Crown Wealth Management

We are a Chartered Financial Planning Firm dedicated to providing independent advice and expertise at the highest levels. As a cohesive team, we are intensely focused on solving our clients most important financial problems.

We work closely with you to manage your wealth, reduce risk and simplify your financial affairs. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and, where appropriate, make detailed recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals. Our ongoing review ensures advice remains suitable and your financial plan is still on track.

We understand long-term care and have extensive experience dealing with clients in an empathic and delicate manner.

Speak to Brian Benson, our Managing Director, and a qualified Specialist Later Life Adviser who is also members of the Society of Later Life advisers (SOLLA). This provides you with the reassurance you are receiving advice from a wealth manager with specialist knowledge and an understanding of later life financial matters.

We understand that planning for later life can be difficult for all concerned and we do our best to make it a little easier. We include a wealth manager assistant in every meeting to take additional notes and we suggest a friend of family member is present which could make you feel more comfortable.

Being accredited to SOLLA, means our advisers can help you with care fees planning as we understand the long-term care system in the UK and provide suitable advice and recommendations.

Locations that we cover

We help clients in the following areas:

  • Powys
  • Shropshire

How to contact Crown Wealth Management

Tele – 01743 276797

Email – info@crownwm.co.uk

Web – www.crownwealthmanagement.co.uk

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Column House

7 London Road




How to contact Crown Wealth

Tele – 01743 276797

Email – info@crownwm.co.uk

Web – www.crownwealthmanagement.co.uk