Ambient Lightings | December 2023

Users of all types frequently choose ambient lighting, from individuals looking to add cosiness and warmth to businesses looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of their spaces. 

Event planners use these lighting products to add a touch of sophistication to their events and to interior designers trying to create a specific mood or ambience. People and businesses that value the subtle yet transformative impact proper lighting can have on a space are especially fond of them.

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Ambient lighting has advantages that go beyond aesthetics. They provide consistent illumination throughout a space, easing eye strain and facilitating movement. This can be especially helpful in settings where good lighting is necessary to maintain efficiency and avoid eye fatigue.

Additionally, the calming and soothing environment these products can produce can aid in lowering stress and fostering well-being. This is due to the soft, diffused light that these products emit.In our thorough analysis, we looked at several of the top ambient lighting products on the market.

We evaluated them on many criteria, including light quality, installation simplicity, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to give you a trustworthy resource that can assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. You can confidently choose, knowing that every item in our review has undergone rigorous testing and vetting by our professional reviewers.  

The Best Rated

Dimmable RGB Indoor Wall Light

  1. Dual Control LED Wall Lamp This product is a flexible option for  home lighting because it offers remote and touch control.
  1. Numerous Installation Methods It can be conveniently wall-mounted or used as a table lamp in various locations, including living rooms and bedrooms.
  1. Modalities of Adaptive Lighting The lamp is perfect for task or mood lighting because it has up-and-down light sources with various brightness levels and colour modes.
  1. Vibrant Ambient Modes It has four ambient light modes and seven colour light modes to improve your space’s overall lighting and ambience.
  1. Memory and Timer Features The lamp has a memory feature and a one-hour timer, which is convenient and saves energy.
  1. Portable and Simple Installation It can be used as a track or pendant light thanks to its magnetic mount and portable design, which make installation and removal simple.   

The Best Value

Bedee Smart Light Bar Overview

  1. Provides 16 million lighting options using cutting-edge RGB technology for vibrant and dynamic illumination.
  2. Includes 213 dynamic modes and 8 preset scenes to improve your entertainment experience.
  3. Offers 3 ways to control the device: a remote control, USB buttons, and a Bluetooth-enabled app. 
  4. Produces an immersive lighting environment that syncs with music, videos, and background noise.
  5. It is lightweight and has a small footprint, making it simple to install and move. 
  6. Excellent as a floor lamp or wall sconce, it’s ideal for enhancing the ambience of the living room, game room, and studio.  

The Best Of The Rest

JIANUO's Advanced Ambient Lamp

  1. Elegant Design: The JIANUO LED adjustable floor lamp has a beautiful shape and functions as a classy piece of furniture.
  2. Magnificent Display: Exhibits 16M colours, providing a vivid lighting experience.
  3. Convenient Control: Complete control via a dedicated app and Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.
  4. DIY Light Effects: Provides a DIY mode that enables customised lighting effects and improves overall light output.
  5. High-Quality LED Strip: The integrated LED strip emits a captivating light show in various colours.
  6. Flexible Use: Excellent for adding romantic ambience to various spaces, including game rooms and living rooms.

Dual Adjustable Gaming Lights

  1. These two RGB light bars will provide dreamlike ambient lighting, ideal for enhancing your gaming environment.
  2. You can adjust the lighting in your gaming space with eight brightness levels and dynamic mode speed settings.
  3. There are two practical control options: a switch for rapid mode selection and a multifunction remote for simple adjustments.
  4. Connect these lights to your PC, TV, or power bank using a 5V USB cable.
  5. Has a memory feature that remembers your previous brightness, speed, and mode settings, saving you the trouble of resetting.
  6. Strong adhesive tape, perfect for securing under the PC screen or on your desk, ensures hassle-free installation.   

CURUK Smart Ambient Lighting

  1. Enjoy Immersive Entertainment: With 16 million colours, Curuk RGB lighting improves your video game and movie experiences. 
  2. Synced Audio Visuals: The lighting can move in time to the music or TV/PC sound, thanks to built-in sensors. 
  3. Custom App Control: Use our user-friendly base buttons and app to fine-tune your preferred colours and modes. 
  4. Convenient Installation: With our English manual, you can easily set up your device without causing any damage and in various positions. 
  5. Flexible Scene Modes: Select from 15 different scene modes to match your mood and environment, from parties to quiet nights. 
  6. Intelligent Memory Function: The last setting you used is automatically saved, so you don’t need to adjust constantly. 

Multifunctional Ambient Sunset Lamp

  1. Use our sunset projector lamp, which is great for walls, ceilings, and floors, to create a tranquil ambience.
  2. Offers 16 colour options for automatic colour-changing that can be controlled remotely for your convenience.
  3. Easily adjustable rotation speed, brightness, and colour thanks to a dedicated smartphone app.
  4. Simple 60-second setup with flexible octopus tripod and rotatable head for positioning.
  5. A great present idea for decorators, content creators, and photographers to spruce up any room.
  6. An energy-saving lamp that adds a distinctive aesthetic to any space, including bathroom lighting.  

Blue Neon Car Lighting

  1. Improved Car Interiors Super bright lighting is provided by this product to improve the aesthetics of your car’s interior.
  1. Prolonged Usage This item is made to last, with a lifespan of 3,000 hours.
  1. Safety Precautions This light strip has short circuit protection and is touchable and kid-safe.
  1. Multiple Application Types Ideal for decorating Christmas gardens, parties, and automobile interiors.
  1. Simple Installation The light strips have an easy plug-and-play USB port, making them user-friendly.
  1. Complete Guarantee For all inquiries, we offer a 2-year warranty and committed customer service. 


  1. Three Control Methods – Use the Bluetooth app, 2.4G RF remote control, or the control box for smooth operation. 
  2. Versatility with USB Power – Can be powered from various USB sources in multiple environments. 
  3. Smart Control Mode – For a more immersive viewing experience, the high-sensitivity mic enables sync with ambient sound.
  4. Simple Installation and Customization – The LED strip is simple to install and is bendable and cuttable for custom lengths.
  5. Safe and Reliable – Operates at a low voltage, guaranteeing safety, and has a double-layer copper circuit board for a brighter, longer lifespan.
  6. Multicolor RGBIC LED Strip: This LED strip displays several colours simultaneously for a vibrant visual effect.   

LIGHEID Multicolour Car Lighting Kit

  1. Lighting control via an app, with 29 preset modes and 16 million colours.
  2. Additional RGB LED light is advised for increased brightness when the optical fibre length exceeds 100 inches.
  3. An integrated music sensor synchronises lighting with recorded sound to produce a lively environment.
  4. A working voltage of 12V, short circuit protection, and memory function ensure safe usage.
  5. Shallow heat and water resistance ensure the safety of all passengers, including young ones.
  6. Simple installation across all truck and car models with the ability to cut and customise strips as needed.   

Acrylic Interior Car LED Kit

  1. Exceptional brightness with super LED strips and premium acrylic lenses.
  2. The ‘Magic Lantern’ wireless APP control is available for iOS and Android.
  3. For a dynamic experience, RGBIC Dreamcolor offers a variety of visual effects.
  4. Colour changes can be synchronised with music or voice thanks to a sound-sensitive function.
  5. Waterproof, low-heat, built-in short circuit protection, safe 12V working voltage.
  6. Compatible with all vehicles and extendable for special improvements.   


Lurowo Multicolour LED Car Lighting

  1. Superior Durability: Made of non-toxic materials to ensure safety and durability.
  2. Flexible Control: IOS and Android compatible manual button or APP control.
  3. A broad colour spectrum: 29 preset modes and 16 million different colour options.
  4. Cutting-edge voice control: Colours change in time to the music’s beat and sound, with adjustable lighting.
  5. Simple Installation: Slide the light bar into the desired opening; the length is adjustable.
  6. Universal Use: It improves the interior of cars and trucks and is suitable for all of them. 

Advanced Gaming Light Bars

  1. Provides 213 lighting effects and 16 million colour options, enhancing entertainment experiences.
  2. Adjustable brightness and speed can accommodate Individual preferences and needs.
  3. Synchronises with music or background noise; great for gaming, karaoke, and concerts.
  4. Offers three ways to control the device: a remote, a USB control box, and an app.
  5. The timer function enables predetermined on and off times and offers a soothing routine.
  6. Increases immersion in video games, movies, and music; suitable in various contexts.

CECOMBINE 4Pcs Multicoloured Car Lights

  1. Provides seven different colour options to suit your mood.
  2. Six powerful LED bulbs provide clear, long-lasting illumination.
  3. Adhesives and magnets make installation simple.
  4. Easy-to-use controls with touch technology.
  5. USB rechargeable; provides illumination for around four hours.
  6. Flexible use in vehicles and dimly lit areas.  

AutoXbert's Comprehensive Vehicle Lighting Kit

  1. Use the 16 million colour options available in the Lotus Lantern app to control.
  2. Has 29 preset modes with adjustable light intensity and mode speed.
  3. Lighting changes are timed with captured sounds, including music, by a sound sensor.
  4. Included car charger; safe 12V operation with short circuit protection.
  5. Simple installation and a length that can be adjusted to fit any car or truck.
  6. Enhances the car’s interior while keeping it clean, using more than 236 inches of fibre optic.  

Universal Car Ambient Lighting

  1. Enhances the interior of cars by producing vibrant lighting effects with 128 different LED strips.
  2. Provides DIY innovation with 64 different colour options for customization.
  3. Convenient control is possible via iPhone or Android devices, thanks to intelligent app compatibility.
  4. A unique method of installation connects to the dashboard and the footlights for seamless integration.
  5. An 18-in-1 kit with six optic light strips, a host, and assist controllers is comprehensive.
  6. Allows to adjust colour temperature for a varied and dynamic environment.   

Understanding Different Types of Ambient Lighting

Task lighting, accent lighting, indirect lighting, general lighting, and natural light are all included under the umbrella term of ambient lighting. “task lighting” describes lighting equipment to support particular activities, like reading or cooking. 

However, accent lighting draws attention to specific objects or areas of a space, like architectural or artistic details. Ambient lighting that illuminates the space without creating glare or shadows is indirect lighting, which is frequently achieved through recessed lights or LED strips. 

While general lighting illuminates the entire room and is commonly achieved through ceiling lights and floor lamps, natural light is defined as the light that enters your space through windows and other openings.

Features to Look for When Buying Ambient Lighting

There are several features to consider when purchasing ambient lighting. First, think about the source of light. Due to their long lifespan and energy efficiency, LED lights are a common choice. Second, think about the colour and brightness of the light. 

Warm light creates a cosy atmosphere, while cool light is more energising. The colour temperature can have a significant impact on the mood of your space. Another critical aspect of the light is its brightness, which should be changeable to accommodate various activities and times of day. 

Finally, think about the lighting fixture design. Regardless of whether you choose track lighting, wall sconces, or a chandelier, the fixture should enhance the design of your room.

The Role of Ambient Lighting in Interior Design

Ambient lighting is essential in the field of interior design. It can improve a space’s aesthetic appeal, establish a particular mood, or highlight certain features. Accent lights, for instance, can draw attention to artwork or architectural details, whereas task lights can light up workspaces.

Living rooms can feel cosy and welcoming by combining recessed lighting, wall lights, and floor lamps. Different wall sconces and downlights in bathrooms can offer the light required for chores like grooming while adding to a relaxing atmosphere.

How to Use Ambient Lighting in Photography

The available light in a scene is called ambient light in photography. This can include artificial and natural light, such as streetlights and interior lighting. Natural light examples include sunlight and moonlight. 

Photographers frequently adjust ambient light to produce particular effects. For instance, they might add depth and shadows, enhance colours, or create a specific mood. The ambient light’s colour temperature can significantly affect the final image. 

Warm colours can create a cosy, romantic atmosphere, while cool colours produce a stark, dramatic effect. Photographers can also use additional light sources like flash to enhance or control the ambient light.

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