can i get funding for a stairlift

December 2023

Can I Get Funding For A Stairlift In December 2023


This article provides helpful information regarding stairlift funding, government grants, and other sources of financial help and assistance in the United Kingdom.

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What is a Stairlift?

A stairlift is a mobility aid designed to help people with limited mobility, physical or mental impairments, or those who are chronically ill or disabled navigate their home’s stairs safely and comfortably.

Stairlifts can significantly enhance the quality of life for chronically sick or disabled individuals by granting them greater independence and access to more areas of the home.

What are the Benefits of a Stairlift?

  • Improved security
  • Increased mobility and autonomy
  • lowered likelihood of falls and injuries
  • Superior quality of life.

Financial Assistance for Installing a Stairlift

According to our research, individuals seeking funding for stairlifts have access to numerous sources of financial assistance, including Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs), local council income support, and charitable aid.

Government Grants and Statutory Funding

The Disabled Facilities Grant is the primary source of government-funded grants for stairlifts in the United Kingdom (DFG). 

Our research indicates that local governments provide grants for disabled facilities that help towards the cost of installing a stairlift. However, these grants are means-tested, meaning the financial aid you receive depends on your household’s income and savings.

Household Income and Sources of Funding

According to our findings, other funding sources for stairlifts include local governments, charitable organisations, and non-profit organisations. 

For instance, the Barchester Healthcare Foundation and the ACT Foundation provide grants for mobility equipment, such as stairlifts. 

In addition, if you meet specific requirements, you may be eligible for VAT relief on part towards purchasing and installing a stairlift.

Registered Charities Offering Financial Assistance

  • Barchester Health Services Corporation
  • Foundation ACT
  • Other charity donations (use a grants search tool to find available options)

Social Services Providing Financial Support

In some instances, local authorities may provide additional funding for stairlift installation. This may include small grants or other housing grants. Contact your local council to investigate these possibilities.

Guide to Prices for Installing a Stairlift

Variables such as the type of stairlift, the complexity of your staircase, and the amount get from a stairlift provider can affect the price of a stairlift. Based on our experience, stairlift prices in the United Kingdom can range between £2,000 and £6,000.

Different Types of Stairlifts are Available

Advice on Costs for Different Models and Brands 

Affordable Options for Installing a Stairlift

According to our research, some stairlift providers offer refurbished or rental stairlifts as cost-effective options. These alternatives can reduce the overall price of purchasing a stairlift.

An Overview of Typical Installation Costs

Installation of a stairlift typically costs between £500 and £2,500, depending on the installation’s complexity and the stairlift company.

Ways to Reduce the Price of A Stairlift Installation

  • Consider rental or refurbished stairlifts
  • Apply for grants and other financial aid
  • Compare the prices of various stairlift suppliers.

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Benefits of a Stairlift

Applying For A Grant For A Stair Lift

Who Can Apply For A Grant?

To qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant, you must meet specific eligibility requirements, such as having a medical diagnosis and being a disabled person, homeowner or tenant.

Completing an Application Form

Contact your local government to obtain a DFG application form. You may be required to provide financial information, a report from a medical professional, and stairlift installation specifications.

Requirements Needed To Qualify For A Grant

  • To be eligible for a grant, you must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Own your home or be a disabled tenant
  • Having a physical or mental impairment or being chronically ill or disabled also qualifies
  • Demonstrate financial need (as DFGs are means-tested)

How Long Does The Application Process Take?

According to our analysis, the application process for a DFG can take up to six months, beginning with the initial funding request. 

However, the duration may differ based on your local government and personal circumstances.

Choosing The Right Supplier And Mobility Equipment Provider 

Researching Quality Of Life And Mobility Issues 

When choosing a stairlift provider, it is essential to consider the quality of life and mobility issues the stairlift intends to address. 

Consult an occupational therapist, specialist nurse, or social worker to ensure that the stairlift meets the needs of the disabled person needs and individual.

Finding An Experienced Supplier And Professionals To Install The Equipment

Choosing a reputable stairlift company is essential for a successful installation, in our experience. Check for third-party accreditations and ask for referrals from friends, family, or online reviews.

"A stairlift is a mobility aid designed to help people with limited mobility, physical or mental impairments, or those who are chronically ill or disabled navigate their home's stairs safely and comfortably."

Ensuring Quality Standards Are Met By The Chosen Supplier And Installer

Our research indicates that confirming the stairlift provider’s quality standards is crucial for a successful installation. Look for a stairlift company that provides warranties, superior customer service, and post-sale support.

In the United Kingdom, it is possible to obtain funding for a stairlift from various sources, including Disabled Facilities Grants, local council support, and charitable contributions. Ensure a successful installation by researching your options extensively, comparing different stairlift types, and selecting a reputable provider. 

By implementing the advice in this article, you can enhance your quality of life and regain your independence at home.

How do I qualify for a free stairlift?

To qualify for a free stairlift, you must apply for a stairlift grant, such as your local government’s Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). 

Eligibility requirements include being disabled or chronically ill, demonstrating financial need, and meeting specific council department requirements. In addition, household income and household savings amounts are taken into account during the application process. 

Contact your local government or environmental health officer for information on available grants and the application process.

Installing a Stairlift

Can a stairlift be financed?

Yes, a stairlift can be financed by various sources, including government grants such as DFGs, financial assistance from local councils, and aid from registered charities or non-profit organisations. 

In certain circumstances, local home improvement agencies or approved third-party organisations may offer additional financial assistance, such as payment plans or financing options, to make stairlifts more accessible to those in need.

Can the elderly get a free stairlift?

Elderly individuals with mobility issues may be eligible for a free stairlift through UK stairlift grants provided by local authorities or charitable contributions. 

Typical eligibility requirements are being disabled, having a medical diagnosis, and demonstrating financial need. 

Please contact your local council or an occupational therapist for more information regarding options and eligibility requirements.

What type of stairlift is the cheapest?

Straight stairlifts are typically the least expensive option, as they are designed for straight staircases and have less complicated installation procedures. 

Curved and outdoor stairlifts are typically more expensive due to their customisation and installation complexity. Compare stairlift suppliers, think about reconditioned models, and investigate rental options to find cost-effective solutions that meet your needs.

Is it better to rent or buy a stairlift?

Renting or purchasing a stairlift depends on an individual’s needs and financial situation. For temporary mobility issues or limited budgets, renting a stairlift may be appropriate, whereas purchasing one may be more cost-effective for long-term use. 

Before deciding, consider your specific needs, financial resources, and available alternatives. Consult a stairlift company or occupational therapist for individualised guidance.

Can I receive further financial assistance for a stairlift if I don’t qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

If you do not qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant, you may be eligible for additional financial assistance from local home improvement agencies, registered charities, or non-profit organisations. 

Some charitable organisations, such as the Barchester Healthcare Foundation and the ACT Foundation, offer grants for mobility aids, such as stairlifts. 

In addition, some local governments provide additional funding for stairlifts. For more information on available financial aid, please contact the relevant council department or local authority.

Different Types of Stairlifts

Can veterans or members of the armed forces receive funding for stairlifts?

Veterans or armed forces members with limited mobility may qualify for funding for a stairlift through organisations dedicated to their support. 

Some charities or support organisations may provide financial aid or grants for other mobility equipment or aids, such as stairlifts, that are tailored to the needs of disabled individuals. 

For more information on eligibility requirements and application procedures, please contact the appropriate armed forces department or a related charity.

What is the process for applying for a grant from a registered charity for a stairlift?

To apply for a grant for a stairlift from a registered charity, you must first research the available charities and organisations that provide financial assistance for mobility aids. 

Visit the charity’s website or call them to learn about their full eligibility criteria and requirements, the application process, and the required documentation. 

The application process may involve submitting a completed grant application form, providing evidence of your disability or medical diagnosis, and proving financial need. Consider that each charity may have its application requirements and process.

How do I determine eligibility for VAT relief on a stairlift?

You may be eligible for VAT relief on purchasing and installing a stairlift in the United Kingdom if you are chronically ill, disabled, or have a physical or mental mobility impairment. To claim VAT relief, you must fill out a user VAT declaration form, which the stairlift manufacturer typically supplies. 

The form will require details about your disability or medical condition and confirmation that the stairlift will be used for personal purposes.

Consult your stairlift provider or HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for additional information on VAT relief eligibility.

What factors should I consider when choosing the right type of stairlift for my home?

Consider the layout of your staircase (straight, curved, or outdoor), your mobility needs, and the safety and comfort features you require when selecting the right stairlift for your home (e.g., swivel seats, footrests, or lighting controls). 

Also, consult an occupational therapist, specialist nurse, or social worker to ensure the stairlift meets your unique needs and specifications. 

Comparing various stairlift suppliers and models can also help you make an informed choice based on price, quality, and customer feedback.

Do I need to know any planning permission or building regulations when installing a stairlift?

In most cases, planning permission is not required to install a stairlift, as it is considered a minor home modification. 

However, the stairlift installation must adhere to all applicable building codes and safety standards. 

Consult with your stairlift provider and local government to determine if any special permissions or regulations apply to your installation, especially if you live in a historic or conservation area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn about stairlift funding options from the local council?

To learn about local council funding options for stairlifts, visit your local council’s website or contact the relevant council department directly. They can provide details on available financial aid, such as Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) and other housing grants, and guide you through the application process. 

Remember that funding options and eligibility requirements may vary based on your local government; therefore, gathering information specific to your region is essential.

How can I determine if my chosen stairlift provider is reputable and trustworthy?

To ensure that the stairlift provider you select is reputable and trustworthy, compare multiple suppliers’ products, services, and customer reviews—request referrals from friends, family, or healthcare professionals with experience installing stairlifts. 

Controlling third-party accreditations or certifications may be vital to confirm the supplier’s adherence to quality standards. Inquire about the stairlift provider’s warranties, customer service, and after-sale support to determine their dedication to customer satisfaction.

What factors should I consider when deciding whether to buy or rent a stairlift?

Consider the duration of your need for a stairlift, your financial resources, and the availability of financial assistance options when deciding to rent or buy a stairlift. If you need a stairlift temporarily or have a limited budget, renting may be better than purchasing. 

Purchasing a stairlift could be more cost-effective if you anticipate long-term use. Consult a stairlift provider or occupational therapist for individualised recommendations based on your unique needs and circumstances.

Exist specific maintenance requirements and servicing recommendations for stairlifts exist?

Regular maintenance and service are required for your stairlift’s safe and effective operation. Most stairlift manufacturers recommend annual servicing by a qualified technician who will inspect, clean, and lubricate the mechanical components and inspect the electrical systems and safety features of the stairlift. 

Some stairlift manufacturers may provide maintenance plans or extended warranties to cover routine maintenance. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance requirements and adhere to their recommendations to extend the life of your stairlift and ensure its optimal performance.

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