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Compass continuing healthcare experts will help navigate you to free care.

At Compass Continuing Healthcare we are unique because we specialise in securing care funding from day one.  We know our clients don’t want to pay care fees for months, or even years, and then spend many hours (and incur thousands of pounds) seeking to recover these fees in the future so we help secure funding on an ongoing basis meaning there are no fees to pay.  Why pay care fees and then try to recover them?  We can stop the fees now.

With average costs of care for a nursing home in England and Wales sometimes exceeding £800 a week, paying for care homes or paying for care whilst remaining in the family home can be extremely expensive. An individual’s entire life savings can be spent on their care, often with the family home being sold to meet the costs.

However if an individual’s primary need for care is a health need the full cost of their care should be paid by the NHS via funding called continuing healthcare funding (also known as CHC funding).  

NHS continuing healthcare is free healthcare provided by the NHS to individuals who have significant healthcare needs. The NHS continuing healthcare package of care can be received in any setting outside of hospital including care homes, hospices or even within your own home. A person’s health needs, not their location, is the key factor to receiving continuing healthcare funding.

Importantly, it doesn’t matter what your income is or what savings you have, if you meet the criteria, you are entitled to free NHS CHC funding. NHS continuing healthcare funding is not means tested and it can cover up to 100% of care costs

As a company we have a high success rate of assisting individuals in securing continuing healthcare funding, both on a retrospective basis (securing refunds of fees that should not have been paid), and also securing funding on an on-going basis from day one.

We specialise in helping to ensure healthcare funding is in place from day one meaning no fees are paid from the outset. Our team of experts make sure that individuals can secure funding from the start, as well as recovering retrospective costs, and this makes us unique.

The Compass CHC team of continuing healthcare experts, comprising lawyers (non-practising) and clinicians (including nurses, tissue viability specialists and pharmacists), review and consider the evidence from a clinical perspective before drafting reasoned arguments which identify an individual’s entitlement to the funding by cross referring the medical evidence to the National Framework for continuing healthcare criteria.  Further, our advocates are all (non-practising) lawyers specialising exclusively in continuing healthcare funding matters.  Compass CHC does not undertake work in any other area which means we have accumulated vast experience attending assessments and appeal hearings at local and NHS England level and we are not distracted by work of other natures

We can assist no matter where you are located geographically in England and Wales. From our Birmingham base we are well placed centrally to cover the whole of England and Wales, so no matter where you are, we can be there to help navigate you to free care.

What our clients say:

We turned to Compass CHC for help when, my brother-in-law, who suffered from very advanced Alzheimer’s  and other severe health problems, had suffered a fall and was in hospital.  The hospital could clearly do no more for him and he needed full time nursing preferably in a nursing home. 

We found ourselves at the mercy of very unhelpful social services employees, and with a dearth of information or help, realised that we needed some professional assistance to find our way through the Continuing Care funding nightmare.

We used Compass for this help and found them to be totally supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and very caring.  Thanks to their input and support we managed to get Continuing Care very early in the process and this has given the peace of mind that we need at this difficult time.

I would therefore not hesitate to recommend this professional team at Compass CHC.

John Phipps

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Tel – 0121 227 8940

Email – enquiries@compasschc.co.uk

Web – www.continuing-healthcare.co.uk

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How to contact Compass CHC

Tel – 0121 227 8940

Email – enquiries@compasschc.co.uk

Web – www.continuing-healthcare.co.uk

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