8 low-cost activities for the elderly.

Looking for fun, engaging activities for seniors that won’t break the bank? The cost of aging isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean your fun can’t be! Check out these 8 inexpensive activities for seniors:

1 – Digital games: Free apps that let seniors play their favorite games like Scrabble, Chess or Sudoku can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device. You can often play opponents including the computer, friends on facebook, or a person you’ve never met. Not only are digital games easier to maneuver and play, but they provided mental stimulation that is crucial to combating cognitive decline and memory loss.

2 – Gentle yoga: Gentle yoga or chair yoga doesn’t need to cost you a mint. Free, online instructional videos are available on Youtube and sites like DoYogaWithMe.com. The gentle, flowing movements of senior yoga in combination with a focus on breathing and relaxation helps stretch muscles, reduce stress and lower high blood pressure.

3- Charity walk: Outdoor fundraisers and charity walkathons give seniors the opportunity to exercise and support a cause close to their heart. By asking friends and family to sponsor your participation, you can cover entry fees and bolster proceeds that get donated to the benefiting charity.

4 – Colour: Adult colouring has taken the world by storm in the past few years, and for good reason! Colouring has been proven to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety and help seniors self-soothe with beautiful images and colors.

5 – Continue your education: Did you know that many UK universities offer free or subsidized informal learning, language, and non-degree college level classes to seniors? Check with your local higher education institution or AgeUk.org to see what “Further Education” or senior-level programs they have available, and know that many classes can be taken online from the comfort of your own home.

6 – Attend an art show: Tap into your creative side by attending a gallery opening or art walk near you. Typically free and offering some sort of refreshment, gallery openings and art walks are great ways for community members to learn more about local artists and art programs.

7 – Visit your library: You’re never too old to have a library card! Libraries aren’t just great for checking out books, movies, and publications for free, but they often offer classes, lectures, book readings, public forums and volunteer opportunities too.

8 – Record your memories: Have great stories to share? Want to give your grandchildren something special? Record your memories by voice or in writing. Use a smartphone to start compiling “voice memos” or snag an inexpensive digital recorder on Craigslist or GumTree. Or start your own blog using free services like Tumblr, Medium, LiveJournal, or WordPress.

Staying active in old age doesn’t have to mean saying “Cheerio!” to your savings. With a little creativity and a clever approach to accessing the free resources available to you, you’ll feel motivated to try new things more than ever before!