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Body pillows are essential products for a range of consumers, including expectant mothers, people with chronic pain, and those who just want more comfort while they sleep. These products have the distinct advantage of supporting the entire body. This ensures proper spine alignment, relieves pressure points, and encourages restful, rejuvenating sleep.

For expectant mothers, body pillows are a particularly popular choice. This is because maintaining a comfortable sleeping position can prove more complex, due to their bodies constantly changing. 

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A body pillow can reduce pain and improve the quality of your sleep by providing the abdomen, back, and legs with necessary support. Additionally, these pillows can help postpartum mothers to support themselves while nursing or simply holding the baby, therefore relieving stress on their arms and back.

We have put together a comparative list of the best body pillows on the market. These pillows are made with ergonomics in mind, therefore combining comfort and support. Moreover, they incorporate cutting-edge materials such as memory foam. 

Many are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are also suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The adaptability of these pillows enables individualised adjusting, therefore accommodating different sleeping styles and preferences.  

The Best Rated

Orthopaedic body pillow uK

  1. Offering full body support from the ankles to the shoulders, it is generously sized at 150 cm. 
  2. A removable, washable, 100% cotton jersey cover is placed over 100% hollowfibre filling. 
  3. The body pillow UK is ideal for side sleepers, expectant mothers, and people who suffer from neck or back pain.
  4. The best body pillow for arthritis encourages a neutral spine position to reduce pain and promote sound sleep.
  5. Reduces tossing and turning by contouring the body to relieve pressure points.
  6. Among the best pillows available, providing exceptional joint comfort and sleep comfort.   

The Best Value

Wndy's XXL Maternity cheapest body pillow

  1. A J-shaped pillow with an ergonomic design offers complete body support.
  2. The cheapest body pillow is specially designed to ease the discomfort of pregnancy for expectant mothers.
  3. Ideal full-body support for people with gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and arthritis.
  4. Extra-large polyester filling ensures maximum support and long-lasting durability.
  5. The best body pillow for back pain UK features comfort levels that can be changed by adding or removing filling.
  6. Suitable for all sleepers, providing plush comfort and better sleep.  

The Best Of The Rest

orthopedic body pillow uK

  1. The orthopedic body pillow UK adapts to your shape for maximum comfort and sound sleep. Comfortable and long-lasting.
  2. Multi-Purpose Use: Perfect for leg elevation, lumbar support, and pregnancy support.
  3. All customers may use this non-allergenic material made of 100% polyester hollow fibre.
  4. Sizes: Single, double, small double, king and super king sizes are all available.
  5. Adaptable Support: The best body pillow for arthritis can be used for lumbar support, back relief, and side sleeping comfort.
  6. Customer satisfaction is essential, so we try to meet or exceed expectations.   

best body pillows uK

  1. The ideal set for all sleepers is a pillow and pillowcase.
  2. The best body pillows UK are filled with fibre that bounces back, ensuring comfort.
  3. The best body pillow for back pain UK includes a luxurious 200-thread-count cover.
  4. The machine provides easy and convenient cleaning.
  5. It is ideal for pregnant women and stomach sleepers.
  6. It perfectly fits a king bed that is 5 feet tall.   

full body pillow uK

  1. The full body pillow UK is made of soft, breathable velvet filled with hypoallergenic premium fibres.
  2. A special U-shape that envelops your entire body and encourages sound sleep.
  3. Effectively supports the head, neck, shoulders, back, belly, knees, and legs.
  4. The best body pillow for side sleepers with shoulder pain is versatile, providing added comfort while reading, watching TV, and sleeping.
  5. Ideal as a nursing pillow for postpartum women or post-surgery support.
  6. Ideal for any sleeper, whether or not they are pregnant, providing luxurious comfort for all.   

best full body pillow uK

  1. The cover is made with a soft, anti-allergy cotton blend for maximum comfort.
  2. Hollow fibre filled with 100% virgin polyester for the best support.
  3. The best full body pillow UK is a specially shaped pregnancy pillow that promotes sound sleep.
  4. The best full body pillow UK gives the shoulders, back, abdomen, and legs a lot of support.
  5. The best body pillow for side sleepers with shoulder pain arrives in compressed packaging; after being opened, regains shape and fluffiness.
  6. One double-sized bolster, the most comfortable pillow, is included in the package.   

memory foam body pillow uK

  1. Genuinely shredded memory foam that follows the natural contours of your body will provide you with the utmost comfort.
  2. Enjoy the ease of a bamboo jacquard outer cover that is 100% machine washable. 
  3. This memory foam body pillow UK ensures a comfortable night’s sleep by relieving stress and easing aches. 
  4. Shredded memory foam can be added or removed to alter the pillow’s firmness to your preference.
  5. All sleeping positions are appropriate for this multipurpose pillow, which supports various body parts.
  6. The pillow, which comes in a U and a C shape, is excellent for expectant mothers.   

ARLINENS Maternity body pillows uK

  1. Ultimate comfort and support for women who are expecting or nursing.
  2. Has a whole body contouring design that encourages painless, peaceful sleep.
  3. Patients in physical therapy, people with hip pain, and people with bad posture can all benefit.
  4. Durability is guaranteed by the polycotton cover and 100% hollow fibre construction.
  5. These body pillows UK come with machine-washable, silver, cream, and white cases for easy maintenance.
  6. The best body pillows for side sleepers offers versatile applications which include reading, watching TV, and helping kids with homework. 

Wndy's XXL body pillow for anxiety

  1. A full-body support U-shaped pillow with a scientific design.
  2. The best pillows for fibromyalgia uk, are also suitable for gastric reflux, sciatica, and arthritis sufferers.
  3. This body pillow for anxiety also improves blood circulation and reduces swelling, promoting quality recovery.
  4. The best pillows for fibromyalgia UK are filled with supportive chemical fibre cotton for all-night comfort.
  5. Useful for working, reading, sleeping, and resting at home.
  6. All people, not just pregnant women or side sleepers, should use it.  

Sleepdove 9Ft body pillow for back pain uK

  1. A large pillow in the shape of a ‘U’ that provides improved support and comfort.
  2. Having a length of 9 feet, it offers plenty of room for relaxation.
  3. This body pillow for back pain UK is ideal for people who experience pain, arthritis, or spinal disorders at night.
  4. The best body pillows for side sleepers serves as a practical aid for breastfeeding and children’s playtime security.
  5. Anti-allergenic materials were used in the construction to ensure a secure and healthy environment.
  6. Manufactured proudly in the UK and machine washable.  

body pillow for side sleepers uK

  1. This body pillow for side sleepers UK provides complete orthopaedic support for the body, aligning the head, neck, and spine to promote deep sleep.
  2. Superior quality with cotton and polyester construction, hollow fibre filling, and hypoallergenic filling.
  3. Ideal as a maternity pillow, nursing pillow, or recovery aid due to its multiple uses.
  4. It helps post-surgery recovery and relieves conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis.
  5. The best body pillows for side sleepers provides supportive hollow fibre filling that conforms to the shape of your body, improving comfort and recovery.
  6. Includes a washable, removable pillowcase in five pretty colours.   

best body pillow uK

  1. The full-body design supports Fibromyalgia, GERD, and other conditions.
  2. The best body pillow UK offers support for spinal disorders, which is crucial for promoting comfortable, restful sleep.
  3. Promotes a clean and healthy sleeping environment by being anti-dust mite and anti-allergenic.
  4. 100% hollow fibre construction with a cosy poly cotton outer cover.
  5. Each leg is generously sized at 4 feet 6 inches in height and 9 feet total.
  6. All family members can use it because it is non-allergenic, tumble-dry friendly, and machine washable at 40 degrees.   

full body pillow

  1. Coolness and comfort are guaranteed by breathable cotton fabric.
  2. U-shaped design provides robust support for the waist and back.
  3. The full body pillow UK is perfect for women who are pregnant and people who have back pain.
  4. Quality filling ensures the cervical vertebrae’s physiological curvature.
  5. Adapts to waist curvature, relieving pregnancy-related leg swelling.
  6. Removable pillowcase with high-quality zipper design for easy cleaning.   

Comprehensive long body pillow uK

  1. 100% soft cotton construction ensures comfort throughout pregnancy.
  2. The U-shaped design offers complete head, neck, back, and knee support.
  3. This long body pillow UK effectively relieves physical discomfort, including sciatica and bad posture.
  4. Encourages restful sleep by mimicking a pregnant woman’s natural shape.
  5. Multiple applications; excellent for reading, nursing, and post-operative support.
  6. A 12-month warranty and a professional after-sale service with a 30-day money-back guarantee.   

anxiety body pillow

  1. A 12FT, T200-thread-count, premium-quality maternity pillowcase.
  2. This anxiety body pillow has a zip enclosure for proper fitting and simple maintenance.
  3. Made from a durable blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.
  4. The best body pillow is easy to maintain and machine washable according to the instructions.
  5. Free of hazardous chemicals and OEKO-TEX certified to Standard 100.
  6. Colour and design variations may be slight, adding to uniqueness. 

How Body Pillows Aid Pregnant Women

Due to the abdomen expanding, finding a comfortable sleeping position can become increasingly difficult during pregnancy. By supporting the waist, back, and legs, a pregnancy body pillow can help to alleviate this discomfort. These pillows, often U-shaped or C-shaped, are meticulously designed to offer comprehensive support to the entire body. 

Alternatively, the additional support provided by a body pillow can help to relieve joint pregnancy aches and pains including hip and neck pain. The particular shape of these pillows, such as the U-shaped body pillow or the maternity pregnancy pillow, work to cradle the body and ensure optimal spinal alignment. This can ease discomfort in these areas.

Kally Sleep, a well-known brand in the UK, offers a range of body pillows that efficiently serve this dual purpose. During postpartum, these pillows double up as a nursing pillow, supporting the mother while breastfeeding or simply holding the baby. This can significantly reduce strain on the arms and back. 

Finally, many of these pillows, like the Silentnight body support pillow, come with removable, washable covers that create convenience and hygiene. The material of these covers is also commonly hypoallergenic, ensuring that they are suitable for sensitive skin.

 Best Body Pillow for Restless Sleepers

For people with trouble staying in a comfortable position throughout the night, the best body pillow should be flexible and customisable. This means that shredded memory foam pillows are a great option, as they let the user customise the firmness and loft to their preferences. 

Sleep Number, a well-known brand, offers a range of premium memory foam body pillows. Memory foam pillows, known for their pressure relief capabilities, work to conform to the body’s shape. This ensures optimal spinal alignment, therefore significantly improving sleep quality for restless sleepers.

U-shaped and C-shaped body pillows envelop the entire body, providing comprehensive support. They also help to maintain a constant position during sleep, making the possibility of tossing and turning unlikely. The shape of the pillow is also vital for restless sleepers.

A body pillowcase is typically included with body pillows, meaning that cleaning is made simple. These cases are frequently hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant, therefore promoting a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Features to Look for When Buying Body Pillows

When buying a body pillow, the shape of the pillow is the first important factor to consider. U-shaped and C-shaped pillows, such as the maternity pillow, are well-liked as they provide full body support. This is especially useful for pregnant women and people with chronic pain.

Due to its ability to adapt to the body’s shape and offer excellent pressure relief, shredded memory foam is popular. However some people may prefer a regular pillow with a more conventional filling, like down or synthetic fibres. These pillows can also provide high comfort and support.

Another critical component is the pillowcase, which should be strong, simple to care for, and preferably hypoallergenic. Many pillows come with detachable, machine-washable covers. This makes them simple to maintain. Some companies, like Kally Sleep, even sell replacement covers.

As body pillows are more prominent than regular pillows, they will take up more space on the bed. This means that the pillow’s size should also be considered, providing a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Advantages of a Body Pillow Over a Regular Pillow

Body pillows have several benefits over traditional pillows. For instance, they support the entire body rather than just the head and neck. This can be especially helpful for people with chronic pain, pregnant women, and people who prefer to sleep on their sides.

Body pillows, such as the U-shaped or C-shaped pillow, can ease pain in particular areas, including the hips and neck, that regular pads may not address adequately. Moreover, they ensure optimal spinal alignment to promote a restful sleep.

Although regular pillows may provide a different level of individualised comfort, body pillows ensure excellent pressure relief by conforming to the body’s shape. This is thanks to advanced materials included, such as shredded memory foam.

Finally, many body pillows have hypoallergenic, dust-mite-resistant covers that promote a clean and healthy sleeping environment. As mentioned previously, this provide a different level of protection against dust mites and allergens.

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