Personal Funeral Plans Limited

Personal Funeral Plans Limited is a pre-paid funeral plan provider offering people the opportunity to make sure their funeral wishes are carried out and paid for up front. This takes away the stress from the rest of the family when they are going through emotional difficulty and even saves money.

According to the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2013, average funeral costs have risen from £1,230 in 1997 to £4000 today – an increase of over 225%. Conservative estimates suggest that by 2024 a funeral will cost, on average, between £7,000 and £8000.  Our plans GUARANTEE that no matter how long you live and however expensive a funeral plan is when you pass away, there will always be sufficient funds to cover your funeral costs.

We understand that making plans for your funeral can be a daunting idea, however, from the moment you first make contact with our friendly team you will see how we make the process simple and understandable. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and strive to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the advice you receive from us. Our trained consultants go through the 4 different plans available and take your instructions based on what you would like. We offer the opportunity to pay up front in full or pay it off monthly, with the first 2 year’s interest free.

Reasons to choose our plans

  • Our plans are available to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of health, medical history, or status
  • Our plans can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences…from the big things, like whether or not it’s a cremation or burial… to the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers
  • Our plan can also be changed or upgraded at any time, and should you move home, it is transferrable to any area within the UK at no extra charge
  • Our plans are available as an ‘either or’ where you can purchase one plan to cover the first person to pass away in a  couple and can be transferred into a totally different persons name
  • You can purchase a plan on behalf of someone else, even if they have lost capacity… and strangely, even after they have died!- Call us to find out more
  • You can request a specific funeral director if you have a preference and this will be offered to them upon your death, If, for any reason, your preferred firm is unavailable or unwilling to undertake the funeral, then it will instead be conducted by an alternative, local, reputable, firm at our providers discretion (preferably one that is a member of the NFFD)

Our plans are supplied by ‘Safe Hands’ – the UK’s most recognised and fastest growing funeral plan providers.  They are officially endorsed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors of which TV’s Dr Hilary Jones is an ambassador.

A price comparison of our plans

The table below compares our prices against other providers.

price comparison

Detailed information on our plans

1) Topaz Plan (£2,075)- Excludes 3rd party fees

The Topaz plan is the most affordable plan option. It includes all the funeral director’s fees and services, a standard, veneered, coffin, a hearse and 2 bearers, but excludes 3rd Party Charges.

2) Pearl Plan (£3,155)

The Pearl funeral plan is ideal for those who have simplicity in mind. Your loved ones will have the reassurance of a traditional, dignified, ceremony, with no compromise on Safe Hands’ usual levels of care and attention to detail.

3) Sapphire plan (£3,395)

The Sapphire funeral plan is the most popular in our range. It includes a wood-veneered coffi n, plus a limousine to transport your loved ones to the ceremony

4) Ruby Plan (£3,700)

The Ruby funeral plan provides a comprehensive package and is particularly suited to those with larger families, or who expect many mourners to attend. The plan covers 2 limousines, a fl oral coffin spray, open visiting hours to the chapel of rest, a quality rosewood or oak-veneered coffin, and 24 hour support.

5) Direct cremation (£1695) excludes services

We understand that not everyone wants an extravagant or all-inclusive funeral. To many, when life’s course is run, there seems little sense is spending heavily on what will be their final journey. In response to this, we are unique in that we also offer a very simple funeral plan that includes all the essential elements of a cremation, but without any superfluous elements.


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