Where there’s a Will there’s a way: the importance of making a Will

It is estimated that approximately 60% of the UK adult population has not made a Will. This is remarkable in a world of ever more complex families and an increasingly litigious population. So if you are one of the 60%, don’t put off the important and relatively easy step of making a Will any longer. …

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Toileting Hygiene By Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s brand-leader in accessible toileting Would you like someone to have to help you on the loo? To wipe your bum? Having difficulty using the toilet is not something as a nation we willingly admit to, yet it affects millions of us, whether we are still …


How does telecare support Safer Independence?

How does telecare support Safer Independence? It is widely believed that telecare solutions can ease the burden on society by enabling more efficient delivery of care and allowing people to live safely and independently in their homes for longer. We have been thinking a lot about supporting ‘Safer Independence’ so we’d like to pose this …


Hospice patients become overnight internet sensation

Hospice patients become overnight internet sensation  Terminally ill patients in Luton have become an overnight internet sensation and gained celebrity backing as they bust the myth that hospice’s are just where you got to die. The hard-hitting film by six patients from Keech Hospice Care shows the individual support each receives as they battle cancer, …


Home care in Newcastle

Home care in Newcastle – A spotlight There have been many conversations in recent months about home care services, and the expected impact the rise in the minimum wage will have. We also know that a squeeze on council funding has led to challenging times for care providers. How providers and commissioners will deal with …

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31 Ways to Make Home Care More Comfortable

31 Ways to Make Home Care More Comfortable In today’s world, home care is an incredibly popular alternative to residential care, with more and more people choosing to remain in their own houses rather than move into assisted living. Your job role may require you to care for someone in later life or someone with …


10 reasons why a Lasting Power of Attorney is important for people of all ages

10 reasons why a Lasting Power of Attorney is important for people of all ages 1. As we live longer lives, incapacity issues will continue to increase. Due to advancements in medicine, the average life expectancy in the UK is on the increase. However, with increasing life expectancy comes an increase in the number of …

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8 things to think about when you’ve had a dementia diagnosis

A dementia diagnosis – 8 important things to think about  A dementia diagnosis can lead to a range of thoughts and feelings going through your mind, from shock and sadness to practical concerns about money or work. Here are 8 things you should consider…….. 1. Who have you got to talk to? It’s vital that you …


Toilet aids and caring for your child’s toilet needs

Toilet Aids – Caring for your child’s needs By Robin Tuffley, marketing manager @ Clos-o-Mat As a nation, we don’t discuss toilets; if it comes up, it’s usually accompanied by giggles. But it affects all of us. We go to the loo on average eight times a day. If you need help to go/‘go’, it can …

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10 qualities of a good care worker

10 qualities of a care worker – What care skills do you need to become a carer Not everyone is cut out and has the care skills needed for a career in domiciliary/home care. A good care worker requires special qualities – some of which can’t be learned or earned but are naturally part of an …

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