5 Things You Should Know About Dementia

5 Things You Should Know About Dementia Dementia is very often associated with Alzheimer’s disease. They are not the same, though. Dementia is a term that describes a set of symptoms out of which memory loss is the most common one. It is not a disease, but rather a condition that affects the way people …


Spotlight on mental health

Spotlight on mental health The term mental health, like physical health, encompasses a multitude of illnesses and conditions. When first facing mental health challenges, whether you yourself or a friend or relative are affected, it can feel overwhelming; both understanding the conditions and what support is available. This article provides a brief introduction to mental …


What to expect as a first-time family caregiver

What to expect as a first-time family caregiver Every single day, another 6000 people become carers for a loved one, with over 1 million people caring for more than one person at a time. For a lot of us, family is our first priority, which may be one reason why so many people choose to …


8 low cost activities for the elderly

8 low-cost activities for the elderly. Looking for fun, engaging activities for seniors that won’t break the bank? The cost of aging isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean your fun can’t be! Check out these 8 inexpensive activities for seniors: 1 – Digital games: Free apps that let seniors play their favorite games like Scrabble, …


Employing your own care and support

Employing your own care and support Employing your own care and support gives you choice and control about how you’re supported. It also means that you become an ‘individual employer’ and are responsible for recruiting, managing and training your personal assistants (PAs). This might seem daunting at first but there’s lots of help out there. …


A day in the life of an Activity Co-ordinator

A Day in the Life of an Activity Co-ordinator Ever seen an advert for an Activity Co-ordinator at one of our Care Homes and wanted to know more about what that really meant? What’s involved and what it’s really like to work in that role? Look no further, we’ve compiled all these answers for you.  …



RIGHT PILLS AT THE RIGHT TIME Pivotell automatic pill dispensers and reminders are highly effective in helping vulnerable adults remember to take their medication. Their use often results in improved health, more independence and a better quality of life. Although the dispensers are used mainly by people with poor memory such as those with Alzheimer’s …

Pivotell Mk3/11 and Advance automatic pill dispensers


COUNTING THE COST OF CARE How do you quantify or qualify the cost of care? Do you look at the £, the financial outlay to contract carers to help? What about if it is a member of the family, a partner providing the care- what about the cost of their time, possibly their loss of …


Disabled Living Foundation’s volunteer programme making an impact

Disabled Living Foundation’s volunteer programme making an impact Many of us know what it is to be older, or to have a disability, because it has happened to us or to someone close to us. But not everyone knows about the huge range of daily living aids available that help people live independently in their …


How Live-In Carers Make Your Life More Comfortable

How Live-In Carers Make Your Life More Comfortable Like everyone, you want to stay at home for as long as possible. This is becoming more and more possible thanks to a combination in the rise of live-in care programs in the UK and improvements in mobility technology. Only a generation ago the only options for …



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