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Our blogs are a very popular section on our site.  Each blog is actively promoted through Twitter and on average you can expect over 100,000 impressions on twitter alone plus depending on the content, views of the blog is in its thousands.  We get over 100K page views each month and actively promote the sponsored content throughout the site.  ! A wide range of organisations have used us to help raise the profile of their brand, business or products – all with great results!

Examples of sponsored blogs 

Debenhams Ottoway

Debenhams Ottoway used our blogs to help build their brand and profile in the area of the work they do in producing Wills and helping produce Lasting Powers of Attorney.   Examples of their blogs include:


The costs for a single blog, which includes a year long promotion on twitter, is £197.

A 4 blog series, which also includes a year long twitter promotion, is £597.

Any additional blogs, over and above the 4, in any one year, would only be £100 each.

If you are interested please email [email protected] for more information



Clos-O-Mat have successfully used our blogs to help promote their products targeted at both a business and consumer audience.  Examples of their blogs include: