Are you looking for a change in career or a new direction and seeking a job related to the care sector?

If so, you have come to the right place! At UK Care Guide, are building a comprehensive listing of care related jobs from a rand of employers in the UK. We have a full range of job opportunities ranging from carers, disability assessors, nurses, team leaders and so much more!


Want to make it easy for recruiters and employers to contact you directly with
opportunities that will appeal to you? If so, you can confidentially upload your CV
to our database. Once uploaded, recruitment agencies and employers will be able to search your CV and if they think you are right for them, contact you directly.

What could be easier!!



We have a comprehensive database of a range of care and nursing related jobs.
Just have a look at the range of jobs and we are sure you will find a job related to
your experience and expertise.

All you need to do is click the ‘Search Now’ button below and
away you go.


What do the different types of jobs in care involve?

As well as helping you fine a new job, we have produced some helpful job guides to help you better understand a range of different things, including:

  • what different roles involve
  • the qualifications needed
  • what pay scales may look like
  • what career prospects you can expect

More information on the different types of care roles


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