Tony Dunne APFS, Chartered Financial Planner – Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Berkshire

Tony is an independent and chartered financial planner specialising in helping those in care, acting on their behalf or planning ahead to meet care fees. Providing clear advice, implementation and management of any agreed course of action, his thoughtfulness and jargon-free approach helps clients make confident choices and secure a sound financial route forward.

How I help

Ensuring sufficient money to pay for care involves a whole range of challenges for people and their families: navigating state funding and benefits; increasing income; comparing care annuities; and weighing up how best to utilise assets such as property and investments. Other matters also come into play such as powers of attorney and what happens if there aren’t any.

It’s a lot to take on board at what can be an emotionally difficult time. By offering clients a supportive hand, bringing clarity to all of these issues and advising, setting up and managing everything for them, I hopefully lighten the load considerably and give them a far more certain future.

My credentials

I am an accredited member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA), and hold specialist qualifications in long term care insurance and lifetime mortgages as well as in taxation and trusts, portfolio management and personal investment planning.

I am a director of Murdoch Asset Management, independent chartered financial planners and investment managers. Set up in 1991, the company manages in excess of £400 million of clients’ money and provides comprehensive financial advice and planning – including tax, estate and later life – as well proactive investment management.

How to contact Tony

Tel: 01420 83517

Email: tony@murdochasset.co.uk

Web: www.murdochasset.co.uk


Full Address

Murdoch Asset Management Ltd

6 Oriel Court,

Omega Park,



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