Considering A Career in Care?

Considering A Career in Care Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to expect during the recruitment process for a dream job in care? We can’t give you all the answers but Jess Lombard, Recruitment Advisor for Bupa Care Services is here to give you the inside scoop on the process and will even throw …



‘FUTURE-PROOF’ INTIMATE CARE You’re probably reading this because either you, or someone you love, now need additional support. You’re not alone- far and away the majority of people who need it have either gradually or suddenly reached that point. It’s life-changing, so it’s important to take steps to ‘future proof’ as far as possible, to …



TAKE A STAND! It is widely accepted nowadays that many people struggle- be it a little or a lot- to get up from their chair. But few of us think beyond that scenario. Yet what about getting on and off the toilet? THAT is actually a bigger problem, whether at home or out and about… …



Too often, we read about, and ourselves receive anecdotal evidence, that people with any degree of limitation stay at home, sometimes to the extent they say they feel trapped in their own home. And too often, the reason for the reluctance to venture out is worry about being able to find- and use- a suitable …


What is NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding?

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is a term that is often spoken about when it comes to paying for care fees, but many people are unaware as to how it actually works, due to the complex criteria required for eligibility. With this in mind, Compass CHC Director Tim Davies has outlined a “back to basics” summary …



Risk taking- dare you do it? Particularly as limitations begin to impact on our daily life, the risk involved in even the most basic daily activity has to be assessed- and now there’s a ‘fancy’ name for it: positive risk taking. In the care sector, be it at home or in a home, it involves …



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