Disabled Living Foundation’s volunteer programme making an impact

Many of us know what it is to be older, or to have a disability, because it has happened to us or to someone close to us. But not everyone knows about the huge range of daily living aids available that help people live independently in their own homes.

What we are doing about this! Our volunteers are going to local community groups, charities and other organisations to talk to people about the online help DLF can provide.

We provide advice about key equipment that can dramatically assist to improve the lives of those living independently. There is so much equipment out there that can help people improve their day to day lives. The volunteers are playing a vital role in explaining to local community groups what equipment is out there and where to get it.

The volunteer programme now has 25 active volunteers, who are travelling around London giving these talks. Through these talks we have directly spoken to over 500 people, in less than 6 months

Here is a brief overview of the talk

  • What DLF does
  • What our aims are
  • Demonstration on how to use AskSARA – our interactive online guided advice tool
  • Demonstration on how to use Living Made Easy – our online site which provides impartial, free and independent advice for daily living equipment
  • Have an equipment demo – the volunteer will bring in equipment to show (interactive)

Recently we went to and spoke to an Alzhiemers Society dementia hub in Mitcham, we spoke to carers about the tools we offer.

They were amazed what they could find through our websites and helpline, which wouldn’t just help who they were looking after but also relieve them from some stresses of caring.  One of the carers, who looks after her husband with dementia and Parkinson’s said, “This talk has completely opened my eyes.” Another of the carers was already on her phone by the end or the talk looking at AskSara.

Here is some more feedback we have had from these talks !

‘This talk has completely opened my eyes’ An elderly woman that cares for her husband suffering from dementia

‘You guys doing these talks, really are unsung heros’ A man we delivered a talk to who looks after his wife who struggles to hear

‘I’m going to start using my ipad for ASKSara instead of a mat for my tea!’ Woman attending a talk through DeafPlus
‘These talks are so informative – I can’t thank you all enough’
A carer

If you know of anyone based in London who would enjoy a flexible volunteer role that helps people in their local community! Or would like to receive these free talks then ask them to get in touch eleanor.meagher@dlf.org.uk.