg design also works well for children as it allows them to snuggle up into the chair  Therefore you often see them in nurseries.  

Best Egg Chairs You Can Buy

Wicker Egg Hammock Chair

egg chairs

  • The chair design is eye-catching, ergonomic, and very stylish, making it for outdoor and indoor purposes.
  • It comes with different hanging designs packaged, which makes it easier for the user to use it comfortably inside and outside the house.
  • The maximum weight is 135kg, increasing efficiency, and support for individuals with different weight adults and children.
  • The pillow and cushions are comfortable to remove and clean, making it perfect for regular cleaning.

egg chairs

Outdoor Hammock Bench

hanging egg chair

  • The coated steel used in designing the frame makes the indoor hanging egg chair long-lasting.
  • Mosquito net and waterproof roof make the seat viable for different climatic conditions day or night.
  • The backrest is adjustable, and thus the three sitter swing is convertible into comfy bed upon demand within the garden
  • The seat comes with brief and clear guidelines making it easier for users to understand while assembling the product.
  • The unique design of the seat and color makes it favorable to match the modern exterior atmosphere.

hanging egg chair

Hanging Rattan Swing Patio Garden Chair

hanging egg chair

  • It comes with viable pricing and lasting materials fit to survive in the outside environment for years.
  • The product is lovely and comes with unique packaging for maximum protection against damage in transit.
  • The chair design is lovely and comes with attractive cushions, which are fundamental, restores joy in your garden or backyard.
  • The overall size, shape, and height of the seat are favorable for interior and exterior use as it consumes little space.
  • The relaxing cushions of the indoor hanging egg chair are gorgeous and comfortably fit in the seat, offering maximum luxury to users.

hanging egg chair

Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair

swinging egg chair

  • The product is safe and secure for use by the different individual as it can support varying weight with supporting hook and chains
  • The egg shape of the sit makes it more adorable and fit for modern exterior and interior environment
  • It comes with soft cushions, which increases luxury and comfortable sitting, helping you feel yourself while relaxing.
  • The seat swing chair is durable and sturdy as long-lasting materials like quality PE and iron materials are used.
  • The seat is uniquely packed for delivery and comes with brief and clear assembling instructions for maximum user support

swinging egg chair

XX-L Black Highback Beanbag Chair

swinging egg chair

  • The chair is high quality as it comes from variety and long-lasting polyester materials which are water and stain resistance adding to its hygiene standards
  • It provides indoor and outdoor comfort for durable occasions as you enjoy different evens within the compound
  • Being water resistance gives users peace of mind since they don’t have to replace it after water spillage or when rained on since it can dry quickly.
  • The high backrest makes the bean-shaped seat more comfortable and luxurious for use while relaxing inside or outside the house
  • The design is large enough, making it fit for both young, middle, and aged individuals within the compound.

swinging egg chair

Stylish Hanging Egg Chair

egg chair for sale

  • The plastic Rattan materials added with attached tube attaches to the efficiency and durability of the seat while in the garden
  • The height of the chair is fit for individuals of all ages as children and adults can swing in the garden comfortably
  • The position comes with colors that ours that customers can select from, adding to effectiveness to match the desires of varying individuals.
  • It is reasonably significant and uniquely packaged for delivery to protect against damage during delivery
  • The seat comes with brief and clear instructions for customer satisfaction

egg chair for sale

Santorini Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair

egg chair for sale

  • The position is fit for couples as it supports two people and a weight of up to 240kgs of importance
  • The uniqueness of the products is added by the removable fire resistant cushions, which makes it perfect for the external environment.
  • The chair is not only fit for the external environment but also perfect for the interior environment as it consumes little space
  • The seat comes with a two-year warranty adding to its quality and originality, thus perfect for long term use.
  • The removable cushions make it easy to clean the chair upon demand by the user.

egg chair for sale

Greenstell Hammock Chair

egg-shaped chair

  • It is comfortable for use in any room size upon demand by the application.
  • Comes with supporting materials to increase comfort while on use
  • The chair comes with stainless easy to hang metal chains making favorable for different users.
  • The materials are 100% handmade cotton increasing the efficiency of the product.

egg-shaped chair

Azuma Pesaro Hanging Basket Chair 

egg-shaped chair

  • The grey pillows for the chair are easy to clean and replace upon demand.
  • The chair is foldable and made with unique materials fit for use in indoor and outdoor environments
  • The design is eye-catching and hangs on a sturdy steel support base, making it perfect for relaxation.
  • The backrest is highly lifted to increase comfort to individuals of different height, and thus, one chooses what is best for them.

egg-shaped chair

Garden Patio Rattan Egg Swing Chair

egg seat

  • The beautiful design features beautiful rattan weave adding to its modern aesthetic design
  • The cushions are unique adding to its luxurious and comfortable for relaxation
  • The chair is detachable making it easier to store and change locations each time the user demands
  • The dimensions and weight of the seat make it viable for use by different ages, weight, and height.

egg seat

Alfresia Hanging Egg Chair

egg hanging chair

  • The chair is unique and combines comfort with the modern design making it viable for different environments
  • The grey cushions are durable making it lasting for extensive services to the users
  • The frame is designed with sturdy aluminum and steel, which are foldable for secure storage and relocation.
  • The chair comes with clear instructions making assembling easier for the users.

egg hanging chair

Outdoor Rattan Swing Chair

egg hanging chair

  • The chair comes with a safety belt to control swing and add to the safety of the users.
  • They are designed with showerproof polyethylene and polyester, making it lasting and safe in and outside the house.
  • The easy to remove cushions and clips make the swing chair easy to clean whenever the need arises
  • The chair comes with simple and clear assembling guidelines

egg hanging chair

Florence Hanging Garden Chair

egg shaped chair

  • Comes with unique and complete cushions for base and backrest support
  • Comes in four packaged parts which are easy to assemble at desired sites
  • Comes with hard stands which increase safe upon use by different weighted individuals
  • The cushions are easy to clean making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use

egg shaped chair

Blue Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair 

indoor hanging egg chair

  • The chair comes with unique weatherproof materials which make perfect for outdoor luxury
  • The chair is foldable for secure storage and delivery and assembling by users
  • The chair has added advantage as users enjoy free delivery within the UK
  • The product dimensions make it favorable for different ages, height, and weight.

indoor hanging egg chair

What Features To Look For When Buying An Egg Chair?

For maximum comfortability and relaxation, you need to identify features that give you the luxury you need. The egg swing comes with a variety of features that you need to consider: These include:


Material is a common feature to consider when buying the chair. Consider purchasing one that has at least a foam base as this will provide comfort. 

Egg chairs are also available in either a leather or polyester finish. More modern designs use fibreglass to make the chairs.  


People require something which offers maximum comfort and flexibility. Heavier egg hanging chair weighs about 500lbs whilst the average ranges between 260-300pounds. Based on the importance of the user, choose a weight that matches your weight.


Most seat height range at just over 1 metre. 


Most people have different tastes when it comes to colour. Designers of the egg-shaped seat have a different colour design based on the material used. Colour is an essential feature when buying the egg seat.

Before purchasing the seat, choose the features which match your desires and preferences. Comfort and maximum luxury is a critical consideration when buying these seats. 

The cost of the chair is another essential consideration and varies with the producer and type of materials used in designing the seat.

What Are The Different Types Of Egg Chairs?

Egg chairs come in different designs. The types of the seat depending on factors as place of use: either indoor or outdoor, support: either hanging or base support egg. Other determining factors are the type of materials used in making the seats.

There are a number of different types of seats available.  These include: 

  • Ovalia egg chair, 
  • outdoor egg chair, 
  • egg couch, 
  • office egg chair, 
  • swinging egg chair. 

All these designs focus on giving you a cradling sensation.  

The designs are differentiated by the cost, which is based on the producer of the chairs.  

What Does A Cheap Egg Chair Cost?

Cheap seats cost as low as £27, while most of the prices of the eggs range below £100. These prices deviate depending on the seller and producer.

What do the best egg chairs costs?

The advanced designs from the original producer and others have prices ranging above £150. Most of the prices range around £200 from Amazon. The design’s uniqueness and the producer dictate the costs of the best eggs.

Here is a video for choosing the best egg chairs:

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