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51 tips to help you live well with Dementia

51 tips to help you live well with dementiaThis is a book that we have recently published and is available directly from Amazon.  The book sets out helpful tips for those living with or caring for someone with dementia.

Our 51 tips cover a whole range of areas, including:

  • dealing with financial and legal issues
  • keeping fit and healthy
  • living in the home
  • staying mentally agile

You can access the book, by clicking this link to ‘51 tips to help you live well with dementia‘.

For more than 55 years Clos-o-Mat has been committed to creating a better, more independent life for people with disabilities and a safer, more hygienic working environment for those who help them.

  • Manufacturer of the UK’s biggest-selling wash & dry toilet, the British-made Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita – the only WC of its kind developed specifically for disabled people
  • Over 50,000 Clos-o-Mat wash & dry toilets produced and sold
  • Can be adapted with a range of accessories to individual needs, initially, and/or retro-fitted to accommodate changing needs
  • Supplier of the Aerolet toilet lift to facilitate safe transfer on and off the toilet
  • Can supply a comprehensive range of assistive technology to create a safe, hygienic, accessible bathroom- height adjustable toilets, washbasins, changing benches, hoists, shower seats

You can book a no obligation site visit here, or for more information on Clos-o-Mat and its products, visit here.

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