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Ashlea Financial Planning is a small, personal, financial planning firm with over ten years’ experience and expertise in assisting individuals and families facing the prospect of funding care. Diane is a director of the Company.   Each case is assessed case on its individual merits, considering all aspects of your current and prospective financial situation.

We are a small, friendly firm, and pride ourselves on providing a personal service. Many of our clients come to us through word of mouth referrals. Our dedicated team gets to know the clients well. You will always get a friendly reception on the phone, from a member of the team, who will know you and understand and identify with your situation.

A little more about Diane

diane weitz

Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Diane Weitz, has over thirty years’ experience in financial planning. She also possesses a Certified Financial Planner Licence and is trained and accredited to a worldwide standard.

As a Financial Planning firm, Ashlea specialises in helping you make appropriate provisions for the future. Diane will look at your whole situation and analyse the best way forward for you, assessing how you are best placed to use your assets to meet your future care costs.

Diane is also a member of the Society of Later Life Advisers.



Diane’s approach to working with you

Diane helps families and individuals who are looking ahead and want to plan efficiently for care provision and funding in the future.

She deals with a wide range of individuals in varying circumstances – from families who are thinking about an elderly relative who may need care in the future and require professional advice, to individuals who already possess funding and would like to invest any surplus wisely in order to leave an inheritance for loved ones.

When clients come to Ashlea we adopt a holistic, tailored approach to their circumstances exploring the options available to them. Detailed cash flow analysis is at the heart of our advice process. This enables us to work out how much available capital is needed to fund the fees on an ongoing basis. Many people have pension income which can form part of the fees planning. Once the shortfall has been established we can then determine how much is needed to buy an annuity to give peace of mind in funding the care. It might be possible to link this with a diversified portfolio of assets to provide for a top up of fees income and the potential for any surplus to be left to the family. Where income is not a problem and care fees are easily afforded we look at estate planning in more detail to see if we can shelter assets from inheritance tax to ensure they’re protected for relatives and future generations. 

How to contact Diane

We are based in Cheltenham and, as we offer a personal service, we generally like to invite clients to come and meet with us at our offices. We will visit elderly clients at home if that is their preference. We are open to enquiries nationwide from clients who are happy to use Skype or Internet communication technology.

Tel: 01242 254149

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E: diane.weitz@ashlea-fp.co.uk

W: www.ashlea-fp.co.uk

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