Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Undertaking positive risks to maintain independence.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Undertaking positive risks to maintain independence. Restrictions in social care and health funding now mean that older people and adults with long term conditions or disabilities are being actively encouraged to increase their independence, for example by managing their own support, travelling independently, and being fully involved in mainstream society through …


Person centred care

PERSON-CENTRED CARE  Person-centred care is becoming an increasing driver in health & social care provision. Authorities adopt it because in theory it can “improve outcomes”, to use their terminology. To you or I (the client/patient), it means we are more in control of how our care is delivered: it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to …


“Disregards”, Deferred Payment Agreements and the “Dementia Tax”

“Disregards”, Deferred Payment Agreements and the “Dementia Tax” In a recently published academic paper, I unwittingly considered the background to what was to become the “Dementia Tax” debate. There were many frustrating elements to that debate. For a start, the Conservatives’ proposal was not a tax in the true sense, but a liability to fund …


Toilet Talk

  Toilet Talk More people in Britain suffer from incontinence than suffer from asthma or diabetes! The Bladder & Bowel Foundation statistic demonstrates that maybe it’s time we ‘talked toilet’ more openly. The organisation claims up to 14million people have bladder control problems, and at least 6.5million bowel issues. As a nation, the British have …


Carers can take telecare into the digital age

Carers can take telecare into the digital age In our first blog we covered a broad definition and three key principles of delivering Safer Independence; Mobility, Safety and Being Connected. In this second blog we explain how telecare has evolved and how Oysta is supporting care organisations and vulnerable individuals in a health and social …


Adapt & take control

  ADAPT AND TAKE CONTROL What do you think is the UK’s biggest single cause of disability? Believe it or not, it is arthritis. It affects at least nine million people, and reinforces the point that most people become limited, rather than being born with a disability. It also proves it could be you, especially …



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