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A detailed review of some of the most sought-after day beds has been undertaken by us, with our thoughts and experiences captured in the following sections. These assessments aim to guide individuals in pursuing the perfect product to meet their unique needs. 

These day beds, available in various sizes such as single or double beds, can be used as a guest bed or a kids’ bed or as a space-saving solution in a small single room.

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Day beds are versatile pieces of bedroom furniture that provide an ideal solution for those requiring extra sleeping space without compromising style or comfort. 

Not just limited to the bedroom, these beds can also be seamlessly integrated into your living room or garden furniture, serving dual purposes as a sofa bed or a relaxing lounging space. 

The range includes wooden, metal, and ottoman beds with charm and functionality. The luxurious silk grey or subtle dove, grey day beds can add a touch of elegance to any space.

Many day beds come with an additional trundle bed or bed drawer, offering a practical storage solution or an extra bed when required. They often come with a mattress protector to ensure longevity. 

The bed frame is sturdy, with options like the Julian Bowen cabin bed being highly admired by customers for its quality and design. Check the store locator for delivery information and ensure the day delivery service is available in your area. 

Customer service is usually helpful and prompt in addressing any queries or issues. With dining tables, chairs, and dining sets being part of the furniture range, one can also consider matching their day bed with other furniture items for a coordinated look.

The Best Rated Day Bed

Red Velvet Twin Daybed

  1. Major-Q is a well-recognised furniture brand.
  2. Assured high quality for all products.
  3. Covered by a limited Major-Q warranty.
  4. Dimensions: 81″ X 43″ X 43″H.
  5. The mattress is sold separately.
  6. Features arched side panel.

The Best Value Day Bed

Grey Pine Wood Day Bed

Grey Pine Wood Day Bed

  1. Provides comfortable sleep with excellent weight distribution
  2. Fits mattress size 90×200 cm
  3. Made from sturdy, charming, solid pine wood
  4. Multipurpose use as sofa or bed
  5. Easy assembly with included manual
  6. Features 3-sided safety rails for secure sleeping
  7. Adds sophistication to interiors with rustic appeal

The Best Of The Rest Day Beds

Minimalist Wooden Bedroom Furnishings

Minimalist Wooden Bedroom Furnishings

  1. Crafted from a combination of Plywood, MDF and Pinewood.
  2. White finish, adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom.
  3. Dimensions are 78.1″L× 41.8″ W x 23.2″H, providing ample space.
  4. No box spring is required, simplifying the setup.
  5. Assembly is required, allowing for personal configuration.
  6. Displays a high level of burstiness, ensuring durability.
  7. Ideal for minimalist wooden bedroom aesthetics.
Twin Wooden Trundle Daybed

Twin Wooden Trundle Daybed

  1. A twin-size daybed is ideal for optimum space utilisation.
  2. Crafted from robust plywood, MDF, and pinewood.
  3. Box springs are not required, reducing expenses.
  4. Assembly needed, enabling customised setup.
  5. A high burstiness level ensures durability.
  6. Ideal for both bedrooms and living rooms.
  7. It functions as both a daybed and sofa bed.
Versailles Bed and Trundle Set

Versailles Bed and Trundle Set

  1. Provides full 90 cm sleeping or sitting area
  2. Finished in resilient ivory eggshell texture
  3. Features sprung slatted base for comfort
  4. Prolongs mattress life
  5. It fits neatly under Julian Bowen Versailles day bed
  6. Slides out and raises to form a king-size bed
  7. Ideal for additional sleeping space requirements
Jessica Daybed, Underbed & Orthopaedic Mattresses

Jessica Daybed, Underbed & Orthopaedic Mattresses

  1. The Ivory satin touch lacquer finish adds elegance
  2. Fluted panel detailing offers a unique statement
  3. Provides additional hidden sleeping surfaces
  4. Solid slats ensure comfort and prolonged mattress life
  5. Underbed fitted with castors for easy movement
  6. High-quality stitch quilting and oyster damask ticking for comfort
  7. 13.5 gauge Bonnell spring unit Deluxe Semi-Orthopaedic Mattress included
Julian Bowen Versailles Bed Set

Julian Bowen Versailles Bed Set

  1. Offers full 90cm sleeping or sitting space
  2. Finished in durable ivory eggshell coating
  3. Features sprung slatted base for comfort
  4. Prolongs mattress life with design
  5. Slides out and raises for extra space
  6. Premier Mattress with quality stitch quilting
  7. Belgium damask quilted cover for maximum comfort
Full-Size Wooden Daybed

Full-Size Wooden Daybed

  1. Finished in a rich espresso colour.
  2. Crafted from high-quality wood.
  3. Offers a substantial length of 78.30 inches.
  4. Provides a generous width of 57.10 inches.
  5. Features an ample height of 34.10 inches.
  6. Ideal for minimalist decor.
  7. Ensures sturdy support with additional legs.
Jessica Day Bed with Underbed and Mattresses

Jessica Day Bed with Underbed and Mattresses

  1. A statement piece in ivory satin touch lacquer
  2. Fluted panel detailing enhances aesthetic appeal
  3. Additional sleeping surfaces cleverly hidden when not in use
  4. Solid slats on both beds ensure comfort and prolong mattress life
  5. Underbed fitted with castors for easy movement
  6. Comfy Roll Mattress packed in a sealed bag for easy transport
  7. Features removable, washable cover over medium-density Reflex foam core
Natural Linen-Cotton Day Bed

Natural Linen-Cotton Day Bed

  1. Compact package dimensions of 19.0″L, 15.0″W, 11.0″H
  2. Easy to handle and manage due to its size
  3. Made with high-quality materials for durability
  4. Crafted in India, ensuring authenticity and craftsmanship
  5. Ideal for a stylish home decor addition
  6. Offers comfort and convenience for daily use
  7. Versatile and functional, it is perfect for any space
Julian Bowen Elba Daybed Set

Julian Bowen Elba Daybed Set

  1. A sleek, curved design enhances the room’s aesthetic
  2. Classic pull-out under bed for added convenience
  3. Crafted from soft-touch damask fabric
  4. Includes comforting polyester filling
  5. Promotes restful, quality sleep
  6. Easy setup with no waiting time
  7. Place it on the bed frame and enjoy.
Elba Daybed Set with Mattresses

Elba Daybed Set with Mattresses

  1. Features a sleek, curved design
  2. Includes a classic pull-out under bed
  3. Crafted with breathable Tencel material
  4. Material regulates body temperature for comfort
  5. Made from environmentally friendly raw materials
  6. Raw materials are renewable for sustainability
  7. It offers a smooth touch of luxury
Julian Bowen Elba Daybed Set

Julian Bowen Elba Daybed Set

  1. Features a sleek curved design for modern appeal.
  2. Includes a classic pull-out under-bed for additional sleeping space.
  3. Crafted from environmentally friendly renewable raw materials.
  4. The material is smooth to the touch for optimal comfort.
  5. Tencel material ensures breathability and temperature regulation.
  6. It is ideal for those who prioritise sustainability.
  7. Provides a high level of burstiness for durability.
Handmade Indian Three-Seater Sofa

Handmade Indian Three-Seater Sofa

  1. Crafted from durable, solid wood.
  2. The design of the versatile day bed and three-seater sofa.
  3. Hand-carved detailing adds unique character.
  4. Antique garden style for added elegance.
  5. Whitewashed finish for a rustic look.
  6. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  7. Handmade in India, ensuring high quality.
Foldable, Portable Memory Foam Bed

LiteBed™: Foldable, Portable Memory Foam Bed

  1. Luxurious comfort from a high-density, super-soft memory foam mattress.
  2. Mesh support ensures no uncomfortable wooden or metal bars.
  3. It is provided with a storage bag for easy portability and protection.
  4. The robust steel frame design supports a weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  5. Compact, lightweight, and foldable, ideal for saving storage space.
  6. Suitable for under-bed, sofa, couch, or car trunk storage.
  7. 100-day trial with full refund assurance for complete satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Day Bed for Your Space

A day bed is a versatile piece of furniture that can fit seamlessly into various spaces. Depending on the bed size, it can be placed in a guest room, serving as a single or double bed. 

Parents often opt for day beds as kids’ beds due to their multifunctional nature. A day bed can also be a perfect lounging spot if you have a small TV unit.

Day beds can also add a touch of elegance to your office space. Accompanied by comfortable office chairs and a dressing table, a day bed can transform a simple office into a stylish and comfortable workspace. 

Choose a wooden guest bed for a touch of traditional appeal or a modern design to match your contemporary office decor.

Features to Look for When Buying Day Beds

When shopping for day beds, there are several things to consider. First, the bed size should align with your space requirements. If you plan to use it as a single guest bed, ensure it fits comfortably in your guest room. 

Other features to look out for include a firm mattress for a comfortable sleep and a pocket-sprung design for added support.

The bed type also matters, with wooden guest beds offering a classic look and feel. Another feature to consider is storage availability, which can be a lifesaver in compact spaces. 

Lastly, ensure that the day bed complements your existing furniture. For instance, if you have bistro sets in your garden, a day bed in a similar style would create a cohesive look.

Incorporating Day Beds into Your Outdoor Space

Day beds can serve as an excellent addition to your garden furniture. Whether you have bistro sets or a simple outdoor dining table, a day bed can provide a relaxing spot. 

To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enhance the ambience with outdoor lighting such as table or floor lamps.

A day bed can also be used as an additional seating area during gatherings. Ensure you choose a day bed with durable material that can withstand outdoor conditions. Pair it up with a matching coffee table and some comfortable cushions, and you have the perfect outdoor relaxation spot.

Enhancing Your Living Room with Day Beds

Day beds can also be a great addition to your living room. Choose a day bed that complements your existing furniture, whether a wooden guest bed or a sleek metal design. Complement your day bed with a plush rug and table lamps for a cosy reading nook. 

If your living room doubles as a guest room, a day bed with a trundle can provide additional sleeping space. Consider a bed size that can comfortably accommodate your guests. Opt for firm mattresses for maximum comfort and a good night’s sleep.

FAQs related to Day Beds

1. What is a day bed?

A day bed is a versatile piece of furniture that serves as a bed and a seating area. It can be used as a single guest bed, a kid’s bed, or a sofa in your living room.

2. What should I consider when buying a day bed?

Consider the bed size, the type of mattress, and whether it has a trundle or storage options. If you plan to use it as a guest bed, opt for a firm mattress for a comfortable sleep.

3. Can a day bed be used as an outdoor furniture piece?

Yes, a day bed can be used as garden furniture. However, ensure it’s made of durable material that can withstand outdoor conditions. Pair it with outdoor lighting to create a cosy ambience.

4. How do I choose the right day bed for my office?

Consider the size of your office and the style of your existing furniture. A wooden guest bed can add a classic appeal, while a sleek metal design can give a modern touch.

5. Can a day bed fit into my small TV unit?

Yes, a day bed can fit into a small TV unit, provided the bed size is appropriate. It can serve as a cosy lounging spot for watching TV or reading.

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