Our Care Finder Service

The UK Care Guide’s care finder service is designed to take the stress out of finding a care provider.  We can help you with:

– Finding a Home Care provider

– Finding a Live in Care provider

– Finding a Care Home

The best thing about it is that it is FREE!

What is the Care Finder Service?

For many people, looking for care for themselves or a loved one can be a stressful experience.

Many people coming to our site are looking for help and information, as seeking care is not something they have to do previously. However, based on the questions we get asked, its clear to us that people need real support in helping them decide between different care providers.

How do I use the free service?

You have two options:

  1. You can leave us your contact details and someone will give you a call to discuss your requirements
  2. You can have a ‘chat’ with Rory the Robot below and he will ask you some simple questions about your care needs.

Option 1 – Leave us your contact details and someone will call you to discuss your requirements

Please choose which type of care you are looking for:

Click here for help with Live In Care

Click here for help with Home Care

Click here for help with finding a Residential Care Home

Option 2 – Use our robot and tell him about your care needs

You can tell Rory what help you need and we will then go and find it for you!  Just click “Help me find care” below.

Why you would benefit from the service?

For many people, looking for care is not something they have much experience in.  However, they are keen to get it right as they are looking for care for either themselves or a loved one.  But they do not have the time to go from care provider to care provider trying to establish what the right options is for them.

On average, this service will save you about 30 hours of your time. In our experience, this is split:

15 HOURS – reading about the types of care, what it is, how its funded and trying to establish what would be best

10 HOURS – researching care providers online to identify a short-list

5 HOURS – speaking to short-listed providers to discuss costs, care availability and importantly your specific requirements

Our service will save you this 30 hours of time!

What does the service cost?

Another simple answer.  The service is FREE!

We don’t charge you anything to find a care provider suited to your needs. Our mission is to help people and this is one way that we felt people would really benefit.

What do you need to do next?

If you would like our help then please have a chat with Rory the robot and he will ask you what we need to know about the person looking for care.  Based on what you tell him, we will find you a care provider.

Hello, I’m Rory the Robot. Please tell me about what type of care you require and I’ll find it for you