Carers can take telecare into the digital age

Carers can take telecare into the digital age In our first blog we covered a broad definition and three key principles of delivering Safer Independence; Mobility, Safety and Being Connected. In this second blog we explain how telecare has evolved and how Oysta is supporting care organisations and vulnerable individuals in a health and social …


Dealing with the impact of bowel issues

DEALING WITH THE IMPACT OF BOWEL ISSUES According to the NHS, it is estimated that at least 50% of people have diverticula by the time they are 80 years old: equivalent to 1.5million people; 5% of people- over 3million of us- have them by the age of 40. The condition can become so extreme that …


Size matters when it comes to toileting

SIZE MATTERS Obesity is back in the headlines (does it ever go away?). There is always much focus on the need to lose weight, but rarely, if ever, do the issues of daily life, if you ARE big, get discussed… We go to the loo on average eight times a day! If you are larger, …


Top tips to manage hearing loss at Christmas

Christmas is a time for family and friends to come and spend some quality time together, but the festive period can be a very challenging time for someone suffering from some form of hearing loss. The overplayed Christmas music, chat with your boss at the office party, the punchline to the bad cracker joke and …



Toileting Hygiene By Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s brand-leader in accessible toileting Would you like someone to have to help you on the loo? To wipe your bum? Having difficulty using the toilet is not something as a nation we willingly admit to, yet it affects millions of us, whether we are still …


How does telecare support Safer Independence?

How does telecare support Safer Independence? It is widely believed that telecare solutions can ease the burden on society by enabling more efficient delivery of care and allowing people to live safely and independently in their homes for longer. We have been thinking a lot about supporting ‘Safer Independence’ so we’d like to pose this …


Toilet aids and caring for your child’s toilet needs

Toilet Aids – Caring for your child’s needs By Robin Tuffley, marketing manager @ Clos-o-Mat As a nation, we don’t discuss toilets; if it comes up, it’s usually accompanied by giggles. But it affects all of us. We go to the loo on average eight times a day. If you need help to go/‘go’, it can …

toilet aids and toilet adaptations

‘Away from home’ toileting

OPENING THE DOOR ON ‘AWAY FROM HOME’ TOILETING For up to 5million people, going out for more than a couple of hours is not a spur of the moment decision. It’s a decision that takes considerable planning and finite timing. Why? Because they have special needs that mean they cannot use a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet. …


Toilet assistive devices – Thinking ahead

Toilet assistive devices for toileting –  Keep independent with toilet aids    One topic that generally isn’t openly discussed is the ability to use the bathroom- and toilet and the use of toilet assistive devices. We might admit, for example, that a riser/recliner chair would be helpful, or that we struggle to grip and manipulate as …


Using technology to aide deafness

Deafness and Technology – Making Communication Easier There are over 10 million people in the UK affected by hearing loss – one in every six! Hearing loss has a severe impact on quality of life, isolating people from friends and family, often causing depression. Even with hearing aids, some situations may still be difficult. However …



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