Dementia helpline 24/7

24/7 National dementia helpline – The case for… Is there a call for a 24/7 dementia helpline or not? There are those who say that the demand is not there and there would be a cost implication if one was set up. On the first point I have to disagree totally. I have recently run …


Using technology to aide deafness

Deafness and Technology – Making Communication Easier There are over 10 million people in the UK affected by hearing loss – one in every six! Hearing loss has a severe impact on quality of life, isolating people from friends and family, often causing depression. Even with hearing aids, some situations may still be difficult. However …


Toilet adaptations – helping you stay in your own home

Head to the loo and stay at home A blog by Robin Tuffley from@ Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s market leader in toilet solutions for elderly & disabled people, at and away from home. A bit of background Would you be surprised to know on average we go to the toilet eight times a day? Would you like …


Why home care could be the ideal choice for your aging parents

Returning the favour: Why home care could be the ideal choice for your aging parents When it comes to parenting, there is no ‘right’ way. When we become parents ourselves, we start to realise just how difficult it can be to raise a family. Children don’t come with a manual, and for the most part …


Living with Dementia – A positive personal experience

Life with dementia and other illnesses This is a blog post by Ken Clasper, a prominent campaigner on dementia. My background When I was originally diagnosed, I was not sure to expect from life, because life as I knew it, was about to change completely. It was no good worrying about it, I just had …


Carers – The UK’s unsung heroes – What can we give back?

Carers – The UK’s unsung heroes The UK’s 7m unpaid carers are amongst the most giving people we know. They are all around us, caring for mums, husbands, daughters, sons, brothers, grans, friends….the list is endless, and they do this free of charge and unconditionally because they have an emotional connection with the person they …

live in elderly care

How should dementia care be provided in the home?

How should dementia care be provided in the home? The Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), at The University of Manchester, has been funded to research ways to improve dementia home care and really need your help. Please do read on. The PSSRU received this funding from the National Institute for Health Research. As part …


Dementia and the importance of memories

Dementia inspired children’s author Mike Revell to write, and now he hopes that his book will help other people deal with the “light-fingered dementor” of a disease The dementia statistics are scary. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, 850,000 people suffer with the disease in the UK. It’s responsible for 60,000 deaths every year and costs …


Paying for your care costs – Be cautious about giving away your property

A blog by Dr Brian Sloan, a legal academic specialising in family and property law.  In this blog, Brian comments on the delayed cap on care costs and cautioning against giving away your property prior to going in to care. The delay in the cap on care costs The Care Act 2014 facilitates a cap on …

paying for care home fees

Dementia care on hospital wards – A blog by Naomi Gallant

Dementia care in hospitals My personal experience of dementia care in hospitals I am passionate about the quality of care for people with dementia in acute hospitals. From the moment I stepped into an older persons medical ward I could tell it was not the right environment for somebody with dementia. As an Occupational Therapist my previous …



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