Deep Fryers | December 2023

Deep fryers are a standard appliance in many British homes and commercial kitchens. Home cooks and chefs use these tools to make various fried foods. They offer a variety of foods, from delicious doughnuts to crisp chips. 

The versatility of these devices, which makes them a necessary tool for anyone who enjoys fried foods, cannot be overstated. The advantages of owning a deep fryer go beyond straightforward culinary enjoyment. 

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They offer a level of convenience that conventional frying techniques simply cannot match. These appliances provide a worry-free and practical frying experience with temperature control, timer settings, and safety features. 

Additionally, they are a sensible option for busy kitchens due to their sturdy construction and easy cleaning. To provide our readers with the most thorough and accurate information, we have reviewed some of the top deep fryers on the market. 

Our assessment considered several elements: functionality, robustness, safety features, and cost-effectiveness. Our readers should select a deep fryer that best meets their needs and preferences using the information from these reviews to help them make an informed decision.  

The Best Rated

Black Tower T17001 Fryer

  1. The large 2L capacity holds four servings of different foods, making it ideal for small households.
  2. For the ideal deep fry, the thermostat allows temperature adjustment up to 190°.
  3. A sizable viewing area for keeping an eye on the food while it is fried.
  4. A lifting system with a folding handle ensures safe handling.
  5. Your kitchen’s built-in carbon filter system eliminates odours.
  6. Features that are simple to clean and a 3-year warranty highlight the quality of the product.   

The Best Value

Aigostar 3L Deep Fat Fryer

  1. High power is ideal for large-scale frying, allowing quick preheating and temperature recovery.
  2. The safety features include A viewing window, a cool touch handle, anti-slip feet, and overheat protection.
  3. Thermostat control with a range of 130 to 190 degrees, ideal for various fried foods.
  4. Any kitchen must have components that can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher.
  5. It is user-friendly, With removable basket handles, integrated cable storage, and an indicator light.
  6. It’s a great electric deep fryer because the filter oil fume control improves cooking comfort.   

The Best Of The Rest

Compact Energy-Efficient Deep Fryer


  1. With a heat indicator, perfect frying is ensured.
  2. Cooking Safely and Uninterrupted Viewing Window.
  3. Confirming operational status is the power indicator.
  4. User-Set Temperature Thermostatic Control.
  5. For Secure Use, non-slip feet.
  6. Oil and Food Capacity Appropriate for Various Foods.   

Swan SD6040N 3L Deep Fat Fryer

  1. Offers seven temperature settings on an adjustable thermostat for precise cooking.
  2. Large 3L oil capacity allows up to 1kg of food to be fried.
  3. Safety features include A detachable basket, cool-touch handles, and an automatic cut-off.
  4. Cleaning is simple Because of the non-stick coating and removable basket.
  5. Ideal for domestic kitchens, small cafes, and caravans; compact yet spacious.
  6. Has a comforting 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.   

Aigostar 3L Silver Deep Fryer

  1. Superior Frying Efficiency: Equipped with a 2200W power source for quick preheating and temperature recovery.
  2. Large Capacity: The 3L stainless steel design accommodates sizable servings of various foods.
  3. Easy Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe parts and a removable heating element simplify cleanup.
  4. Thermostat control allows for precise temperature adjustments to accommodate various foods.
  5. Added Security: The stainless steel housing and lid prevent oil splashing and overheating, increasing safety.
  6. Quality Guaranteed: If you have any questions about the products, our team is happy to help.  

1.5L Home-Use Deep Fryer

  1. With power and heat indicators for readiness, cooking is simple.
  2. The frying process can be observed thanks to the transparent tempered glass lid.
  3. Unique design for easy draining with a detachable stainless steel basket.
  4. High power and temperature control for precise cooking.
  5. The lid and basket are detachable and dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning.
  6. Prompt customer support for any problems encountered while using.   

Swan 2.5L Black Deep Fryer

  1. The thermostat with full adjustment allows for total control of cooking temperature.
  2. Cooking methods that are adaptable and great for both savoury and sweet treats.
  3. Improved safety features include fixed oil containers and cool-touch handles.
  4. Easy cleanup is guaranteed after use, thanks to the non-stick inner pan.
  5. A generously sized 2.5-litre capacity holds a variety of foods, making it perfect for families.
  6. Two-year warranty included, giving customers peace of mind.   

Geepas 3L Deep Fat Fryer, Silver

  1. 1kg of varied foods, including chips, fried chicken, and doughnuts, can fit in the generous 3L capacity.
  2. A thermostat that can be adjusted from 70 to 190 degrees Celsius ensures precise temperature control and enhanced crispness.
  3. A high-quality stainless steel housing with safety features prevents oil splashing and overheating.
  4. The viewing window makes it possible to watch the cooking process for the best serving readiness.
  5. The design is easy to maintain With a removable basket and wipe-clean surfaces.
  6. Small cafes and domestic kitchens benefit significantly from their compact size.   

Venga! Semi-Professional 3L Fryer

  1. A semi-professional deep fryer with 3 litres of oil capacity is perfect for frying up to 600g of food, such as chicken wings or chips.
  2. Attains 190°C, a high-temperature ideal for producing that golden fried texture.
  3. Has a unique oil filtration system that ensures cost-effectiveness by allowing oil to be recycled up to 8 times.
  4. Includes a fail-safe locking mechanism on an oil storage container to prevent waste and guarantee safe storage.
  5. Easily washable design with removable components, including a dishwasher-safe oil pan with a nonstick coating.
  6. An instruction manual in 7 languages is included in the package, ensuring accessibility for all users.   

Quest 35150 Compact Deep Fryer

  1. The 1L capacity makes it possible to prepare restaurant-style chips at home, making it ideal for couples, single people, or small families.
  2. The bowl’s non-stick coating makes removing oil from it and cleaning it much more manageable. The basket has an ergonomic removable handle and is ideal for fish or chips.
  3. Clear Temperature Control – The front dial shows specific cooking temperatures for various foods, and bright lights indicate that frying is occurring.
  4. Stable and Safe – Built with non-slip feet, this electric fryer stays put while cooking, adding to your sense of security.
  5. Quest offers a range of kitchen appliances, from coffee makers to air fryers, necessary for various culinary needs.
  6. Quality comparable to a commercial fryer for high-temperature cooking, making it easier to prepare delectable fried foods like chicken wings.   

Tefal Mini Deep Fryer

  1. The compact and elegant design makes easy storage and transportation possible.
  2. Uses 1L of oil and 1000W of power to fry up to 600g of chips effectively.
  3. It includes a permanent metallic filter, a cooking lid, and a viewing window.
  4. Oil temperature can be controlled between 150 and 190 degrees Celsius thanks to an adjustable thermostat.
  5. The dishwasher-safe basket and non-stick inner bowl guarantee easy cleaning.
  6. Use oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure safety and optimal performance.   

Igenix Deep Fat Fryer Features

  1. A 3-litre oil capacity is sufficient for extensive cooking.
  2. It can hold 700g of food, making it perfect for larger meals.
  3. Features a programmable thermostat for finely controlling the cooking.
  4. A built-in viewing window enables food monitoring.
  5. The lid has a built-in filter that encourages cleanliness.
  6. Necessary when preparing foods like chicken wings.   

Stainless Steel Tower T17069 Fryer

  1. Ideal for small families and couples, the compact 0.9L capacity
  2. 140°C to 190°C of temperature adjustment for ideal cooking
  3. The exterior is made of stylish stainless steel for a new kitchen.
  4. Cooking basket and handle are removable for simple cleaning
  5. A three-year guarantee ensures long-lasting quality.
  6. Alternatives to the food processor and air fryer include versatile appliances.  

EK2969P Compact Mini Fryer

  1. Mini fryer EK2969P is compact and ideal for small kitchens.
  2. With a 1L capacity, this pan is perfect for cooking chicken wings.
  3. It boasts an easy-to-clean, non-stick chip pan.
  4. Adaptable temperature range of up to 190°, ideal for various cooking requirements.
  5. Handle that can be removed for convenient and safe handling.
  6. Less impact on your electricity consumption is ensured by its 950W consumption.   

TAIMIKO Commercial Double Fryer

  1. 5000W of high power for effective cooking
  2. Ideal for both domestic and commercial use, accommodating different cuisines
  3. Versatile, good for frying fries, chicken wings, and other things
  4. It includes several safety features, such as a reset button for overheating.
  5. Simplified use, simple disassembly for daily cleaning, and hygienic design
  6. Excellent performance, necessary for oven-equipped businesses and food trucks.   

Deep Fryers versus Air Fryers

While air and deep fryers are excellent kitchen appliances that meet various culinary needs, deep fryers and profound fat fryers are preferred because they can produce a distinctive, crispy texture that is impossible to achieve with other cooking techniques. 

They function by drenching food in hot oil, giving it the renowned crunchy exterior. Deep frying best suits French fries, chicken wings, and onion rings. However, air fryers provide a healthier alternative without completely giving up that fried texture. 

They use a technique that uses hot air to cook the food while using less oil than traditional deep-frying. Although the results might not perfectly replicate deep frying, they provide a more wholesome way to get the same effect. 

Both appliances have advantages in terms of cleaning. Deep fryers frequently have removable frying baskets and oil containers to make cleaning easier. Additionally, air fryers have removable parts that are simple to clean, and because they use less oil, they frequently make less mess. 

Last but not least, deep fryers can use various oils, ranging from canola to peanut oil, giving the food a unique flavour profile. Due to their lower oil usage, air fryers do not offer the same versatility, but consumers frequently accept this trade-off in exchange for the provided health benefits. 

Choosing Between Electric and Gas Fryers

Several factors must be considered when deciding between electric and gas fryers. Electric deep fryers, like the Breville Smart Fryer, are frequently easier to use and more accessible. They warm up quickly and effectively, and the accurate temperature controls enable repeatable results. 

These gadgets are ideal for home kitchens because they are small and portable. On the other hand, commercial settings like restaurants and food trucks typically opt for gas fryers. They are renowned for their superior heat retention, which enables continuous frying without noticeably dropping the temperature of the oil. 

They are, therefore, perfect for cooking large amounts of food at once. However, performance cookies are not the only issue. For continued optimal performance, both fryers need routine cleaning and maintenance. 

Most electric fryers have simple parts to remove, making cleaning and maintenance simple. Gas fryers are frequently more dependable and last longer despite being more challenging to clean. Both varieties have safety factors to take into account.

  Oil overheating is less likely when using electric fryers because they have safety features like automatic shut-off and temperature control. Gas fryers are safe when used correctly and with the necessary safety precautions, even though they may be more dangerous due to their use of gas. 

Features to Look For When Buying Deep Fryers

There are several features to keep an eye out for when buying a deep fryer. It’s critical to have a sturdy heating element. As a result, the oil will heat up quickly to the desired temperature and retain heat steadily for even cooking. 

Another critical factor is the fryer’s capacity. For those who frequently prepare food for large gatherings, a fryer with a large degree, like the Bayou Classic, would be suitable. However, a small fryer might be better suited for occasional frying or smaller households. 

Easy cleanup is yet another crucial aspect. To make cleaning easier, look for fryers with parts that can be removed, such as the oil container and frying basket. Some models also include a filter to keep food particles from burning and reduce the lifespan of your cooking oil. 

The controls that the fryer offers are crucial, too. Timer controls add convenience, while precise temperature controls enable more consistent results. Even pre-set cooking programs for different food items, such as mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, and French fries, are available on some high-end models.

Assessing Delivery Information and After-Sale Services

When buying a deep fryer online, it’s critical to read the retailer’s delivery details carefully. This covers the cost, delivery zones, and shipping duration. It is also essential to find out if the retailer provides tracking services so you can keep track of the status of your delivery. 

Another crucial factor is the after-sale services. This covers warranty details, return guidelines, and customer service. A good warranty can give you peace of mind when buying more expensive models. 

Customer testimonials can offer insightful information about a retailer’s after-sale service level. Keep an eye out for reviews that discuss the retailer’s return policy, how they handle customer service issues, and how responsive and accommodating they are. 

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