Bathtubs | December 2023

Bathtubs, a necessary amenity in every home, serve a wide range of people. Bathtubs are used by people of all ages, from the young family looking for a fun and relaxing bathing experience to the elderly seeking comfort and safety. 

They offer a tranquil haven, a private retreat in the convenience of one’s home. After a long day, soaking in a bathtub can help lower stress, ease sore muscles, and promote tranquillity, making them a priceless addition to any bathroom.

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Our review covers a range of bathtubs that are market leaders, and each offers special features and advantages to satisfy consumers’ various needs and preferences. 

Whether a person wants a traditional freestanding tub, a walk-in bathtub for ease of access and safety, or a whirlpool bathtub for a spa-like experience, our in-depth review covers it. Each bathtub that has been reviewed has undergone a thorough evaluation for quality, usability, design, and price. 

Beyond just bathing, the bathtubs we’ve reviewed offer several advantages. The modern bathtub improves convenience, wellness, and rest by incorporating cutting-edge features like heated backrests and hydrotherapy jets. 

Additionally, they offer aesthetic versatility to match any bathroom decor because of their various styles, sizes, and materials. A bathtub is a beautiful addition to any home, whether a traditional house or a contemporary, minimalist apartment.  

The Best Rated

Cesar Designer Square Bathtub

  1. Sturdy 6mm thick acrylic tub for enduring durability
  2. A high-gloss white finish improves the aesthetics of small bathrooms
  3. Simple to set up and maintain, ideal for busy homes
  4. A design with a single-ended square edge fits neatly against the wall.
  5. Adherence to CE and EN14516 European safety standards
  6. Offers peace of mind with a 5-year warranty.   

The Best Value

Modern Designer Bathtub (1800x750mm)

  1. Has a single-end, curved 1800x750mm design 
  2. Generous 176-litre capacity with pre-drilled overflow and waste holes
  3. Made of a sturdy, fully encapsulated 18mm baseboard.
  4. For durability, uses real lucite acrylic. 
  5. White finish with a high gloss that makes installation and cleaning simple
  6. Includes a free 10-year warranty and a CE approval for guaranteed quality.   

The Best Of The Rest

Modern White Designer Bathtub

  1. Complete set with an 1800 x 800 mm bath and movable legs.
  2. Large 223-litre capacity with already-drilled waste and overflow holes
  3. Made from real lucite acrylic and 18mm encapsulated baseboard.
  4. Has a sleek, contemporary high gloss white finish.
  5. Requires little maintenance and installation, saving time and effort
  6. Has a 10-year warranty; CE certification ensures quality;   

Amaze 1800x800mm Acrylic Bathtub

  1. Versatile and practical, combining bathtub and shower functions.
  2. Made from premium acrylic for strength and longevity.
  3. A glossy finish makes things look better and makes cleaning easier.
  4. Space-saving architecture for an opulent bathing experience.
  5. European Standards certified with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. Comes with a set of adjustable legs ready to be installed immediately.  

Left-Handed Modern Acrylic Bath

  1. The compact corner bathtub maximises bathroom space. 
  2. Complete installation includes front panel and leg set.
  3. The fully encapsulated wood baseboard is oriented left.
  4. Comes with a generous 10-year guarantee for peace of mind
  5.  Is pre-drilled for effective waste and overflow management
  6. Compatible with double-ended baths and bathroom tiles.   

Breeze 1600x700mm Acrylic Bathtub

  1. Made from sturdy 6mm thick material
  2. Comes with a set of adjustable legs for simple installation.
  3. Has a high-gloss white finish that is easy to clean.
  4. Features a single-ended curved edge.
  5. Recognised compliance with the exacting CE and EN14516 European Standards
  6. Has a reliable 5-year warranty for your peace of mind. 

Contemporary Right-Hand Shower Bath

  1. A 1500mm right-hand shower bath comes with a sturdy leg set.
  2. Made of superior acrylic for long-lasting durability
  3. For added sturdiness, reinforced with a baseboard that is 18 mm thick.
  4. A flawless white finish is ideal for bathroom tile settings.
  5. For convenience, waste and overflow holes were pre-drilled
  6. Offers a remarkable 10-year guarantee that gives customers peace of mind.   

Uno Standard Single-Ended Bath

  1. A luxurious design that saves space
  2. The durability of standard acrylic construction
  3. Bath feet are added for stability.
  4. Ample 140-litre capacity
  5. Measuring 1285 millimetres in length, width, and depth
  6. Comparable to roll-top and double-ended baths.   

White Steel Bath, 1700x700mm

  1. There is an accessible 1700 x 700 mm single-ended steel bath included.
  2. Made from steel that is 2 mm thick, ensuring that heat is retained for a long time.
  3. Includes a full set of legs for a simple setup.
  4. Two tap holes already pre-drilled for flexible tap installation.
  5. The purchase excludes the bath tap and waste, enabling custom selection
  6. A 10-year warranty is offered, providing security from production flaws.   

Cesar Designer Acrylic Bathtub

  1. Strong, 6mm-thick material was used in the construction for durability. 
  2. Has a set of movable legs for easy installation.
  3. Has a high-gloss white finish that makes cleaning simple.
  4. Features a single-ended, square-edge design for a contemporary look.
  5. Certified by the exacting CE & EN14516 European Standard.
  6. Provided with a thorough 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind.   

Qubix Left-Hand L-Shaped Bathtub

  1. Made with durable 6mm thick material for longevity
  2. It has an adjustable leg set, which makes installation easier.
  3. Meets European Standard requirements; CE and EN14516 certified
  4. Has a screen made of 6mm tempered glass for safety.
  5. Features a high gloss white finish that makes cleaning simple.
  6. Comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees quality.   

Black Grid Glass Shower Bath

  1. Includes a front bath panel, black grid shower screen, and 1700 x 855 mm right-hand L-shaped acrylic bathtub.
  1. A bathtub made of real lucite acrylic is scratch- and stain-resistant and guarantees a long-lasting finish.
  2. A reinforced baseboard that is completely encased in GRP, providing the maximum amount of strength and rigidity, increases the bathtub’s durability.
  3. A 6mm thick toughened safety glass shower screen with the bath prevents water from spilling onto the bathroom floor.
  4. A modern L-shaped design combines a shower and a bathtub to save space and give your bathroom suite a contemporary feel.
  5. Your purchase comes with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws, giving you total peace of mind.   

NRG Luxury Freestanding Bathtub

  1. Made of the highest-quality acrylic, fibreglass, and resin for utmost durability.
  2. Aesthetic appeal that will endure thanks to a sleek minimalist design
  3. Flexible feet accommodate uneven floorboards perfectly.
  4. Dimensions of 1700mm, 800mm, and 600mm ensure ample space.
  5. Meets CE requirements for performance and safety
  6. A ten-year warranty backs this double-ended bath’s quality.   

Portable Folding Adult Bathtub

  1. Provides ample bathing space for the entire family in two sizes.
  2. Multiple uses; appropriate for bathing, laundry, or kid’s play.
  3. Portable design is perfect for use both inside and outside in gardens.
  4. Superior building; made of rigid, non-toxic PP and TPE materials.
  5. Has self-service massage rollers that help ease physical exhaustion.
  6. Excellent after-sales support and prompt response to questions from customers. 

Breeze Designer Bathtub 1800x800mm

  1. Made of sturdy 6mm thick acrylic.
  2. Has a set of adjustable legs for simple installation.
  3. Gleaming white finish with high gloss
  4. A bath with a single end and a chic curved edge design.
  5. Certified to European Standard EN14516 and CE
  6. Provides a remarkable 5-year warranty for reassurance.   

Features to Look for When Buying Bathtubs

It is essential to consider the various features that can improve your bathing experience when buying a bathtub. The type of bath is one of the fundamental factors to consider.

The size of your bathroom and your personal preferences will play a prominent role in deciding whether you opt for a freestanding, double-ended, or corner bath.

Corner baths are a great space-saving choice for smaller bathrooms, while freestanding baths, like those provided by BC Designs, can be a wealthy focal point in a large bathroom.

The material of the bathtub is another important consideration in addition to the type of bath. For instance, acrylic bathtubs are a good option because they are portable, robust, and effectively retain heat. 

Japanese soaking tubs, which are frequently made of iron, might be an intriguing choice for those looking for a more opulent touch. These deep bathtubs give bathers a spa-like experience at home by allowing them to submerge themselves in the water fully.

To design the ideal bathroom, your bathtub’s style should blend with the bathroom’s tiles, walls and accessories. Choose contemporary bathtubs with clean lines and a minimalistic design for a modern bathroom. 

A roll-top tub might be the ideal standard bath for a more traditional or vintage property. Consider whether your bath requires bidet tap holes, whether you want a bath tap or a shower bath setup, and more. 

Finally, remember to consider practical factors like delivery details and installation. Ensure the bathtub’s dimensions fit in your bathroom and through your doors. 

Most manufacturers, including BC Designs, offer thorough delivery and installation instructions. Consider installing a towel rail for convenience or a bath screen for shower baths to get the most out of your bathtub.

Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Space

It is essential to give your decision careful thought and consideration. Small baths or corner bathtubs are great options for small bathrooms because they efficiently use the available space. One can take a hot bath or a soothing soak without feeling confined in a small space. 

However, those who have spacious bathrooms have the luxury of thinking about more opulent options like freestanding baths or whirlpool baths. A freestanding bath can serve as the room’s focal point and give it a touch of class and luxury. 

On the other hand, Whirlpool baths have water jets that give off a therapeutic massage effect, transforming your bathroom into a home spa. Your choice of bathtub is greatly influenced by the design of your bathroom. 

Thanks to their sleek lines and contemporary design, modern baths can be the ideal complement to a modern bathroom. A roll-top or double-ended bath can add a touch of vintage elegance for a more conventional appearance. 

The bath panel, which can give your bathtub a finishing touch, is another critical factor. Whether you choose a wooden or acrylic bath panel, make sure it complements the overall design of your bathroom. 

Bathtub Accessories and Extras

Bathtub extras and accessories can significantly improve your bathing experience. A bath screen is necessary for shower baths to prevent water from splashing onto the floor. 

Consider installing a bath tap with a built-in shower for a more abundant experience so you can alternate between a quick shower and a soothing bath, depending on your feelings.

After taking a bath, it’s convenient to have a warm towel nearby, thanks to a towel rail installed nearby. Consider a heated backrest or a double-ended bath with the option of choosing which end to recline for added comfort.

To improve your bathing experience, the press room in your home can be a great place to store bath essentials like bath oils, salts, and candles. Think about investing in opulent bathroom accessories that are both functional and beautiful.

Delivery and Installation

When you’ve found the ideal bathtub, it’s time to think about delivery and installation. Make sure the business you choose offers various delivery options and precise information. Most companies, like BC Designs, offer doorstep delivery, making it easy for the customer.

Getting your bathroom ready for installation is important before the bathtub is delivered. This might entail getting rid of the old tub, checking the plumbing, and ensuring there is enough room for the new one. 

Most contemporary bathtubs come with thorough installation manuals, allowing for do-it-yourself installation. However, if you need more clarification, hiring a professional to prevent accidents is always best.

The installation includes bath taps and a bath screen if you choose a shower bath. These can be installed correctly and securely with the help of a qualified installer. After installing the bathtub, remember to seal the edges to stop water leaks.

Finally, think about how to maintain your bathtub. For instance, acrylic bathtubs are simple to maintain and clean. Regular cleaning of your bathtub will last many years, giving you countless hours of relaxing soaks.

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