Caring For People in the Essex Area

1 April 2024

Caring For People in the Essex Area

Based in Benfleet, Anglian Care has been providing a range of high-quality in-home care services to people all over the region for well over a decade. As a privately run firm, the ethos at Anglian Care has been the same ever since the team started to provide care services in 2008.

Essentially, what this boils down to is that every care visit their carers carry out is conducted as though the person they are attending to is a member of their own family.

This is the case whether carers are working in Basildon or Benfleet, Chelmsford or Rayleigh, or Hockley. It is something that the management team instils in all of its care staff and remains very much a part of what sets Anglian Care apart from other service providers in eastern England.

Anglian Care is well positioned to provide excellent caring services in people’s homes.

The firm has spent a lot of time developing technological solutions to some of the problems that have historically been associated with mobile care provision. Today, every care worker that is employed by the service provider will have a secure digital communication tool they can use to securely access care plans and up-to-date information. 

This way, they will always be ready for whatever they encounter fully briefed by their managers for any changes in personal circumstances that might have occurred since their last visit.

Knowing, for example, that a client has recently been unwell can make all the difference in the social interactions that take place while care is being delivered, with a friendly enquiry as to how they might be feeling and how recovered they might have become.

Equally, such technology allows carers to report back on anything that might be of use. There’s no collation of paperwork or other reporting systems with Anglian Care.

It is all updated digitally and stored securely in the cloud so that managers can assess changing care needs in real-time. Equally, the residents of Essex who receive Anglian Care’s home-based care will be able to look at their records and see, for example, which carer is due to visit them next. For friends and family, this technology also makes a big difference.

Approved people can track the progress of each in-home visit and even confirm when certain tasks have been completed as they occur.

Nevertheless, all of the technology available in the modern age could not replace the sort of personalised care that Anglian Care offers its clients every day. In the end, much of what takes place is about human contact with care that is delivered with dignity and compassion as its watchwords.

It is perhaps for this reason that the Care Quality Commission rates Anglian Care’s management and leadership as outstanding. That’s something that the residents of Essex and the wider area can find very reassuring indeed.

After all, even if you don’t require in-home care today, you might do at some point in the future.

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