Employing your own care and support

Employing your own care and support Employing your own care and support gives you choice and control about how you’re supported. It also means that you become an ‘individual employer’ and are responsible for recruiting, managing and training your personal assistants (PAs). This might seem daunting at first but there’s lots of help out there. …



COUNTING THE COST OF CARE How do you quantify or qualify the cost of care? Do you look at the £, the financial outlay to contract carers to help? What about if it is a member of the family, a partner providing the care- what about the cost of their time, possibly their loss of …



DESIGNS FOR LIFE Few of us accept our ageing and deterioration gracefully. We resist as long and hard as we can. Subconsciously, the reason is often because we don’t want fixtures and fittings that look institutional or clinical: their appearance alone reminds us of our frailty. But fear not. Help is at hand. Living aids, …



‘FUTURE-PROOF’ INTIMATE CARE You’re probably reading this because either you, or someone you love, now need additional support. You’re not alone- far and away the majority of people who need it have either gradually or suddenly reached that point. It’s life-changing, so it’s important to take steps to ‘future proof’ as far as possible, to …


What is NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding?

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is a term that is often spoken about when it comes to paying for care fees, but many people are unaware as to how it actually works, due to the complex criteria required for eligibility. With this in mind, Compass CHC Director Tim Davies has outlined a “back to basics” summary …



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