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Otten Penna are a High Street practice serving the community for over 30 years.

Sometimes life can be daunting and you need help to achieve the best possible outcome. At Otten Penna, our specialist team is here to guide you through the maze with help, support and expertise, so you always have a clear understanding of your options.

Based in Northenden since 1988, we have forged strong links with the community we serve. Offering services including Family and Child Law, Mental Health and Wills & LPA’s, our practice is known and recommended for our fair, open and straightforward approach. Our professional reputation has grown strong because of the way our high calibre professionals deal with our clients.


Not having a Will can add an extra burden to your nearest and dearest at the time of your death. It can cause delay and expense in administering your wishes, and can cause upset if you haven’t made your funeral wishes known.

If you die without making a Will, the state steps in and this can mean that the people you care about are not provided for. Even if you are married or are in a Civil Partnership, the provisions for your spouse or civil partner are limited and could be inadequate.

If you are unmarried and in a heterosexual relationship or in a same sex relationship that is not registered under the Civil Partnership Act, your partner could be left with nothing, even losing the roof over their head.



We always advise using a solicitor because of the legal pitfalls to be avoided, and we also ensure that your Will is fully suited to your individual wishes and circumstances. We offer a fast and efficient service that is friendly and personal. There are other important reasons for making a will, including:

  • To choose who administers  your Estate.
  • To appoint a Guardian for your children if they are under 18 and ensure that they are provided for.
  • To provide for someone with a disability.
  • To minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax.


Lasting Power of Attorney (POA, LPA or LPOA) gives you peace of mind that someone will be acting in your best interests should you lose your mental capacity, you can nominate a family member or friend to make these decisions for you. An LPA allows you to appoint a trusted person (the attorney) to act on your behalf:

Property and finance LPA – your attorney has the authority to manage your assets in the same way you do, including paying bills, buying and selling property and looking after your investments

Personal welfare LPA – your attorney can determine where  you live, access your medical  information and even be involved  in decisions about your treatment.

Please contact our office on 0161 945 1431 for further information.

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