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Our Specialist Areas of Advice – how we can assist

Our advisers all have many years’ experience in their fields, and each has all the qualifications, which are required by the FCA, to enable them to provide a full range of general financial advice.

Some client groups, however, have very complex situations and objectives. We believe that competently providing them with comprehensive and accurate advice requires specialist technical knowledge, an empathetic personal approach and the ability to explain often complicated concepts in plain language.

Whether you are an individual, family member or a professional contact, we are experts in later life care and benefits, who can help you and/or your clients to understand the care and care funding options, identify and explain benefit entitlement to best meet the needs of our clients.

Our authorised advisers hold a range of specialist professional qualifications, which we have gained to build and evidence our technical competence, including SOLLA accreditation.  Our Continuing Professional Development is focused to ensure that our knowledge is maintained and developed as required by legislative change.

Our business is specifically geared towards advising the following client groups, which we believe fall into the category of “vulnerable consumer”, which the FCA defines as “someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to detriment, particularly when a firm is not acting with appropriate levels of care”.

Each of us also has a personal interest in, and empathy for these client groups which is largely derived from our personal experience. We have also undertaken relevant training in “soft skills”, for example Anne Hills and Sean McCabe have qualified as Dementia Champions and Dave Robinson has qualified as a Dementia Friend.

We have a documented policy for dealing with “vulnerable” clients and we regularly review our systems and processes to ensure we meet the needs of such clients.

Meet our Advisers

DAVE ROBINSON – Chartered Financial Planner

Dave’s career spans around 20 years in private accountancy practice and over 25 years as a practising personal financial planner and Independent Financial Adviser – often overlapping the two.

One of relatively few advisers in the UK to have qualified as both a Chartered and a Certified Financial Planner, he has specialised in designing and implementing holistic financial planning and investment strategies for people in later life, personal injury claimants and their legal advisers, those with special needs and Deputies Attorneys and Trustees acting on behalf of any of these people.

His passion for these client groups has arisen through personal experience.

He has written or contributed to a wide range of books, technical guides, study manuals and training courses for various professional bodies. He also writes articles and case studies for professional journals and newspapers and he occasionally appears on TV and radio.

Email: dave@centurioncfp.co.uk


SEAN McCABE – Chartered Financial Planner 

Sean is a Chartered Financial Adviser and also holds accreditation to the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).  He has worked in finance since 1988 and now focuses on Later Life and Retirement Financial Planning and private client Financial Planning matters.

He is a Dementia Friends Champion and a founder member of the Frome Dementia Action Alliance which is looking to make his home town of Frome a Dementia Friendly Community.

Email:  sean@centurioncfp.co.uk


ANNE HILLS – Chartered Financial Planner

Anne is a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. She is also accredited by The Society of Later Life Advisers and she is an Affiliate of the Society of Trust & estate Practitioners.

She has many years of experience in advising clients in later life and fiduciaries and families acting on their behalf.

She joined Centurion Wealth Care from the financial planning arm of Francis Clark Chartered Accountants where she was principally responsible services to clients in later life.

Prior to that she spent several years in Towry’s personal injury team where she provided a full range of pre and post settlement services to claimants of personal injury awards and their legal advisers.

In her spare time Anne is actively involved with a charity which supports vulnerable people.

Email: anne@centurioncfp.co.uk


DIANE PEPLER  – Certified Financial Planner

Diane has been providing a full range of advice to clients with a wide range of needs and objectives advising clients for over 25 years and, being a Certified Financial Planner and a qualified Pension Specialist, she holds higher qualifications than average.

During her career she has held several senior positions, she was a Director of Financial Planning at national stockbroker and for the last 10 years has been Regional Director of one of the largest financial advisers in the UK. Diane has also worked closely with several South West based law firms providing specialist advice to their clients, particularly those in later life and is a member of SOLLA.

Email: diane@centurioncfp.co.uk


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